How to update the navigator Navitel

modern multilingual and multiplatform program is designed for mobile gadgets with the BlackBerry operating system, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, Symbian, Bada, Windows Mobile and Windows CE.Its millions of motorists are used for comfortable movement on densely populated settlements and between cities.Not knowing how to update the navigator Navitel, the user would be in a quandary, though this problem does not imply nothing complicated.Knowledge of the main moments make you feel confident.

methods to update the Navitel Navigator

software creators have provided several ways to update the navigation system to the latest version, and each of them will be useful to you in any given situation.To learn how to download maps Navitel Navigator and perform the upgrade, check the following sections of this article.In these algorithms are described in detail the actions that will help you achieve the desired.

Download Navitel Navigator Updater

first step is to download a utility that wil

l monitor the emergence of new versions and notify you about it.The program is designed for the PC.She works independently, without attracting too much attention.To download it you can on the official website of the company-developer (navitel).This possibility appears to be completely free of charge.Next, you need to install the utility on the PC and activate it.By following the simple instructions, which will appear automatically, you can handle it for a few minutes.

With the help of the official website of the company

If you do not know how to upgrade car navigation through the site, but want to do so, will have to do the following:

  • passregistration on the main page of the site;
  • enter your personal cabinet;
  • add a device on which to perform the update Navitela using the "Add" button;
  • connect to PC phone / tablet via the USB-cable (if the application is installed on an external drive, you can connect to only the computer via a card reader);
  • make a backup of the contents of the flash drive or internal memory of the gadget;
  • download free Service Pack (archive) and extract it;
  • remove from removable media storage / gadget files and folders, which are present in the service pack;
  • copy the contents of the unpacked file to the folder with the program;

If you do not know how to update the maps in the navigator Navitel through the site development company, follow the instructions below:

  • select a card compatible with the version of the navigation application installed on yourgadget, or in a removable memory media;
  • download the selected card to your computer;
  • connect your PC to your mobile device or removable storage;
  • find the directory \ NavitelContent \ Maps in the program folder \ and remove from it all the contents;
  • copy the downloaded file in this folder;
  • Navitel maps for navigator updated, it remains only to run the application on a mobile device - and you can use it.

When Internet

help with the release of the computer For those who do not know how to update Navitel navigator via the Updater tool, here is a detailed guide:

  • run installed on your PC program Navitel Navigator Updater;
  • wait until the application will check for updates and prompts you to install them;
  • update to the latest version Update NAVITEL if necessary;
  • when installing from the Windows wizard appears, follow all the items that he will require;
  • connect your PC to your mobile device or USB flash drive on which the system of GPS-navigation;
  • wait until the utility will detect your application and find the internet an update for it;
  • as soon as you press the button «Next», the program will start an algorithm to perform fresh installation avtoversii navigation system;
  • wait until this process is complete, remove the gadget from your PC and then run it on the navigation system.

How to install Navitel maps navigator

If you want to find out how to update the maps in the navigator Navitel mobile device Prology, Prestigio, Explay, or pioneer, and thus leave the current version of the application, save a brief statement to yourself inwhich explains how to do this:

  • connect the gadget to the navigation system to the computer on which the software update;
  • in utility box, select the device to detect and click "next";
  • following window program prompts you to upgrade the navigation system, and along with it, but you will need to select "Do not update the application";
  • specify the path to save the file;
  • mark the necessary cards;
  • make sure you're doing everything right, because all in «Maps» folder, the existing files will be automatically deleted;
  • wait until the utility will reinstall.

Video: Update on Navitel car GPS navigators

If you still have open questions about how to upgrade car navigation, view the video below.It describes in detail the procedure for performing an action and provides comprehensive explanation.Using these information, you will quickly learn how to reset to the Navitel Navigator and learn how to update the maps.These recommendations are relevant to Russia and other countries users.