How to find traffic megaphone

Almost every mobile operator provides its customers with full access to the Internet 3G and 4G networks.The availability of such services means that the company should have a program counting of Internet traffic statistics consumed by each individual subscriber.It should be available for customers.Traffic means the amount of data that is transmitted through a computer network per unit time.If you have a limited rate, how do you know what his balance on the megaphone?

How to check the rest of the traffic on the megaphone modem 4g

Among Internet users are very popular wireless modems Megafon 4G-enabled connection.This is a convenient device that allows to easily enter the network at any time.For such modems Megafon has developed a special tariff plans, which are limited to a specific amount of traffic.Taking advantage of the Internet service provider, you can control the rest of megabytes, and keep statistics on their own uploaded files.There are several ways:

  • A service team.This is a s
    pecial service that allows you to receive traffic information, the date of service activation.To use it, select the tab "Balance" in "MegaFon Internet" menu.When the new window opens, type in a string USSD command * 167 # and press the "Request".Wait for an answer in the form of a text message.
  • through standard means.Start the program "MegaFon Internet", in which the top menu, there is a tab "Statistics".Open it, and to the side, the data on the consumption of Internet traffic.To determine the remainder of the total amount of data provided by you, according to the selected rate, subtract the amount spent kilobytes.
  • Through personal cabinet.On the official site of Megafon, each client has its own online account.To check the remaining volume of traffic, open megaphone site in the browser, select a section called "My Account".After completing the required authorization for the action, find the tab "Current deals and packages."Click on it and you will appear in front of the data in a table.Look for the item titled "Balance of free megabytes on the current time."
  • through SMS.To use this service, send a message with the text "Balance" to the number that depends on the rate of connection: Mini Pocket Internet - 000,767;Internet S - 05009121;Internet M - 05009122;Internet L - 000,988;Internet XL - 05009124.

How to see how much of your traffic remains

To find out how much is spent and unspent megabytes on a megaphone, you need to know your rate.All plans are divided into no-limit and limit.If the first allowed to relax, surf the Internet indefinitely, without thinking about balance, it is necessary to be alert in the last tariffs MegaFon.They keep statistics about the traffic that has been consumed by the user.The client should freely receive information about how many megabytes spent one hour, month or day.How to do it?

Using a computer or tablet - a service guide service

most reliable way to check the number of megabytes - a service guide service.To use it, you must have access to the Internet.To do this:

  • Open your browser, type in the address bar
  • You will see a window where you must enter your phone number in the first field, and the second - a password.To obtain the latest traffic and find out the phone, dial * 105 * 00 # call button.Soon you will receive a message with a password.If you want to check the traffic on the modem, tablet, router, click on the link "Internet Account".
  • personal account will be opened before you, where you will find information on the expenditure of funds, rate plan.There will be a table with the current discounts and service packages, where you can view data on the number of allocated traffic and used megabytes.

Check the remaining traffic by calling the operator

next way to check the balance of megabytes Megaphone - Make a call to mobile operator.This you can do by dialing a short number 0550 and press the call key.The operator will give you all the information about the number of megabytes you spent.If you can not get through, please contact MegaFon office with a passport or other document that confirms your identity.

With the help of USSD-command on the phone

If the Internet is currently available to you, you can learn the rest of megabytes via cellular operator in a simpler way.To do this, type the phone by dialing * 558 # call key.In the near future you will receive SMS, where comprehensive information on traffic balance will be given.You can send a text message where you want to write the word "balance" in response to which will come the same data.