How to track the parcel with Aliekspress in Russia

Many make purchases through online stores, so how to track the parcel with Aliekspress in Russia, you need to know.The goods at low prices to attract consumers of the whole family, but from other countries of origin are not monitored as within the state.For this reason, some people do not know how to trace the path of their purchases.The review will be presented to all the ways that you can use in different cases.

Features package tracking Aliekspress

Buying goods in China, some note that the administration is not tracked for a long time.There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. dynamically growing number of parcels from the country, postal infrastructure does not have time to distribute them in time.Logistic built a number of intermediaries are always different.
  2. All buyers notice cheapest price for sending or her absence at all.This is due to the work of the mail agent.In his competence - spending cuts and the transfer of packets arrayed down the supply chain.
  3. example, such interme
    diaries as Equick, Yanwen, Flyt and others proceed as follows.Their warehouses accumulated a considerable amount of parcels.Only then they are sent to international travel.The process takes about two weeks.mail Tracking Aliekspress from China at this moment occurs alitreku received from the seller, and sending at this time has not yet actually sent and is an intermediary.
  4. Services Faspeed or WeDo sometimes provide false information to the buyer.As a rule, such a code can not be monitored on the territory of Russia.Ordering data are relevant only in the moment of sending to China.

When buying from a site Aliekspress better to know in advance what the postal administration of the intermediary in charge in Russia.If you do not see information about the parcel or on one site, it is not always associated with unscrupulous suppliers.Maybe she goes to you via regular mail, and track it was possible only when the country of origin.Communicate with the seller when necessary, it is structurally explain what mail mediator involved in sending and why the package can not be tracked.

How do you know send

track number Before you begin to track the parcel with Aliekspress in Russia, you have to learn a certain combination of letters and numbers, which is called the departure track number.He is assigned to the customer to know where the delivery of the products at any given time and when it arrives at the destination.In fact, the main tool that provides Alitrek tracking of parcels - is the order ID.

combination of international administration includes 13 characters:

  1. first letter determines the type of postal items (eg small package, weighing not more than 2 kg and is easy to keep track of - RC).
  2. In the center, as a rule, a unique numeric code.
  3. last two letters of the code indicate the country of origin.In our case, this is China CN.

It should look like the track number according to the rules of its preparation.However, sellers often provide a combination, which is very difficult to make out.The reason for this is the huge amount of mail intermediaries who oversee the delivery process.The site Aliekspress seller must indicate all of the information about the package.Number, company through which the dispatch, delivery method, each client must see on your personal account page.How do I know Alitrek?To do this:

  • Aliekspress on the site go to "My Orders";
  • click on items of interest, offers a detailed menu;
  • clicked on the button tracking;
  • which opened the window gives the track number.

AlieExpress way to track packages from China

No good news, what about the long-awaited arrival of the goods.Buyers are very convenient to know in advance when it will be in your town.Not everyone knows how to track the parcel with the ordered Aliekspress in Russia.There are many applications that will help to find out the location of your order.For example, the work site to track parcels Aliekspress TrackChecker Mobile and all known Russian Post.


territory Aliekspress How to track the parcel on the track number, until it crossed the Russian border?You can use this special plugin for Aliexpress Tool browsers.It is easy and quick to cope with the task, but it will have to download separately.If the data is not enough, then there is an additional resource service provides information on shipments from China to the territory of 150-170 countries.In addition, he is able to decipher the tracks of many postal discounts.

algorithm of actions:

  1. client visits the site (e-mail: 17track net.).
  2. click on the little window wide and introduces a tracking number.The combination includes four edges and letters to 9 digits.
  3. Clicks on Track button (if the site is translated, the "track" button).
  4. If you have entered the correct alitrek, you can see information about the order: status (transit, shipping or delivery), the arrival of the country and so on.
  5. In addition, through the service each customer takes to the site mediation services for further details, direct links.

The official website of the Russian Post

This option is suitable for the control of departures within the country where the identifier consists of 14 characters and international EMS orders containing room 13 characters.Russian interface of the site is very convenient and easy, but many functions are not available.Use service "Mail of Russia" is, if the track is suitable for formats described above.To start tracking number is entered through a form.If the application supports it, the system will offer to add it to the list of controlled items.Otherwise it is necessary to use other means.

How long is the order

What is the waiting period will have your order depends on whether the company is engaged in delivery:

  1. In China Air Post - the longest journey for your order.This is a free China post, by which send a significant portion of goods sold in Russia and other countries.Time in this case - one to three months.
  2. you are very lucky, if the seller to send the goods by EMS.This is a high-speed method of delivery fee gives you a chance to get the goods for 14 days.
  3. Swiss Post or Hong Hong Post - it's less busy lines, which will deliver your order in 15-35 days.
  4. DHL, TNT - expensive services are often used to send good products in Russia.Delivered in 10-15 days.

What should I do if the track is not monitored

sometimes track the parcel with Ali did not succeed, and the consumer begins to panic.But do not blame the seller in bad faith.The track can not be monitored at a low value of the goods or other reasons.If the parcel has not arrived in time, feel free to open dispute and ask for the money back.During the term of the protection order is no cause for worry.

Video: how to track the parcel with Aliekspress order number

Each buyer would like to receive the purchased goods in the shortest possible time.It is important to know where the package at the moment, not to think about all sent or not.There are many ways to monitor the shipment, knowing the order ID.How to track the parcel with Aliekspress you learn after watching the video presentation.