How to delete history in Yandex

Internet users every day browsing the millions of resources in the search for the necessary information and materials.To allow you to quickly find a link to the site studied, or download the file again for history in Yandex, to which you can return at the right time.Chronological list if you want you can delete.How to delete history in Yandex, this article will explain in detail.

How to see history in Yandex browser

Visited Web sites often contain data that is important to users.Closing the browser, people begin to dig into the memory and go to the search page that is already closed.Search the World Wide Web right - it's a long way to go.How quickly find what you want right now?To view a history in Yandex:

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + H within the already opened program.
  2. Complete the following steps:
  3. Open the "Settings" section, by clicking (right upper corner of the program).
  4. Select the "History".
  5. Before you - your browsing history in Yandex, which can be seen a table of c
    ontents of pages you've visited before.

you can explore the list of recent downloads:. Pressing Ctrl and J, or by pressing the "Settings - Downloads»Open a new tab (the combination of Ctrl + T; pressing the "+" tab on the panel, press the right mouse button on an open tab - "New Tab" option), will open a new scoreboard.It seems chronology page visits and downloads.After clicking "Download" you will see as already completed and current load.

Choosing the "All Downloads", you will discover a complete list of received files in a new tab.Section "Recently closed" contains the latest sites and the function "All history" will present a complete list of previous material under review.Statistics download files and pages of the magazine is removed, if desired, in whole or in part (by day, week, month, year, all the time).Downloads are canceled or suspended for a time, and then resumed.

How to clear your browsing history from the computer

Deleting data is necessary also in the computer's hard drives.It is important to know how to look at the history in Yandex and to withdraw the recent viewpoint, but at the same time you want to delete them from disk.When you visit a web page, they are automatically cached (stored in the cache).The rules relating to the conservation and entered passwords to the accounts.To prevent the display of previously viewed pages again, and should delete the cache.How do I delete browsing history on my computer?

cache is stored on your computer's hard drive, but you can delete it in your Web browser:

  1. View profile browser settings.
  2. pop up window where the icon marked "files stored in the cache" checkbox.
  3. Press the message "Delete the following items", to determine the period that you want to clean up, click on the clear button at the bottom of the open window.
  4. Everything!Records requests from the computer will be erased.

All views

If you do not want the story to clogged browser, and do not have time to search for the desired information previously surveyed for too long, then delete the whole list of scanned resources fully."History" Come to the point.Appears button "Delete ...".Select the length of time for which treatment is required examinations ( "hour", "today", "day", etc.).The function is very convenient because you can choose the scope of this process.One click "Clear History" button - and history in Yandex Browser removed.

Search Page How to remove all views, we have learned a couple of clicks.Who should read the information on the removal of references to specific materials.Sometimes you need to remove only one recent tab.How to do it?A simple sequence of actions to remove a pre-search site:

  1. Run Yandex.Above right is a small "gear" - this setting.Click on this button.
  2. menu appears at the bottom of the list of proposed functions, select the desired setting.
  3. Expands list (visit Resources) addresses.One mark the lines that you want to remove.
  4. Check marked icons, make the correct selection of links and click "Delete."No one will reveal the secrets of your visit.

How to remove a history of visiting sites on the phone

whole algorithm, how to clear the history in Yandex on your smartphone, similar to removing a computer or laptop:

  1. Enable Internetbrowser on your phone.
  2. Choose tab marked cog.The setting list.
  3. Find "Privacy", subsection "Clear Data".Tick ​​the appropriate set of visits and the race, remove by clicking "Clear Data".The phone menu prompts you to confirm or cancel the operation.If you decide to do to completely eliminate the information - click on the button "Yes".

you learned how to completely remove Yandex story on the phone.There are additional options of this function is a list of items the removal of subsequent visits and to save passwords.If the log level of take off, then clean it again you do not have.The option has its pros and cons: you may suddenly need to address resource that you previously watched.

on tablet

If you decide to remove on its list of the tablet studied earlier pages, login first in the settings menu, hidden under a small gear icon.Then a window will appear: click "Clear History."On the tablet will eliminate the whole story together, if desired, or each time you visit the address line one by one.Well think before you perform this action.

How to restore

It often happens that you want to restore the link to the resource that contains the necessary and important information.You have already visited the entire Internet, and the desired address did not find?The question immediately arises, and if it will restore the lost information.Theoretically - the process of real and practical - it is very complicated and rarely achievable.Find the recovery program on the Internet - get and renew the resources passed in using it - is unlikely.Restore you can only remove various files.

Video how to erase history on Android Yandex

Modern mobile android device, no way inferior to the functionality of the computer and laptop.Download them on the internet browser of the new version will not be difficult.Sometimes there is a question as to Yandex quickly delete history on Android, so as not to clutter up the memory of unnecessary materials.The training video will present all the detailed sequence of actions to remove records from the magazine online visits, reveal the nuances of how to clean Yandex.You will learn how to view the previously exposed sites and remove them from the list of visited.