How do you know the password from WiFi

With the advent of new gadgets, tablets, mobile phones, laptops, it became necessary to dial up the Internet without wires.The real salvation became vayfay router, through which it is possible to connect an unlimited number of gadgets without losing performance.Sometimes there are cases when an urgent need to connect to the Internet, and access is closed secret code and immediately there is a dilemma: how to find the password of wifi.There are several options for getting to the internet access code, the choice of which depends on various factors.

How do you know the password for the wifi on your computer

Wanting to protect themselves and limit extraneous connection to its vayfay, users can set a password.Relying on his perfect memory, the secret code is not recorded anywhere, and if a long time do not use it, then it is forgotten at all.When it becomes necessary to connect a new gadget or change the settings of the router, users are beginning to panic at random to select passwords, losing a lot of

time, effort and nerves.There are several ways to find out a secret combination of Wi fi on your computer, even if one is already connected to the network:

  • After setting Wi fi modem.
  • Through the wireless settings on your computer, with an installed of Windows.

On Windows, after the wireless settings

the presence of at least one device on which there is a connection to the Wi fi is not difficult to find out the password.Get the encrypted code can admin user only.Here's how to find out the password of wifi on a computer with Windows seventh version (the same way it is possible to know the access code on other operating system versions):

  • necessary to open the "Control Center Network and Sharing" and make it possible in two ways:
  1. Through the "start" menu, enter the "Toolbar" tab and find.
  2. By right-clicking on the icon wi fi or LAN.After the opening of the context menu to select the desired item.
  • In the opened window after the first manipulation is necessary to find the tab "Manage wireless networks".In some versions of the operating system is not vindous of the item, so necessary to open the tab menu, do the following:
  1. Open the list of available wifi connections in the system tray.
  2. Find Wi fi, you want to connect (in front of the active connection will read "Connected").
  3. Call the popup menu, right-click and select "Properties" to find out the password.
  • New window find the network icon wifi, which is necessary to make the connection, click the right mouse button, causing the context menu.From the list that should select "Properties".
  • should open a new window, which has two tabs, you must open the item "Security".On the same page should tick the item "Display characters".
  • Line "key safety net" will open the password that is required to connect Wi fi.

After setting the router

Learn forgot the code from the wifi is possible, if not connected to any single device to the network.This can be done via a router or a distribution point settings.Except when the combination is forgotten, the restoration code may be useful then, if they were produced by reconfiguring the device, the dealer Wi fi.Consider the instructions on how to learn through a combination of protective router settings:

  • to your computer or laptop to connect the modem.
  • need to open a browser that is installed on the PC in the address bar, enter the address of the router, the dealer Wi fi.
  • In order to connect to the router interface, you must enter your login and password in the newly opened window.Classic admin / admin data.
  • The need to pass one by one to open the window that opens - "Wireless Mode", "wireless mode protection."
  • Line PSK Password password appear, through which you can connect to the wifi network.

Depending on the router, the setup process may differ slightly.So, on the Wi fi devices, the Asus company password is on the main page of the interface.But encryption is not displayed for some models.In such cases, the best option - to change your password to a new, and not to forget, it should be written in a safe place.Sometimes, to find out the code is not possible, so the only true solution is to reset the settings of the router, then you must reconfigure everything and create a new combination.

How do you know the password from a foreign network wifi

Sometimes you need to connect to a Wi fi, which is protected by a password, for example, a neighbor, or in a public place to a particular device.Sometimes connect to someone else's wifi is not possible, especially if the network is protected by encryption such as WPA and TKIP, as an option to protect a very reliable and high quality.

  • password selection, one of several methods if necessary may try to find the code for it can be applied.
  • Specialized hacker cracking programs that help detect and capture the data package.

password guessing vayf (primitive combination)

Some users to protect the wifi use simple encryption methods, primitive passwords, so hack the system is quite simple.If you want to connect to a particular device, there was vayfay code might learn by his selection.First, let's try the simplest variation, which surprisingly are very common.The most popular passwords are the following:

  • 123456789;
  • 87654321;
  • Password;
  • Qwerty;
  • Wifi;
  • 1234abcd;
  • Apartment number or company name, and other options.

Special cracking applications

wifi encryption selection is possible through the use of special programs designed to break the protection.The most popular way to find the access code to the Wi-Fi connection are:

  • Bruteforce - selection or brute force password dictionary-based.To search for the correct secret combinations, requires several mandatory attributes: a laptop or computer, vayfay adapter and special software, for example, Linux Back Track 5. The principle of this technique: in the dictionary options stored passwords, the device is trying to connect - picks up the keys.There is a high probability that this will be able to connect to a router, especially if the code is not complicated.
  • WiCrack Program, AirSlax.

How do you know the password from wifi on the phone

Read password from wifi possible and using a mobile device with any type of operating system, whether it is android or iphone.It makes it difficult, so in some cases the manipulations done only by experienced hackers and artists.A possible way to crack the protection is to run special applications that are designed to find open access points vayfay or breaking secret codes.It is important to monitor the quality of downloaded applications, because in some cases it can lead to cracking is not the Internet, and lead to infection of the virus gadget.

How to set or change the password for the Wi fi

When installing the router, it is important to immediately configure the protection so unauthorized users can not use the Internet for free.This is especially true if the given limited or connecting a large number of devices, the communication quality deteriorates.How is it possible to set or change the password on the wifi:

  • When setting a password, it is important to select a certificate and encryption type.The maximum quality are: the security certificate - WPA2-PSK, type - TKIP or AES.
  • In order to best protect access, you need to choose the most secure password, it is important to consider several factors:
  1. length - at least 8 characters.
  2. Secret code should consist of letters and numbers.
  3. Do not use primitive combination, date of birth, last name or the name of the classic.
  4. If you are having difficulty in creating a password, it is possible to use a special generator.
  • To change the password you need to use the settings of the router.For tp-link you must open the series "Wireless Mode" in the router interface, referred to as "wireless mode protection."The last tab, enter a new password.
  • to update the router D-link, routers Dir secret code is changed to "Security Settings" section.
  • For routers Yota (Iota), you should open the tab "Type of protection" and select "Secure WPA2ยป, and then set your own password.
  • In classical modems Rostelecom to set or change the protection you need to go through the WLAN, the "Safety" and set their parameters and the secret code.

Videos like to see your password by WiFi

Forgetting password from wifi, many despair.They immediately try to restart the modem, resetting to factory default.Or seek the help of experts, whose services cost too high or sometimes resort to online counselors.Resetting settings requires complete configuration of the router from the beginning, which leads to all sorts of difficulties.Learn the secret combination or change it simply, if a computer or another gadget connected to the Internet via wifi.Watch this video to learn how to find the access code, without resetting the modem settings: