Where saved screenshots

Screenshot clearer and more eloquent than the copied text, and sometimes can not do without the Scrin.In Windows, a special feature, but after the OS improvements the question arises: where to save screenshots on windose 8?In addition to the built-in capabilities of the system there is a special program - skrinshotery such as SnagIt, Screenshot Maker or FastStone Capture, where the folder for saving is set by the user.They have a sense, if you are doing and process screens constantly, but many lack the Print Screen button.It remains to determine how to find images.

How to make a screenshot of the screen c using the Print Screen

Print Screen key in all versions of Windows, including windose xp, is to create a screenshot.Simply clicking on a button, you do a full screen capture.It captures all that is there at the moment.If you need a picture of the active window, use the combination Alt + printskrin.Then copied to the top window, you are working with.

These keys only work in windose, such as MAC O

S capture the entire screen is made with a combination Command + Shift + 3. And in order to "catch" a fragment, instead of the triple need to press four, selecting the desired area with the mouse.On a Mac made the default images are placed on the desktop as png files.Where to save screenshots on Windows, we shall understand below.

Where printskrin stored on Vindovs

In all versions of the operating system until the release of Windows 8 screen shot placed just to the clipboard.Then you need to use a graphics editor to insert and handle.The sequence of this:

  • release the screen from unnecessary outdoor elements;
  • press printskrin;
  • start the image editor (Paint or other);
  • combination Ctrl + V or via the context menu to insert a picture into an open editor window;
  • make the changes, or simply specify a folder on your computer where to save your screenshots, select a format and confirm.

Important: if you do not save the image once, then you will not find it.Temporary files are replaced with new ones.Doing a few screenshots and save them one by one.Images obtained after pressing Alt + Print Screen is also stored in a buffer, and all actions with them similar to those described above.The most popular format for images - jpeg, do not know what to save, select it.

Beginning with the eighth version windose, users have a new opportunity to save the images.The combination of Windows + Print Screen puts your screen into a special folder to view it is necessary to pass on the way: Library \ Pictures \ Screenshots.This allows the user to capture several images in a row, and then handle all at once.

Where are the screenshots steam

Gamers make screenshots continuously, especially when it comes to online games such as the varfeys, Dota 2 and fallout 4. Screens for most games TRIMSbesides printskrin keys made even by pressing F12.By default, they are in Steam profile, in the "cloud."The way there is through the browser, go and download.There are other possibilities.The Steam client settings tab choose "In the game", click on the option "Save uncompressed copy on your computer."In order not to look each time, where there are screenshots of the incentive, specify the folder.

There is an option to have time during the game press the printskrin, continue to do everything under the standard scheme: to capture a fragment, open the editing, paste and save the picture.Many are too tight or the F12 Print Screen, and then struggle to find where the screenshots are saved.If a folder is not specified, find where to save the screenshots, you can:

  1. Dota2.F12 key sends screenshots to the "cloud."In order not to look for them in the browser, go to the initial Steam window, lower the slider.You will see the option to view the library, click on it and select "Show on disk".
  2. Warface.The removed pieces of the game to look at the C drive through the folder "Users" / username / saved games / My games / Warface / ScreenShots.
  3. Fallout 4. Here, a separate place for pictures is not provided, their store - the root folder of the game.

Video: where are the screenshots of Windows 7

If you are not experienced with the creation of screenshots, to help sort out a detailed video tutorial.Experienced user guide you all the way from capture printskrin image before saving the final processed image.You will learn how to edit the image using the Paint, which is installed by default, but do not use them all.