Which banks are denied licenses

In a crisis, the majority of Russian financial organizations lose their license and terminate active, thereby substituting its depositors and creditors.The latest news about what banks are now deprived of the license, as well as how to behave if you are a customer of one of them, you will learn from this article.Do not be afraid and run a statement to the nearest police station.Your money from the account will not "float away", and most likely will go to another owner who has every right to rename the bank and change the number of your accounts.

Causes of revocation of licenses banks

Before designate a list of banks without a license, it is necessary to know the reasons why the Central Bank closing them one by one.The system has its own rules and laws that must be followed when using financial transactions.Those who have the Central Bank revoked the license today, failed with the specified requirements.The test conditions of crisis happening more often that leads the closure of the financial compa

nies.Moscow does not spare anyone, and what banks are now deprived of the license, is guilty only of their leadership.

Investors want to get more interest in any way.This "more" does not always mean "better", as private organizations do not always faithfully perform the work.This causes closure.This "treatment" is also called the recovery of the banking system.Substantial grounds for Review:

  • inaccuracy reports, the delay of the delivery;
  • operations without a license on them;
  • violation of existing regulations of the Central Bank and banking laws;
  • less than the minimum became the capital of the bank;
  • not performed in the exact terms of the claims of creditors.

list of banks, deprived of licenses in 2015

Which banks are deprived of will help you find below the list of licenses.It notes a significant increase in the closure of institutions in September last year, according to BankiRanka:

  2. CB "CBD»
  4. "Dilbank»
  6. Eurocredit
  7. «NOTE»
  8. Messenger
  9. JSCB "Baltika»
  10. IPOZEM
  11. CB «Maximum»
  12. CB "KNIGHT»
  13. City Bank "CITY»
  14. NST
  15. NGO "Thor Credit»
  16. CB «SRM»
  17. CB "RBS»
  18. JSCB" RDB »
  19. SCR 24
  20. PJSC Agroinkom
  21. « BMB »
  22. JUST
  23. JSCB" Benif »
  24. " DORIS »
  25. JSC" Greenfieldbank »
  30. BSS
  31. JSCB "Lesbank»
  32. ITB
  33. CB "Antalbank»
  34. Zernobank
  36. «Admiralty»
  37. «Profit»
  38. "Smolevichi»
  39. «BDB»
  41. NSCA "MGB»
  42. of "Dalt»
  43. JSCB "Probusiness»
  44. NSCA "FRTS»
  46. CB "Settlements and Savings»
  47. PJSC "Tula industrialist»
  48. of DBK
  49. of "M BANK»
  50. "AMB»
  51. of «Time»
  52. JSCB "OBPI»
  53. PJSC «Gelendzhik»
  54. PJSC "Adelant»
  55. AB Aldan-Zolotobank
  56. JSCB "ENO»
  57. «Gagarin»
  58. "Old Kremlin»
  59. «Client»
  60. «TEST»
  61. "MAST»
  62. JSCB "AZ»
  63. Investment Union
  64. CB "Invest Ecobank»
  65. NGOs Evroinvest
  66. RSKB
  67. Metrobank
  68. CB« PSO »
  69. Sibneftebank
  70. Komsotsbank" Boomerang »
  71. ProBank
  72. KB Transport
  73. Trust Capital
  74. SKB
  75. Platobank
  76. only
  77. Taurus
  78. Idealbank
  79. Ganzakombank
  80. Mortgage
  81. transnational banks
  82. Pacific Vneshtorgbank
  83. Promsberbank
  85. Congress
  86. Dagenergobank
  87. NCO "Delta Kay»
  88. SB Bank
  89. "AkademRusBank»
  90. VLBANK
  91. battery"Adam International»
  92. «Intercapital»

What the borrower or depositor

If you are a borrower, you have a question arises: "How to deal with credit andwhere to pay it? ".Central Bank license deprives the "wrong" organization and take the matter to himself.Since the closure of the financial institution, you should get to the state.Do not forget that all the above methods to fool the system get any trouble.You can even remove the property.not without a license Banks alone have the right to require you to cash.

To avoid such situations happening, and you are not looking for where to pay the loan, experts advise to seek financial assistance from the reliable companies offering express loans.A list of such organizations relevant to December 2015:

  1. «BIN»
  2. «Interkommerts»
  3. «Baltic»
  4. «Barclays»
  5. «Investtorgbank»
  6. «Inresbank»
  7. «Interkommertsbank»
  8. OTP
  9. «Republican»
  10. «Sovinkombank»
  11. «Fininvest»
  12. «Uniastrum»
  13. «Russian standard»