How to hold chopsticks

With the advent of the national culture of Asian traditions in everyday life there and adaptations that the inhabitants of China, Japan used during the meal.In order to feel confident in the stylized event or in a restaurant with their traditional dishes, learn how to hold the sticks for sushi.To practice this skill will help you the instructions below.For information on how to learn to eat them, you will also learn more.

How have Chinese chopsticks

Holding Japanese chopsticks for sushi?Clearly following the instructions and repeating each action, you will certainly learn to dine on Oriental:

  1. Fix one chopsticks thumb and ring finger: large should press its second phalanx at a distance of one third of the tail.Unnamed fixes rest.
  2. second grab a pencil parallel to the first.
  3. When properly follow the instructions, the middle finger helps to push the chopsticks, and the index brings them together to capture food.The photo shows how to keep the Japanese sticks.


Even if you have learned to properly hold chopsticks, many still do not understand the first time, as is the eastern rolls cutlery.There are some rules:

  • These meals must be eaten whole, not dividing into small pieces.
  • There is no priority there first, but the Oriental cultures made to start with those that are wrapped in nori.
  • Before there rolls, dip them in soy sauce for the acquisition of a spicy taste.
  • To enhance the flavor and make the dish more spicy, you can add a small portion of wasabi on a roll.
  • with dishes also served ginger, which is intended for interrupting before changing taste of dishes.


There is nothing complicated about learning how to eat noodles using chopsticks.Since it is often prepared long, not slicing, then you feel the most comfortable on a reel oriental noodles cutlery like pasta on a fork.However, this method is considered to be unacceptable in Eastern cultures.It adopted just take a small amount of noodles, chopsticks engaging it, send in your mouth, sucking in the ends of the lips.It looks not very aesthetically pleasing, but the Japanese do not bother, but rather indicates that you are 100% know their culture of food consumption.


You learned how to hold chopsticks for sushi Japanese themselves like eating rolls, noodles.As for rice, there is no need to learn anything new.Rice is often served crumbly, without seasoning or salt.That it is better to capture, you must add the soy sauce or umebosi, as is done in Japan.You notice yourself that the rice will become more sticky, he will be fine in the forms a portion that easily go into your mouth using the chopsticks.

Video: how to use chopsticks for sushi

learn how to eat with chopsticks is never too late.At any time, you may be invited to a Japanese restaurant that serves traditional Russian instruments, but this is not so interesting.You would not give up on the new process and learn how to eat properly rolls and other Chinese food using chopsticks.The video clearly shows how to use chopsticks and eat of the Japanese themselves.