How to make money on the binary options

binary option is a financial instrument that has a fixed cost and known in advance the size of the potential income.Making a profit is only possible if the buyer will make a forecast about what in what direction will the price of the existing asset, and one will be justified.This explanation is very vague answers to the question about how to make money on the binary options.To clarify the situation, it is necessary to consider in detail all aspects of the topic.If you want to know what binary options and figure out how to make them, read on!

Is it possible to make money on the binary options without attachments

in the minds of average internet users, repeatedly stumble upon all sorts of stains and deceptions, this question one of the first.The answer is clear: yes, it is possible!Modern financial institutions offer numerous strategies to binary options, not necessarily presuppose the investment.However, "without investment" - does not mean "no effort."To make a profit, you need to understand how t

o trade binary options and explore the financial market in detail.If you are interested, let's get to familiarize now!

Top earning strategies for beginners

At first, when still did not really understand, it is better to choose a reliable financial schemes that allow to make a profit without risk.All of them are based on the analysis of the action world of brokers and traders.There are special programs that collect a valuation experienced in the financial markets.Focusing on it, you made a deal and is likely to win a certain amount of money (the amount of profit depends on the course).Harness trading binary options you need in the process, so if you are interested, get ready to start!

Simple Strategies

Novice is difficult to understand a clever scheme to profit at the binary options, so you should start with elementary.They will not bring a fantastic income, but you risk nothing.Listed below are effective and popular method because that starts the successful traders:

  • capital management;
  • strategy candlesticks (this technique is devoted a whole book);
  • minimizing risks;
  • statistical method.


Optional search strategy based on technical analysis indicators signal.Each in its own studies and financial market makes it possible to make certain predictions.Total number of indicators at one site may be unlimited.It all depends on the system you choose.The main thing that must be understood from studying the indicator strategy - an impressive number of tools offered by the site, does not guarantee the high reliability of the data.

the contrary, according to experienced traders are the most profitable strategy, which uses a small number of indicators.If they correctly analyze the financial environment, no tools required.The high level of reliability shown by the following methods:

  • Bollinger Bands;
  • Golden Cross;
  • Ichimoku Cloud;
  • exact input;
  • Three indicator.

Graphic Systems Trading

third basic strategy of earning on the binary options.It is based on patterns (strict concepts of working with assets) and graphic models.To comprehend the principle of this method is not so difficult, but with it you need to understand a number of additional rules, without which a successful options trading is not possible.This is the secret of graphic systems: who knows more, he can earn more, who knows how to use the knowledge, the less at risk their capital.

Any figure, reflecting forecasts of world traders, whether graphic interpretation, or a set of indicators - is a signal of a particular event in the financial market.A good bonus is awarded to the broker, which has found a suitable scheme optimally and perfectly mastered it for him.The size of the deposit, the amount of time spent online, registration on multiple resources - all this in no way affects the productivity.For those who are interested in a specific graphic trading binary options system, the following is a list of reliable services:

  • BinGuru;
  • SignalPush;
  • IqOption;
  • BinaryTrader.

How to start trading

competent trader can make a fortune, having a balance of $ 10, while a person who can not study and analyze, will burn through, having hundreds and thousands.Remember this axiom and try to assess their true position.To invest large sums, and, having no experience, threaten to complex schemes is not necessary in any case.To input this Wednesday was smooth and comfortable, the sequence of actions:

  1. Explore this video, which dedicate you to the basics of working on the stock exchange (below you will find a video clip), and answer manyissues that arise in the course of development schemes on the earnings of binary options.
  2. Try to make in the "demo" mode, playing with conditional options (they are intended for newcomers to adapt, and therefore have no material value).
  3. When more or less understand how to make money on the binary options without attachments, you can deposit a minimum in order to accelerate the growth of capital (this is not required, many successful traders can boast that they have raised their capital without investment).

Guide Binary options for beginners

For those who are interested in the possibility of obtaining real income with the help of modern financial instruments, below is a brief guide.Using it, you can get started with binary options, and gradually master the extensive scope of the financial market.So, let's turn our attention directly on the algorithm of actions:

  1. Choose a binary options broker.In our example, would be considered Any project.
  2. Sign up for a broker online.
  3. Go to "Start trading."
  4. Select an asset to trade.
  5. set a date for the strike (expiration).To start with a small set intervals to quickly understand the game.
  6. Next you need to make a prediction.The options are: increase or decrease in the value of assets at the time when the term of the option exercise will expire.
  7. After confirmation, the system asks you to enter the amount invested.When
  8. decide how much investing, click "Buy" and wait for the appointed time (the period of exercise).
  9. Once ekspiriruetsya option, the balance is updated and if the prediction was correct, the amount in the account will grow.

Video: Methodology free trade binary options

If you want to start making financial platforms such as Forex (Forex), check out this introductory video tutorial below.It explained in detail the mechanism of transactions and, most importantly, the signal / chart analysis principle.After reading this roller, you can surely make the first few steps towards financial independence!

Reviews professional traders and beginners

Mark, 46 years old : work with binary options 7 years.It has long been forgotten with financial problems.Now I have at least $ 150 per day.Actively engaged in the analysis of the stock market and help beginners make.This possibility is at everyone who is able to show perseverance and patience.Binary options - our future generations.I declare it as a professional trader who has studied all aspects of this sector far and wide.

Elena, 28 years : I am currently on maternity leave.In order not to lose time in vain, I decided to try to earnings over the Internet.Binary options seemed to me the most interesting.The chosen strategy on the recommendations of a friend of the trader and started to penetrate.For 3 months of my total income was 137 dollars, and this without any investment.Withdraw the money is not going to, will increase capital!

Andrei, 34 years : Never before was not interested in any financial market or investment as such.A year ago, I stumbled on this video "How to make money on the binary options."Chances are that I learned, turned my concept of earnings on the Internet.A few months, I just practiced, so as not to risk large sums of money, and then put some of the savings into the business.Who paid on binary options for $ 20-50 per day, it is not straining.