How to clear your browser cache

small amount of memory on the hard drive is a browser cache, being used to store fragments of visited sites.The ability of Internet Explorer to save images and other content allows you to quickly establish contact with the web page server and save bandwidth.With regular visits to a large number of sites on a computer that is a lot of unnecessary files that slow down.To resolve this problem, you need to know how to clean your browser's cache.This procedure does not imply nothing complicated.Let's look at it in more detail.

How to clear the cache

browser delete saved data function provided in all web browsers.The creators of each browser developed a special interface for complete or partial clean temporary web page information.All you need to do this - to open the corresponding program window and specify which files to delete.For each Internet Explorer, this procedure is carried out by a special algorithm.The following sections of this article examines in detail the procedure for clearing the tempor

ary content most common internet browsers.

Yandex (Yandex)

Walkthrough for those who do not know how to delete the cache Yandex-Browser:

  • open the menu by clicking on the button located on the rightupper right corner of Internet Explorer Yandex;
  • in the list that appears, scroll to "Advanced" and go to him;
  • will see the following pop-up menu, from which you need to select the "Clear History" section;
  • when the program will offer several options for removal of the stored data, select the one that is more suitable (for example, "for all time", or "the last hour");
  • that together with the history of visited sites and retired files activate the option "Files stored in the cache";
  • disable the options that are not needed;
  • confirm internet browser data deletion by pressing the "Clear History."

Opera (Opera)

The instructions below detail how to clean the browser cache Opera version 12 and above:

  • click «Opera», which is inthe top, left of the tab panel;
  • in the drop-down menu that appears, find the "Settings" section;
  • next menu block will offer several options from which you want to select "General Settings" section;
  • in the opened window, go to the "Advanced" section;
  • the left side of the options window scroll to "History" and go to him;
  • among emerging variants get the "Disk cache" section, then click on the button "Clear", located in front of him;
  • for convenience, you can check "Empty on exit" to the end of each session when using the Internet browser program automatically deletes the stored data.

Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla)

If you do not know how the cache clean up in Mozilla Firefox, follow the instructions below:

  • on the menu bar atabove the address bar of Internet Explorer Mozilla, scroll to "Tools" and go to him;
  • drop-down list appears, from which you need the "Settings" section;
  • in the opened window, go to the "extra" section, and then click "Network";
  • get "Offline Storage" section among the list of options, and select "Clear now."

In addition, you can turn to the hot key combination «Ctrl + Shift + H».This combination will clean out temporary memory section of the program data stored in recent years.To view the history of visited sites and remove some of the sites along with the files downloaded from them, press «Ctrl + H».These combinations work in all versions of the Mozilla browser.If it does not help to speed up the browser to work, check the current version of the program.Perhaps it is outdated and needs to be updated.

Google Chrome (Google Chrome)

This web browser is one of the fastest, but if it starts to "slow down" - so it needs cleaning.For information on how to delete the cache in chrome, recounts the instructions below:

  • open the setting panel by clicking on the button, which is located at the top of the program window to the right;
  • select "Tools";
  • block further menu in which you select the "Show advanced settings", then click "Clear History";
  • when the window opens on the pages you visit remove these options, specify for how long you want to erase the information;
  • opposite block "Images and other files stored in the cache," check the box;
  • make sure that the other boxes are removed;
  • confirm the deletion of data by pressing the "Clear History" button.

only that you learned how to clear the cache in the browser Google Chrome.If you need to reset the history of visited web pages in the saved data management window, set the appropriate check box.Also, you should know that if you use the browser in incognito mode (hotkey - «Shift + Ctrl + N»), it will not store information about the sites.This feature is useful if you have the time to sit down for a third party computer or laptop.

Internet Explorer (Internet Eksplorer)

standard web browser from windose can not boast of outstanding features.Nevertheless, they are many.Cleaning temporary Internet content Eksplorer carried out as follows:

  • open the menu and select "Tools" (if the menu is not displayed by default, press «Alt»);
  • in the open section, select the "Delete Browsing History";
  • then a window will appear in which you must select the check box in front of the block "Temporary Internet files";
  • make sure all other boxes are removed (if you do not have anything else, except temporary data you want to delete), and confirm by pressing the "Delete" button.

Safari (Safari)

If you have not changed the default settings Safari Internet browser, a folder with temporary files will reside in the directory «Documents and Settings», the directory "[your username] \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Apple\ Safari ».Follow the simple instructions and understand how to clear the cache in Safari:

  • in the main web browser menu, select "reset Safari»;
  • when the options window appears, check the box "Delete all website data";
  • make sure that all other boxes are removed (if other than the cache files you do not need to be removed);
  • confirm data clearing operation by pressing the "Reset" button.

Video: What is cache and how to clean it

This video explains in detail the Internet user, how the system works save temporary files, and what it means to clear your browser cache.Watch this video below, you will understand how to delete temporary data frequently visited Web pages to a web browser run faster.Just follow the guidelines, and can quickly solve many problems.