How to develop your psychic abilities

How you met in your life people who have supernatural abilities?Some theories hold that unique gift obtained only from birth, but there is another view: to become a psychic can any man.Which option do you prefer?If the question is how to develop your psychic ability, you are interested, further advice may help.The main thing - be prepared for the hard and regular work on yourself.

How to become a psychic at home

psychic - a man with overdeveloped in relation to the ordinary people senses.The owner of unique gift can feel the approaching danger, to communicate with the other world or suggest a solution to a difficult situation.Someone such powers are given from birth, while others have to work to awaken them.How to develop your psychic abilities?You need a lot of training, doing special exercises.Consisting psychics advised in this study and the theoretical foundations from books written by experienced people in this field.


How to develop psychic abilities to?The main thing - to have a gr

eat desire and persistence.If you're hoping to find a way to become a psychic for 10 minutes or a week, you know - these do not exist.It is better to start to follow a few simple tips how to develop extrasensory:

  1. Tune in a positive way, because doubt will only slow down the process.
  2. attentive to all your senses.Notice every little thing happening around and within you, to catch the supernatural signals.
  3. Write down all of your dreams and visions.Get this special notebook.So you can monitor whether there is progress after school.
  4. Most mentally visualize different pictures.Use of any photos.After seeing a couple of seconds, try to blindly reproduce what has been seen.
  5. Try audiogipnoza technique by the inspiration of positive thoughts.


experienced psychics often recommend exercise.The first to go workout, which set up the development of psychic abilities in the right way.Some of these exercises:

  1. Concentrate on your inner "I".With eyes closed, mentally move all their attention to the point in the middle of the forehead.It is believed that there is a "third eye".
  2. Every morning, a forecast on the events that occur.Try to determine what they are: the negative or, on the contrary, will bring unexpected joy.
  3. Try to guess who has come when the call at the door or on the phone.

After that enter into their practice some more useful exercise:

  1. question.Waking up in the morning, ask yourself the so-called question of the day.In the evening you will be able to compare the morning feeling that happened.
  2. Stimulation prophetic dreams.When going to sleep, the body adjust to the fact, to see a prophetic dream.You must sleep with only one thought - what will happen tomorrow.
  3. development of intuitive abilities.You need to learn to understand that feels or wants other people.


Best Assistant person in the study of anything - this book.There are several well-known authors who wrote about the unusual abilities and their development:

  1. Jane Roberts, "psychic abilities".After reading, you will be able to reveal your "third eye", which is waiting for calls.In the edition of a lot of information about how to develop your psychic ability, control the power and dreams predict the future and learn telepathy.
  2. Alex Pokhabov, "Vertical will."Winner of the season 7 program "Battle psychics" in his book teaches people perceive the world and to see its essence.The author believes that this ability opens the door to extrasensory perception and changes in a person's life.
  3. Gennady Kibardin, "Secrets of clairvoyance: how to develop extrasensory abilities."A psychologist by profession, the author decided through the book to talk about their own experience of clairvoyance.

Stones, developing psychic abilities

Natural minerals allow the wearer to tune into the same wavelength with the world.Which stone develops psychic abilities?Here are some examples:

  1. Azurite - first of all the stones.It has the power to increase awareness.
  2. Heliotrope - ancient stone, used for witchcraft.It is included in the rings and bracelets.
  3. Sardonyx - is able to make the body samoistselitsya, setting up the correct operation of all systems.Opens owner access to hidden information.

Video: Is it possible to develop the psychic abilities

theme of the supernatural does not cease to be one of the most popular.So can an ordinary person to develop psychic abilities?This question is of interest to many people trying to find a unique gift.If you want to know whether the power of the common man to become a psychic yourself - see the video below for useful information about supernatural abilities and their development.