How to play the Mafia

Table card game Mafia - one of the most popular entertainment for friends.This game is accessible to all: any potential player can not only buy whole sets of this entertaining toys with maps and masks, but also to visit themed places.If you want to know what are the rules and how to learn to play mafia article will help you figure it out.

goal of the game Mafia

The goal of each player - to do everything to make his team win.For example, civilians must identify all the Mafiosi.Players from the opposing team must pass himself off as honest citizens and lime all ordinary citizens.Any member has the right to voice their suspicions about a different game.It is allowed to accuse each other of having links with gangsters and nominations to the vote.Defendants have the right to:

  • accused of having links with criminals of other players;
  • protect his candidacy from slander.

Begins vote.If people voted against all the other team members or the majority, it is considered to be slain, and its c

ard is flipped.Only then revealed the secret - who really was "dead."The story is repeated until you have destroyed all the members of the gang or the honest citizens.If you do not know how to learn to play mafia, then read the description and maps of roles.

description cards and roles


Appointment master will monitor the game process and compliance with all regulations.He hands out cards for all members of the Mafia on your own or at random, with the result that all the company shares into two opposing camps.Only he knows which character belongs to which team.He announces the advent of the day and night, shall vote on the candidacy of potential mafia.


The aim of all the mafia, as mentioned above - to destroy all, without exception, the members of the other group.It should be noted that civilians in 3-5 times more than the mafia, so the latter is given the chance to murder one of the honest people at night.In addition, members of this team have a distinct advantage: they know all the members of his group in the face.When the master says: "There comes a night.Wakes mafia ", all team members open their eyes and decide who they are going to be killed.The players have to do it without a sound, only gestures.


Sheriff wakes up at night when everyone is asleep.He has the right to point the finger at any player to reveal a peaceful man or thug.If a participant, in which the sheriff pointed to is a criminal game, the master nods positively.If this character is not guessed, the leading nods negatively.As you know, the sheriff at the same time with the honest citizens, not bandits.Its primary task - to do everything to make after he found a bandit, for the nomination voted civilians.

No one can know exactly who the sheriff.If team members gang group will know about it, then most likely, it "will be removed" immediately.The essence of the role of the sheriff is to convince the honest citizens to vote for the murder of gangster, without incurring suspicion.If the sheriff's detective mind, victory will be civilians.Versions of the entertainment a lot: sometimes the game stops for the company when the character dies.Then the victory is counted mafia.


doctor plays for civilians.It can save a mafia, and the ordinary citizen.When the city wakes up, the doctor should understand the bandits who want to "remove" to cure this user.If the doctor is unable to do it treats any person at random.The doctor can not treat the same playing two nights in a row, but once is able to heal itself.


This role, in fact, the non-functional.Honest resident least aware.This person sleeps at night and during the day should be actively involved in all the discussions with the other participants.The role of "ordinary citizen" is to bring out the mafia, using your logic and intuition.However, under the deft leadership of gangsters shot down peaceful citizen astray, and he can vote to vote against members of his own team.

Additional characters

lawyer - another minor character of the role of intellectual desktop strategy.Counsel for playing mobsters and has all the same features as the sheriff.The difference is only in his belonging to the opposing team.Lawyers, as well as any other participant, may kill the maniac.He plays for himself.Every night fanatic can kill anyone, but to win the maniac will only when left alone.

Detective - one who has the right to check on the player belonging to a particular team, or just kill him.It only works at night.When the city falls asleep, may wake up and confused.She points to a specific participant, letting him know who her "client".His putana client can save if they want to kill him, but if you kill and confused, the client will die with her.

What is needed for the game

to be happy to spend the time, you will need:

  • presenter, who will watch over all;
  • the required number of people;
  • right number of chairs;
  • card to the Mafia;
  • notebook with a pen for the lead.

classic card game rules mafia

What are the rules of the game and how to play in the mafia?The first night the master task is to identify all the members of the opposing group.When awake mafia, he can rewrite his notebook all the names, the same applies to civilians and other supporting roles, then, when the city wakes up, starts the discussion and search members of the gang.At this time, the mafia is actively engaged and plan to sacrifice.Their goal - to announce one of the civilians bandit.A vote was taken, and the one considered a criminal, "kill."

second night awake mafia, they need to choose a victim.This is done silently.Then, in turn, wake up the sheriff, the doctor and the other characters, each of which performs its function.If a lot of people, leading to record all the better.Before the city wakes up again, leading to announce someone killed.If the game is saved, he tells about this, too.On the following nights and days all the action is repeated until all the criminals will kill or not is not transplanted residents all the bandits.

Video tutorials: how to learn to play cards with the mafia

rules described above are generally understood.Civilians are playing against the mafia and win the one who will have more on the result.But in fact, variations of this entertaining toys very much.Any, even the most proven, "classic" rules can vary slightly with each other.Learn the process of playing on real video example.

valid input, and other residents of the city: the more, the more exciting fun.The emergence of new characters significantly affect the game balance and strategy for all participants.The essence remains the same - to destroy all members of the opposing group.The following provides detailed video instructions on how to play Mafia with maps.To fix the rules suggest you familiarize yourself with the video.

Video: how to play Mafia 2 Online

Recently in Moscow, and other cities, there was the fashion for a new computer variation favorite entertainment online.This video game is available on the Internet in the public domain and is a great addition to the original toy.Watch the video to understand the nuances of online strategies on the basis of already tried and a favorite toy.

Video game New Mafia online - this is the same set of entertainment, such as traditional card Maffia, only game mode via the Internet and excellent picture.If you are too lazy to go out to meet other lovers of intellectual strategies, study the video and start to fight for survival in the city.Try your hand: a popular card game is available in a new format.