Comedy to neighing to tears

For those who like a fun movie, the modern world of cinema is ready to offer a thousand provocative comedy to distract from the gray reality and immerse in the atmosphere of light-hearted humor.Every year on the screens out a few dozen stunning pictures while viewing that life is prolonged.In search of the very comedy that neighing to tears, you run into hundreds of interesting films, but the first thing is to pay attention to the world's masterpieces.About them we are now going to talk.Marked for themselves the most attractive options to view in the near future.

Funniest comedy

notion of "funniest" very concerning.Each viewer evaluates scanned comedy, according to its own criteria.Nevertheless, a huge number of humorous paintings stand out the ones that came to the liking of a broad audience.Among them you will certainly find at least 2-3 comedy to neighing to tears friends.So let's briefly take a look at the pictures, which can be recommended to all, without exception!

Movies 2015

should start with those pictures that appeared on screen for the last time.In 2015, rolling out a lot of comedies.The best of them, according to viewers around the world, are the following films:








Tony McNamara

Mickey Rourke

Emma Roberts

Nat Wolfe

Directors have successfully implemented the idea of ​​comedy to the audience neighingto tears.The newly-founded university student by the name of Ed when moving to a new hostel meets with former CIA hired killer who survives his last days.This meeting is radically changing the lives of the shy and insecure kid.

Real Ghouls


New Zealand

Jemaine Clement

Taika Wyitt

Dzheyment Clement

Taika Wyitt

Jonathan Brugg

Viagem, Deacon and Vladislav- triple immortal vampire living next door.As befits ghouls, they remain in constant search of human blood.In this comedy heroes are constantly faced with the challenges of the real world - to pay for rental housing, dress code at night clubs and deadly sunlight.

Fakap, or worse does not happen


Peter Torvart

Jasmine Herat

Axel Stein

Moritz Bleibtreu

Anna Maria Mühe

boring life bank clerkreceives a powerful jolt when one day in the branch breaks robber.The employee becomes a hostage of the criminal who is actually poorly understands what he is doing.Comedy becomes really exciting when the robber and the clerk found a common language


Many people tend to think that the best comedy movies shot in America, but we, the domestic picture is not allow to accept this unconditionally.Russian humor rude, but original, and therefore has a right to exist.Many talented filmmakers shoot excellent comedy to the audience neighing to tears.Below you will find the most striking examples.





What Men Talk About

Dmitry Dyachenko

Rostislav Chait

Alexander Demidov

Leonid Baratz

Kamil Larin

Nona Grishaeva

is no doubt that men discuss women, and when watching this comedy, you'll learn how it works.The company of old friends go on holiday.Away from family and work.Where there will be plenty of time for adventure and exchange views on the beautiful half of the population.

Firs 1914

Timur Bekmambetov

Yuri Bykov

Olga Harina

Konstantin Habensky

Sergei Svetlakov

Ivan Urgant

ingeniously conceived and excellently realized the idea of ​​comedy to the audienceneighing to tears.The year is 1914.Christmas Eve in the great Russian Empire.A simple working people and titled nobility - all waiting for a holiday miracle!

Orange juice

Andrei Proshkin

Alexander Yatsenko

Andrei Panin

Ingeborg Dapkunayte

In this comedy under the roof of a country house, fate brought Swan, cancer and pike - hamovatogo hostnamed Stephen, his nurse Dasha, and the youthful doctor-graduate student Yegor.To dispel boredom, Steven strongly spoiled life unruly and wayward Darya.Quiet, peaceful Egor becomes a victim of troubles emanating from his roommates.

Family 12+








Will Gluck

Bobby Cannavale

Rose Byrne

Kuavenzhane Wallis

Cameron Diaz

Jamie Foxx

heroine of this comedy,talented and resourceful girl, an orphan, was lucky enough to come across the street billionaire is aimed at the position of mayor.Man adopts a girl to win the sympathy of the electorate.Since then, the life of both changing most dramatically.

Curly Sue


John Hughes

Elisaia Porter

James Belushi Kelly Lynch

Wandering conman named Billy becomes nanny curly baby orphans.Wandering in homeless shelters bustling Chicago, Billy and Sue are trying to earn a hoax.One day a man do it, and he, together with his ward moves into a luxurious mansion.

Mrs. Doubtfire


Chris Columbus

Robin Williams

Pierce Brosnan

Poli Holiday

Sally Field

Harvey Firshtein

protagonist named DanielHilard surrounded by nothing but trouble: fired from his job, his wife left, meeting with children no more than once a week.Despair overcomes man, but he soon finds an extraordinary way to solve all problems.Turned into an old woman, hired Daniel to his ex-wife and a housekeeper is making every effort to restore the family.This comedy is not among those who can boast a high rating, but the quality of the director's work and acting deserves respect.


foreign film is very different from the national cinema.In the genre of "comedy" difference directorial approaches and acting felt from the first frame.Humor each nation in something specific, so films and receives a unique, not like the rest.If you are tired of all the usual, make a variety of pair of foreign comedies.






