How to calculate the compensation for unused vacation

Without exception, all organizations registered in the Russian Federation are obliged to follow the rules of the labor code.According to the code of laws, any employee is entitled each year to go to a paid rest period of 28 days (extra vacation days are provided for certain professions).How to calculate the compensation for unused vacation?For this purpose uses a single order of calculation of the recoverable amount.

In some cases, compensation is paid for unused vacation

worker instead leave, which is designed for 28 days, may be in the form of statements to ask compensation.However, the minimum number of vacation days (14) should be taken "in kind."A member of the right to bring such a request to the employer at any time.The initiative of cash receipt for a portion of unclaimed vacation must come exclusively from the employee.The head has the right unilaterally to address this issue, but may, in weighty reasons to deny the applicant in compensation, providing a complete vacation.

prohibited the payment of compensation for unused leave without firing:

  • underage workers;
  • pregnant women;
  • employees in a harmful or hazardous work.

So put whether the compensation for unused vacation?The head of the company must pay the total compensation for all the days of the unclaimed person at dismissal of the employee.And the pay off should dismiss the head of the day of his departure from office.The calculation assumes that the employee is entitled to a full 28-day rest period if his work is a full calendar year.

In other cases, the severance package for unused vacation is calculated in proportion to the time worked (by month).Moreover, the surplus days - to 14 - are excluded from the calculation.Fifteen or more days worked are equal to one calendar month.If a person leaves before the end of the working year for which has already been on a paid holiday, the employer withheld from his salary funds for unfinished days.

At the request of the employee unused vacation over the past few years can be compensated for dismissal, except in cases when it kicked out of the offense.If leave is granted to the employee who is about to retire, the calculation day is considered an extreme vacation day.Employ another organization to be resigned to the main place of work is possible only after the holidays.The provisions of the compensation provided dismissed before leaving on vacation, in addition, a note is made in the workbook, and the order of dismissal.

procedure for calculating the amount of compensation in 2016

How to calculate the compensation for unused vacation?The amount subject to the refund of unclaimed vacation days are calculated on the basis of two indicators.The first - the number of vacation days not used by the person, the second - the average daily wage.Below are the formulas and examples of how to calculate the compensation for unused vacation in 2016 in the Russian Federation established by law.

calculation period for calculating the average earnings

amount of time that a person worked for a particular employer, affects the duration of the calculation period for the calculation of the compensation funds.However, this time should not exceed year.For example, if a person has been hired to work 1.5 years ago, the settlement period will be twelve months before the date when he will leave.Under the calendar month is meant the time from 1 to 28 inclusive, the number (sometimes 29).These rules come into force, if vacation time is broken at the end of one and beginning of next year.

settlement period are 12 months before the holiday.If the employee worked in the institution less than a year, estimated to be at all times of its work.And I believe from the first day of entry on duty until the extreme of the month prior to the departure of an employee on vacation.For example, a man took the post of August 1, 2014, and was sent on leave from January 29 to February 16, 2016 considered the Calculation period from August 1 to December 31, 2015 Private organizations have the right to specify in the charter of the other billing period,if it does not discriminate against the position of hired workers.

Counting holiday in 2016, those days should be excluded:

  • when employees go on vacation without pay;
  • when a person was sick or received maternity allowance / pregnancy, etc.

There are services for which it is possible to calculate the compensation for unused vacation online calculator.Among these is the program "Chief Accountant", which determines the amount of compensation for unused vacation and fills in the form of T-60, justifying in detail the calculation algorithm.The amount is based on employee wages, and thus determine the calculation period should be the amount of money earned by them.

The amount accounted for in the calculation of the average wage payments

main indicator for calculating the selling or benefit is the average salary, which depends not only on the income of a particular employee.Into account the following facts should be taken: length, period of work for the same employer, the schedule, whether career or salary increases.some payments To calculate the average earnings do not take into account.Summarize be exclusively:

  • basic salary;
  • premiums / additional payments for night shifts or overtime, and labor intensity of the harm;
  • Award;
  • annual remuneration.

calculating the average wage, it is necessary to lay down (to summarize) all payments to the extent that they were accrued (including tax costs).The exception will be the only deductions from the salary sentenced to correctional labor.To calculate the average wage, includes all payments carried out on a stretch of his life and a time when the man kept the average earnings (upon receipt of benefits, vacation, travel).

Average daily earnings

Once the person earnings for a specific period is necessary to calculate how much is the average daily wage.The algorithm for determining it depends on whether the finished estimated time employee and whether the employee provides relaxation in working or calendar days.If the settlement period has been fully worked out, vacation days are calculated as calendar.Average earnings per day are calculated as follows: annual salary (total 12 months) divided by 12 first, followed by 29.3 (the average value of calendar days).

Sample calculation:

  1. Ivanov provide the main holiday period of 15-28 June 2015 (calendar days).
  2. Settlement will be the period from 01.06.2014 on 31.05.2015, which was fully worked out.
  3. for the specified time Ivanov accrued 200 000 rub.This amount will be a key in the calculation of holiday pay.With its help, to know the average daily wage: 200 000 divided into 12 first months of 29.3 days.We get the amount of 568, 82 p. / Day.

number of days of leave, for which compensation is put

Counting vacation, is to miss the weekend and public holidays, in addition, it is necessary to deduct personal income tax.How to calculate the days of compensation for unused vacation?The number of days is determined as follows: the number of unused vacation or taken multiplied by the average daily wage.To find out how much time is necessary to compensate for the money, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Calculate length in the full month under the person working on a particular organization.
  2. Set the total number of vacation days that are due to the man behind the work.
  3. Consider the days of holidays provided for the calculated period.
  4. Determine how much an employee is left unclaimed vacation days.

Example calculation of compensation for unused leave upon separation

In July 2012 Nesterov decided to quit, but it turned out that the man remained unused 2 vacation days in 2006, 4 - in 2008, 3 - in2009 Then Nesterov earned 5000, 5800 and 9000 accordance with the above years.On the stretch from 2011 to 2012, he did not have time to take a vacation, so it remains unpaid 28 days (salary - 12 000 p.).Accounts need to know the amount of compensation for all unclaimed vacation.

calculation algorithm:

  1. estimated time period is from 1 July 2011 to the end of June 2012
  2. Nesterova average income is: 12,000 multiplied by twelve months divided by (12 months multiplied by 29.4 in..days).The average daily wage was 408.16 p.
  3. Then the amount of compensation is calculated as follows: 408.16 p.multiplied by (2 + 4 of the day of the day of the day + 3 + 28 days).Total Nesterov receive 15,101.92 p.compensation.

Video of the assessment of monetary compensation for unused vacation

employer before leaving the employee to take annual holidays should issue appropriate orders and take care of the payment of his vacation.If the person does not intend to take the entire holiday for unused time his due monetary compensation.After watching the video below, you will learn more about the procedure of calculation and payment of compensation funds.