As the money transfer to MTS Beeline

Modern person can not imagine being without a cell phone.Telecom operators in the market there are a lot.For the sake of competition, mobile operators surprise users different services.Sometimes there is a situation when during a conversation with your companion or you run out of money.This problem will help solve the operator MTS.People are curious to know how the money MTS to transfer to Beeline.Is it possible?The answer is - yes.There are several ways to transfer.

Can I transfer money to MTS Beeline

To implement the transfer of money to the Beeline MTS, operator Mobile Telesystems is a direct transfer.Many people think that this service are in the network, although it is not so.To transfer funds from operator to operator, there are many restrictions.So you've decided to take advantage of direct drive.What you need to do?

To do this, we must determine whether the transfer of single operation, or you'll spend it on a regular basis.Repeated replenishment for each shipment will not hav

e to pay a commission.If you check the frequency, then you will be charged every 7 rubles.Gaining the code * 112 * (for the regular replenishment of * 114 *), then the number of the lattice icon and press the "call".

How to throw money from MTS Beeline

If you manage multiple SIM cards, including MTS, you can use the service, which allows to throw the money from your account numbers on other operators.Any user will like this service because the money transferred as a phone and a PC.Therefore, learning how to transfer money from MTS Beeline, you can easily afford to pay for mobile communications and the different types of services: Internet, shopping, housing and communal services.Consider the popular ways of how money from the operator MTS Translate to Beeline.

your phone using

USSD-request Direct Transfer - known way to transfer money, but there are other options on how to throw money from MTS Beeline.For example, using the USSD-request.Such service is a short sequence of numbers, at a set which becomes available certain information or some action.USSD-request and work via the Internet and via telephone.If you can not connect to the World Wide Web, remember the number 115.

  • To send a command, type the following combination of characters and numbers: * 115 # and call.
  • Dial the number 1 and press send.
  • Then select with the number 2 key and the administration.
  • Enter the recipient's number without eight and at the end of the payment amount.
  • will come to you a message from the number 6996. Reply should be no later than 10 minutes.
  • Operation is confirmed after sending the number "0" to cancel.
  • Use USSD request for money transfer transactions quickly, securely and conveniently as you confirm translation before implementation personally.

Transfer of funds through Internet

official website will help in the issue of how to throw money from MTS Beeline.To do this, go to the case where there is a personal account of mobile TV systems, there is an option to receive a one-time password, you only need to press a special button in the operation.After entering all the details of the service will transfer you to a page where you will pass the identity of the owner.Those who have an account on the website of MTS need:

  • View his office
  • find Beeline icon and click it on the main page.
  • Then enter the amount and the recipient's number.Translation should not be more than a thousand rubles.
  • Make sure the box is checked, "translated from the MTS account."
  • then click on the "Continue" button and your transfer will be executed.

Through SMS message

For pensioners who use cellular communication, the question remains whether it is possible to transfer money to MTS Beeline with a simple SMS sending.No method currently available to pay within the network.But try to use the payment system application that is installed on your phone or smartphone.To do this:

  • Program replenish a virtual card.
  • Then select "Payment" and the operator - Beeline.
  • Enter the amount to be enrolled and the local phone number.
  • Confirm money transfer via SMS.

The disadvantages of this method include the bulkiness of necessary actions.On the plus side - that during all the manipulations you have a great chance not only to further fill any account of mobile phone numbers, regardless of to what operator they belong to, but also to pay for all sorts of shopping on the Internet, whether it's online storeor some electronic service.

Commission and transfer restrictions

After be defined way to transfer money, you should consider the features of the commission of such spending.For those who send money, you need to take into account the fact that the minimum amount of money, which must remain on the balance sheet after shipping, would not be less than 10 rubles, the payment does not take place.The day is not translated more than 1000 rubles.

For those who received money, it is important to know that from various sources in the day on the balance can come no more than 3,000 rubles.In order to successfully throw the money on the Beeline, you must have an open access to use this service.The tariff plan should not be on the list of those that do not provide this service.For example, Super MTS Super Zero can not carry out transfers.Fee of sending money is 10%.

Video: How to update your account with MTS to other mobile

A video about how money from MTS Beeline translate into balance, you can see below.You no longer will be a problem.Author video tells in detail what methods are the most optimal for the money transfer.In addition, you will learn about potential problems that may arise during the implementation of the operations of money transfer.Also in the story there is information about the balance that should be on your balance sheet.