7 products that are useful for the children pseudo

Walking in the park, visiting the children's entertainment centers, on the shelves of shops, eateries, you will definitely see a huge number of products, widely advertised as "useful" snack or main meal.Cookies, sodas Light, muffins, diet chips, hot dogs, pizza - delicious, but unnecessary body treats.

Top 7 "useful" products that are dangerous to the child's health:

  1. Cereal / cereal breakfast cereals.

    Undoubtedly, convenience and speed of cooking the morning meal in the form of finished flakes, balls and milk - a weighty argument in favor of buying.The abundance of sugar, food additives, dyes negate all the benefits contained in the cereal product.As a source of "fast" carbohydrates, such breakfast will leave your child hungry a few hours after its use.

    excellent replacement will multizernovye natural cereal, cooked according to "all the rules".A variety of flavors to help fresh apples, bananas, seasonal fruit, dried fruits.For breakfast made up stores of vitamin D and calcium, pre

    pare dishes for milk and sweeten food you can honey or jam.

  2. fruit juice.

    abundance of advertising that guarantees "natural" drinks in Tetra Packs, leads to the fact that my mother bought fruit juices kids on walks, the older kiddies - to "useful" snacks at school.The presence of additives, preservatives often leads to food allergies.Some manufacturers sell under the guise of juice nectars.Guess where he got cherries, apples, and other fruits that make up the drinks, so sweet?According to laboratory tests, liter juice pack contains up to 7 tablespoons of sugar.

    Try to reduce the amount of purchased drinks, home cooking compotes (fresh or frozen fruits), making fresh juices, smoothies.

  3. crackers, cereal biscuits.

    high energy value of these products touted as "charge, energy vitality" for the child.In addition to these additives, preservatives, sugar, found in many types of cookies include palm oil, significantly reduces the cost of production.Children's body responds to the gradual accumulation of vegetable fats, enabling the formation of low density lipoproteins.

    output for moms who care about children's health, will become a hand-baked "cookies" with useful additions: oatmeal, nuts, poppy seeds or fruit pieces.

  4. ¬ęDietary" salads.

    Drawing attention to the popularity of diet, many places offer fast food "light" salads in the line of healthy dishes.For example, mayonnaise, fried in oil the chicken pieces in the "Caesar" bring it on to the calorie hamburger or a portion of chips.

    Do you want to be sure that with vegetable salad your child will receive a portion of the necessary vitamins and minerals?Prepare your own favorite food, and packed in a container, take a walk on together, add up to the school.

  5. Carbonated drinks labeled Light .

    rare people have not heard about the dangers of carbonated beverages.The high content of sugars and dyes - the main reasons for the negative opinion about them.In recent years, increasingly popular dietary options usual sodas, supposedly harmless for the body of adults and children.However, the composition still contains aspartame, sodium benzoate, flavor violating receptor sensitivity, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

  6. Gummies.

    Stressing favor "zheleshek" most manufacturers focuses on natural foods: freshly squeezed juice, agar-agar and no additives.Thickeners, preservatives, stabilizers, and other mass of chemistry - an integral part of the "useful" candy.

    avoid gastrointestinal disturbances, allergic reactions, tooth decay can help home jellies based on products (fresh fruit, juices), as you're sure.

  7. yoghurt, curd snacks, ice cream.

    disguised as a catchy name, many dairy yogurts actually are not.Listed on the label the word "product" (fermented milk, cheese), means that in the absence of the beneficial lactobacilli.But it contained abundant milk powder, vegetable fat, edible dyes.

    benefit to the child's health will be based on natural yoghurt special starters, homemade cottage cheese with slices of fruit, yogurt, fermented baked milk.

caring mums should remember that "good" baby food products advertised by the manufacturers may harm the health of the child.Not to complain later on unscrupulous advertisers, producers, carefully study the composition indicated on the labels.If in doubt in the natural product, better give up the purchase, opting for an apple or an orange.