Agents ANKL

Guy Ritchie

Armie Hammer

Alicia Vikander

Henry Cavill

On a plot of comedy is the eternal opposition of special agents of KGB and CIA Ilya Kuryakina and Napoleon.Solo on a wild coincidence, grows into a sturdy alliance.Sworn enemies unite to combat criminal gang T. H. R. U. S. H. Forced companions inhibit activation of a nuclear bomb, without losing the possibility to pinch each other, and to show his superiority.

Some Like It Hot

Billy Wilder

Marilyn Monroe

Jack Lemmon

George Raft

Tony Curtis

Initially, this film may seem clichéd gangster thriller, but with timeyou will understand that, see sparkling comedy, on which can neighing to tears.Plot famously wrapped in a complicated affair, involving assassins, jazz musicians and beautiful girls.Comedy filmed more than 50 years ago, but it is still considered the standard of comic cinema.

There's Something About Mary

Bobby Farrelly

Peter Farrelly

Cameron Diaz

Lee Evans

Ben Stiller

Matt Dillon

This comedy filled with funny situations atyou'll neighing from the heart.The protagonist of the picture 13 years after breaking ridiculous with his sweetheart turns the desire to find and bring back ex-girlfriend.He hires an experienced private detective by the name of Pat to hunt for Mary, who had already reached the peak of female attractiveness and gained a fantastic gift to charm men around her.Chasing the dream woman turns into an exciting adventure.




In longwall roles



Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Audrey Tautou


Mathieu Kassovitz

View this comedy will give you the opportunity neighing to tears and to think seriously about the meaning of life.The plot is the same: all of his life, a person's actions and events are closely interrelated.Quiet and inconspicuous girl named Amelie makes ambiguous actions, which ultimately change the fate of different people, fill them with happiness and bright colors.

1 + 1

Olivier Nakache

Eric Toledano

Omar Sy

François Cluzet

Painting with deep philosophical meaning, which fit perfectly ridiculous to tears joke protagonists.Comedy will make the viewer neighing from the heart and give him valuable life promise.You will be surprised, but the story of a paralyzed person with a disability and his crazy nanny such a contrast experience is quite possible!


Francis Veber

Gerard Depardieu Pierre Richard

former "cool" the prisoner becomes a hostage clumsy robber who decided to rob a bank.The heroes try to escape from the police, and change roles during this process.Hostage taking care of the abductor and his dumb little daughter.He firmly decided to engage with the criminal activity, and is accepted in full to help the family of an eccentric, a profit of trouble at every turn.If you are in search of comedy to neighing to tears, then this movie is to take the focus of attention in the first!

Kids cartoon







Pete Docter

Ronaldo Del Carmen

Cartoon of the most ordinary schoolgirl aged 11 years, lives in the consciousness of which the five basic emotions: fear, joy, sadness, anger, and of disgust.They define its behavior and help to cope with daily challenges.The girl's parents decide to move to the metropolis, and with this comes the fun part - the conflicts between emotions.

The Wild

US, Canada

Steve 'SIS' Williams

Lion Ryan, who lived since birth in the zoo, gets into the wild savannah.His friends escape from their cages to set off in search of the son of the king of beasts.Comedy "The Wild," considered a child, but this does not prevent adult neighing to tears, watching the antics amusing animals.

Frozen Fever


Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Elsa wants to organize a holiday for his sister Anne in honor of her birthday.Birthday girl herself is not even aware that the large-scale preparation arranged for her.

About Blacks






Men in black


Barry Zonnelfeld

Will Smith

Tommy Lee Jones

They - the main secret of our planet.They hired an unofficial government of the Earth for the settlement of aliens activity.They protect the planet from cosmic space debris.With them, no one compares.Harsh agents do their job perfectly, but sometimes get in a situation over which you will laugh to tears.Elements of comedy perfectly fit into the fantastic atmosphere of the film, and that makes it special.

Mac and Devin go to school


Dylan C. Brown

Whiz Kalifa Snoop Dogg

plot is based on the story of two boys, students in high school.One of them - the round honors pupil.He is so clever and judicious, that he was assigned the important task - drafting graduation speech.The second - a slacker who hangs out at the school for 15 years.View this comedy is for the sake of neighing over how relationships are formed guys.

Hitch Method


Andy Tennant

Will Smith

Kevin James

Eva Mendes

Amber Valletta

Alex Hitchens makes a livinghelping men seek reciprocity from the opposite sex.On a plot of comedy, performing another job, he discovers to his ears in love with a journalist named Sarah.World professional bachelor is changing rapidly.Himself without realizing it, Hitch gives others a lot of neighing reasons.

Old Soviet





Office romance

Eldar Ryazanov

Alisa Freundlich

Andrew Mjagkov

Anatoly Novosel - timid employee statistics department.He falls opportunity to achieve promotion, but because of their shyness Anatoly does not know how to express themselves in front of the leadership.Workmates advises boss hit on that of the eye is called the biscuit in a skirt.Excellent comedy Soviet times distract you from the ordinary reality and make neighing to tears.

Wedding in Malinovka

Andrew Tutyshkin

Vladimir Samoilov

Valentina Nikolaenko

Lyudmila Alfimova

Evgeny Lebedev

In Ukraine, there is a civil war.Power villages robin is constantly changing.Residents pesters a gang of thugs.What to do?