How to play checkers

Checkers - this is a very well-known board game for two players.How to play the checkers properly know one, and even fewer people are aware of ways to ensure a guaranteed win in any party.Although its rules are simple, their knowledge is not enough to remain permanently winner.To do this, how to practice the application of certain tricks.

rules of the game of checkers

Play this board game you need on a standard 8x8 field with the number of cells.The total number of game pieces for two - 24, ie,per participant distribute them through 12. Before their set, you have to turn the board so that the lower left corner of the front of a party, playing for the white pieces, was a black cell.Only the dark field - they are arranged opponents figures.

main goal - to completely remove all the opponent's pieces or block them so that he could not continue to "move" and he had no available moves.Play should be as follows:

  • player who got the white pieces moves first.
  • members move only on the dark s
    quares, that is, on the diagonal, and move forward - a way to travel is called the "silent".
  • To beat the enemy, and go diagonally, "jumping" through the next "enemy" figure, if the next field on the same diagonal freely - this type of stroke is called the "fight".
  • Checker, which beat the opponent's piece, stands on her cell and beaten removed from the field.
  • figure, which reached the opposite edge of the board, becomes a king (or put it inverted on top of the second, in order to distinguish "queen" of simple shapes).
  • Little Lady gets the right to move any number of cells forward or backward (but only on the diagonal), and in the course of battle, it can wake up to a free box for the targeted figure, if there are several.

Novice players often wonder whether it is possible to beat the back, playing with simple figures, not king.It all depends on the variety of pieces: some versions suggest that the figure may go ahead and beat only, while others - in the two sides to the same in different possibilities on the status of pawns differ.For beginners it is best suited is the simplest, the Russian version.With a little practice if you want to party can go on a difficult level, learning to play checkers in other species.


This variation is based on simple rules, which are explained above.As to whether it is possible to go back in checkers, the Russian version suggests such a possibility - just a figure allowed to move forward and strike in any direction.However, no restrictions on the number of pawns at once beaten there.In one move, the participant may remove two, three, and if possible a greater number of figures from the opponent.


How to play checkers of this species?They provided field of the form a six-pointed star, which is located on the tops of between 6 and 10 figures.They play Chinese checkers, and together, and with a large number of participants, up to six people.The goal - to move their chips to the opposite end of the field.The first goes to the one who dealt the most striking figures in color, and the rest do for him moves clockwise.

In one move, the player has the opportunity to move the token in any direction.He can jump over other people's figures, when there is a free field for them.If at an empty square is another feature, it is allowed to beat for the same course.The winner is the one who first gets to the opposite end of the field, and the other participants, if desired, partitioned between a second, third and subsequent places.


Knowing the basic rules of the standard game, it is easy to understand how to play English Draughts.They need regular chessboard and 12 chips every opponent.Arrange them in the same way as in a conventional version of the game, filling the black squares of the first three rows on each edge of the field.The first move is made by the player with the black pieces.Simple shapes can go and beat only forward and back is allowed only king and only one cell.


This kind of game is conducted in the usual 8x8 board.Each participant on 9 chips.They are arranged in a 3x3 square of the first near-field corner for the player.How to play the corners?Figures to be moved to adjacent cells vertically or horizontally, and even allowed to jump over opponent's pieces that are on the free fields, if the place them freely.Goal of the game - the first to occupy the enemy corner.


rules of the game are similar to those that apply in the more familiar Russian version, but another goal.The player must make the enemy to beat all his figures or block them, that is, specifically to substitute itself under attack.Each participant is required to beat all available for this action game opponent's pieces, even if for one course he can beat several pieces.The winner is the one who first freed from all his pieces.

Checkers Chapaev

They play on a normal board, and each participant at the beginning of the party has eight figures.They are arranged at opposite ends of the field in horizontal rows, but if you want the players may agree on any other original location.The goal of each - all strangers to knock pieces off the board, but it should be done by means of clicking on his saber.When a player does not manage to knock any opponent's figures or if he loses his token, the turn goes to the opponent.

This board game is played in rounds.After the first batch of the winner goes first on the field and has his own line of figures one square forward.When bombs are close to each other, who lost the last game retreats back into line.The final winner will be the one who will manage to kill all opponent's checkers in this round.


Golf Japanese checkers has a size of 19x19.Initially, the unequal number of chips players - one gets 181, and the other gets 180 pieces.white.The goal - to capture and control territory field.Anyone who takes a larger area than the opponent, and will be the winner.To make a move on the chip running lines intersection, which is called the point.

make the first move black.Next to each chip vertically or horizontally must be at least one free item.When a pawn or a group of stones is completely surrounded by the opponent, they are captured and removed from the field.For each figure captured and free item has one point, and the winner is determined by counting these points.

How to learn to play checkers

To quickly learn the rules of the game, it is recommended to practice on computer simulations.On the Internet easy to find the form to your taste: classical, simplified versions for beginners simulators with a choice of difficulty levels and the ability to bet on the money, and even those where the role of the opponent performs animated girl with whom the players are invited to play on the strip.

It is advisable to choose the game simulators, where it is possible and to play a game with the computer and play with people online without registration.The first type will help you understand what a common tactic used to achieve victory, and how to win the game, using logical thinking.Party with these parties to provide the necessary real-life practice.

How to learn to play checkers well enough to come out on top, if not of all, then the majority of the parties?This requires its own strategy.To develop your own personal plan for victory, and to consistently win with it, you need to rely on experienced players following recommendations:

  • Train mentally change the position of the pieces on the field based on the planned move, thereby proschityvaya developments on several moves ahead.
  • Try to keep your pieces closer to the center of the board - this is the most advantageous position to move forward and helps to play, avoiding blocking.
  • Try to quickly make their king figure, moving them to the areas of the playing field where the enemy chips or less, they are more vulnerable.
  • As far as possible, no longer move from the original place of the last row of chips - it does not allow the opponent to quickly make his pieces Kings.
  • Try to move the chips in pairs and compact groups, to make it harder for them to capture the opponent.

How to teach your child this interesting board game?To this end, it is important to inspire its process and then it is easy to master the rules and will soon become a full-fledged contender who will be happy to play even with an experienced adult players.To do this, show your child the different options on how to win quickly, allowing you to win and maintain the spirit of competition.So he will feel the taste of the championship, will certainly be interested in the process and will play with passion.

If you plan to serious training, which will allow the child to successfully participate in special tournaments and to win, you teach him to be using another, more responsible approach.We need to engage the right from the outset explaining the names of moves and combinations to play regularly, examining in detail all the tricks and features, be sure to use a good tutorial.

Video: Secrets of the game of checkers

Anyone who is interested in learning how to play checkers, worth seeing video tutorials that clearly explain all the intricacies of the gameplay.Video will quickly understand the rules of the popular board entertainment, learn common game tactics and learn about winning strategies, through which it will be easier to win.