Where to get a certificate of no criminal record

state continually monitors those persons who have ever broken the law.Sometimes, those people who have never done, is required to confirm this fact documented.If you are among them, you need to figure out where to get a certificate of no criminal record.Become the owner of such a document will be possible in several ways.Citizens have the right to order a certificate of no criminal records via the Internet or their own appeal to the state authorities.About the most common methods you'll learn more.

order of registration certificate of good conduct

document is a standard form.If you do not understand where to make a certificate of good conduct, please visit the Regional Information Center Ministry of Internal Affairs.The document you may need if you:

  • moving abroad permanently or traveling there to work;
  • want to get a permit to carry weapons;
  • planning to open a business with a specific activity;
  • willing to take custody of the baby or to become an adoptive parent;
  • to seek employment in certain areas.

What documents need

official certificate of good conduct in Moscow, as in other towns of the Russian Federation: Saratov, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, may issue to citizens of Russia, foreigners and people without citizenship.Standard package of documents for:

  • original identity document (passport or passport);
  • copies of all certificates of pages that are filled;
  • statement on the official letterhead of the Ministry of Interior Information Centre (in a statement sure to write personal data: name a name and patronymic, place of birth and the day; the address where the person is registered for permanent or temporary basis);
  • treatment occasion;
  • power of attorney for the person who will be the recipient of the paper (if necessary).
  • data about surname change (if it ever took place);
  • citizenship;
  • list of Russian regions, where people used to live.

How to put apostille

If the paper is of good conduct needed you for going abroad, it is necessary to assure an apostille.It is allowed to put in the bodies of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation on the original document, or in the offices of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on the subjects on the copy or transfers.The procedure usually lasts from five days to a week.Apostille can be put to:

  • original certificate of good conduct;
  • notarized copy;
  • translation, hemmed to the official copy, and is also certified by a notary;
  • copy of the original, in which is filed a notarized translation.

How to get through the portal of state services

document is permitted to be executed without the personal presence in the online mode.Certificate of no criminal record issued by state services through the site as:

  1. First you have to register on the government website and visit the private office.Then you need to select "E-Services" and go to "the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs."
  2. Locate the heading "Issuance of certificates of presence (absence) convictions and (or) the fact of criminal prosecution or to discontinue the criminal prosecution."
  3. Check out general information and press the "Get a service."
  4. remove the mark with the phrase In the menu "Use a digital signature" and click "Next".
  5. Fill the sample application, read the instructions carefully.Specify where his personal and contact details, registration information.At the end you need to download an electronic version of the passport (scanned copy or photo).
  6. Select IC MIA at his residence.
  7. Choose the method of notification of the possibility of issuance of the document.
  8. Click "Send application".
  9. On a general basis the period of the application can take up to a month.If a certificate of good conduct is needed urgently, you can contact the intermediary companies, which are engaged in registration of their own.Then you become the owner of the document in the period from three to ten days.

Police certificates of good conduct

you will find useful information not only about where to take an urgent inquiry about absence of previous convictions, but also about how much it will be available.In fact, the document does not indicate the expiration date.It all depends on who has requested help.In Russia, it is valid for three months.The same period is set to appeal to the US Consulate.For the representative of the European Union and Canada is given six months.

Speaking of employment, the period of validity established by the employer.Help is considered relevant to the day of discharge.In the data center it is allowed to keep no more than two months.The only exception to the rule is the situation with the care or adoption.In this case, the document will be valid for one year from the date of receipt.

address to receive a document

Residents of the capital will be interesting to find out where to obtain a certificate of good conduct in Moscow.Many people mistakenly believe that it is done on the street Novocheremushkinskaya, but in reality there is office of the company that can help with its design.If you want to know how to get a certificate of good conduct in Moscow, please contact one of these addresses:

  1. Residents of the capital: Str.Novoslobodskaya, d. 57/65.
  2. area residents:. Nikitsky Pereulok 3.

If the paper is of good conduct is needed for those who are listed in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, they should visit the Information Centre at the Ministry of Interior: St. Petersburg, Liteiny Prospect,d. 6, entrance 3. Here are engaged in questions about the issue of the document, an apostille.In addition, in both cities, many companies engaged in urgent issue, but their services have a certain cost.

Video about getting help on RF

official website you already know almost everything about this document.If you are looking for, where to get online help about the absence of a criminal record, look at the following video.You will be able to see for how to use the official website and fill out an application form.After watching the video below, you will know exactly how to get a long-awaited document.