How to get an apartment from the state

the housing problem in Russia faced many layers of the population on a daily basis, starting from the poor and the disabled and ending with students and veterans.Construction and commissioning of new space being insufficient pace to provide everyone with affordable housing.Learn how to get an apartment from the state, to force officials to assist in its purchase.Do not look for a quick solution to the housing problem, but in compliance with federal laws and the implementation of all the necessary conditions, you will get the ownership of the necessary square footage.

Who has the right to receive apartments from

state in each region of Russia at the level of local authorities to set standards on human squaring.If these dimensions are not followed, the house is home to more people, the person recorded in the queue for the acquisition or social housing.A mandatory criteria is the information about the bad financial situation.It is issued to local social welfare, if the total income divided by every a

ble-bodied and the incapacitated family member below the subsistence level set by the government.

Methods for obtaining housing

Accommodation people from the queue is issued only from the new housing.The developer in approving the project and obtain permission to carry out works is obliged to provide in a newly built house a certain number of apartments for social housing.Their number and squaring depend on the total floor area of ​​buildings and local councils decisions.In this case, a free apartment from the state issued under the state program of providing the poor.

There are other programs that determine how inexpensive to get an apartment from the state to citizens.There is a benefit for loans when buying a home.In this case, when you make a mortgage state assumes obligation to pay benchmark lending rate for the whole term of the contract.The Borrower shall make payments in a timely manner, and the state repays the interest directly to the bank or the borrower returns the money.

Help young families

federal program to promote a new generation of determining how to get the family an apartment from the state in a short time.At the level of municipal government recently formed a social unit with a child can always rely on incentives to young families.Depending on the adopted at the local level of the program, it may be preferential credit rates, subsidies and compensation for interest on a mortgage.

To flywheel state support began to rotate, you must file a complaint with the local council to participate in the program for an apartment young families.In order to solve the housing problem can move to regions of the Far North, where housing provide work to all comers.Accommodation is issued for use on time with an option (3-4 years) ransom.

large families Large families - with more than two minor children - have priority in obtaining both at home and preferential loans for the purchase.To participate in the program on the allocation of housing large families, it is necessary to collect the certificate of financial position.Mere large family status is not enough for social housing.

grants orphan

Pupils of children's homes have the right to choose their place of residence from 16 years.If they leave the state educational institutions, they can count on the subsidy for utilities to reach the age of majority.Necessary documents involved in the board of trustees of the institution as a minor has no right to sign.

Apartment single mothers

For various reasons, left without the support of the mother of men can rely on state assistance to ensure their social area.Shelter from the state guaranteed to widows of military, police and emergency officers killed in the line of duty.Categories such as single mothers, get an apartment without a queue.

What documents are needed to get on the waiting list

Choose a family member who will deal with all emerging issues related to housing.It will be the applicant, it will be issued the documents required for registration in the queue.All subsequent correspondence will be well with him.List of required documents:

  1. statement to local councils.Then specify living conditions (living area), the composition of the family members by age.
  2. Copies of passports of all the family, in which they already have, plus a certificate for children under 14 years.
  3. Copies of individual tax numbers of all family members.
  4. document confirming the marriage - a marriage certificate.
  5. Certificate from social security authorities of the need to improve housing conditions.Issued after the visit of a special commission at the place of residence of the applicant family.
  6. Help of BTI real estate, located in the property of the members of the applicant's family.

Videos about affordable housing in Russia

accessible language explain the action of the RF legislation on allocation of housing for young families and other categories of citizens who wish to receive free housing.Video posted below, will be useful to the citizens of Russia, who did not know how to get on the waiting list for an apartment, or how to get a grant.Clarification of legal technicalities, the list of necessary actions that need to make before the application, the list of certificates and other papers necessary for registration benefits.

Federal Program Young Family 2015

Government assistance in obtaining housing

Reviews for subsidies from the state

Nadezhda, 26 years : I did not know before you start running around the chain of command,how to get an apartment.All the documents in our young family, I was engaged.To get on the waiting list for housing, I had to spend two months.The long awaited decision sotssluzhby the need to improve housing conditions.A year after setting we got own kopeck piece.

Nikolai, 33 years : buy himself a house, I can not for financial reasons.My mother - disabled and three dependent children.Five of them live in one-room "Khrushchev" no place for children, even the lessons easy to do.I wrote a statement to the local executive committee on the allocation of social housing my family as poor.2 months Living in the new flat - warrant already issued

Natalia, 45 years : father and mother I have disabilities, I lived with them and disabled brother in a one-room Khrushchev.I work only.With the help of the social services know how to get an apartment for free, which took a certificate that my family poor.We had to wait a long time - 4 years, but I am happy becausereceived free housing