How to connect a roaming megaphone

In the age of advanced communication technologies - one of the first conditions for success, comfort and safety.It is important to have easy access to communicate with loved ones, business partners, no matter where in the world you are.To this end, it is not necessary to buy a new starter pack in each country, you will need to include a roaming service on his megaphone.Find out what actions to take, and what else the company Megafon offers in connection with the solution of this issue.

What kind of company provides roaming Megaphone Megaphone

carefully taken care of its customers and made it possible to select this service at the time of registration of each SIM card.Starting because, where the subscriber is at the moment, he has a unique opportunity to choose between two options: a national or international roaming.Each proposal has its own tariff conditions which significantly reduce the cost of mobile communications abroad.It all depends on the preferred types of services (online or preferentia

l outgoing calls, for example).For more details you can read them below.

National - inside the network or on a regional Russian

service inside the network or regional roaming in Russia will connect automatically to the time when you travel outside your home region.As used in this package are several tariff plans, you have to select settings yourself, building on what kind of package you will be more economical.Consider more options for roaming and how to switch them according to the proposal "National»:

  • tariff plan called "All Russia" - an economical proposition for subscribers, the cost of which is only 3 rubles per minute.For every day you are given the first 30 minutes at a specified price, and the others are automatically selected according to the tariff.Such a package should be used when you are in any region of Russia (from the Caucasus to the Kamchatka, for example), in addition to the home and the Crimea.
  • Roaming tariff package "Travel without worries" enables economical options for making calls and sending messages (39 rubles daily) plus you have a free half-hour connection per day.Use the variant roaming throughout Russia except Moscow Oblast and Crimea.
  • «Internet in Russia" provides a unique opportunity to use free unlimited Internet traffic on prices, which the subscriber used to from home.

International - worldwide

If your goal - the commission of the world tour, Megafon can offer you several options for international roaming.Check with each of them in more detail:

  • international roaming under the name "All The World" or "Around the World" gives the opportunity to enjoy preferential rates on all calls made by the subscriber company.On entering the Megafon offers free half-hour daily.You will benefit from this option operator roaming, if you are, for example, in Cyprus or somewhere in the middle of Asia.
  • «Internet abroad" - is roaming with fixed rates for the free use of the Internet traffic.The fee is charged only if the customer uses the online service.
  • International Roaming, which is called "Vacation-Online", providing a favorable environment for communication with no monthly fees with very competitive rates for the use of the Internet traffic.It is popular among the subscribers who are on holiday, for example, in Turkey.

Cost of services in roaming

company Megafon offers very competitive rates for all services when the client is outside the home region.The roaming is a flexible system of calculation, which takes into account the location of the subscriber, and the use of appropriate coating.For each service (calls, messages and internet) has its own competitive rates.Get complete information about the prices you can continue.

For calls

If you start from the chosen tariff plan, the cost of calls is different.For example:

  • Connection Services "All Russia" is 30 rubles, an additional 5 rubles daily will be charged as a monthly fee.For incoming pay do not need anything, but for all outgoing Russian numbers - 3 rubles per minute.
  • Daily fee package "Travel without worries" will make 39 rubles and outgoing on the Russian numbers of other operators - 3 rubles.The rest of the calls will be free (outgoing numbers on megafonovskie Moscow region, any incoming).
  • roaming function "whole world" will work for you, provided the daily subscription fee of 39 rubles, and the first half hour of incoming calls free of charge (every day).Other communication services will take place on the roaming tariffs, which provides the country of your stay.

For SMS messages

his billing for each variant are roaming and SMS messages.the following rates:

  • «All Russia" - 3 rubles.
  • «Travel without worries" - 3.90 rubles.
  • For Russians who are in Europe, there is a good offer - buy 50 and 100 messages for a one-time 195 and 295 rubles.
  • In other countries, if you actively use the service, you will be offered to purchase 50 and 100 messages on 495 and 695 rubles per pack.

For mobile Internet

Using mobile internet will not be a costly pleasure, if you choose the right tariff package.Check out the possible options offered Megafon subscribers using roaming extended service:

  • When roaming with packet rate "Internet abroad" you will be able to freely use the traffic at the maximum speed at the price from 129 to 4990 rubles, dependingfrom the host country.For example, in Belarus, you can successfully use the Internet in roaming for 829 rubles (30 MB).
  • When connected tariff plan "Vacation-Online" in roaming you will be able to continuously use the Internet on your phone for 19 rubles / MB.

How to activate roaming operator Megafon

roaming activation of the operator Megafon is not a difficult task.If a given package does not connect automatically, you can always do it personally, using a certain combination of numbers, sending a short SMS message to a certain number of service or by contacting the company's office staff through the call center.Consider the rules for roaming connection on different tariff plans MegaFon.

With the help of the company's office

If you have any questions about Roaming of a tariff plan, you can always turn to Megafon office, wherever you areWe were at a given time.Just type the mobile number of the contact center in Moscow: +79 26 111-05-00, and the operator will answer any question on how to connect roaming.The call will be free of charge, regardless of your location (Russia or the whole world).Additionally, you can visit the company's office in the city personally.

Send SMS to the short number

If Roaming any plan you better to carry out with the help of SMS, send a blank email to one of these short codes:

  • Connect package"All Russia": 000105970 - if you are in the North-West region of the country;000105975 - in the Far East and the Urals;0500975 - Metropolitan, Central, Volga, Siberia and the Caucasus.
  • To activate the "Travel without worries", use number 0500991.
  • Activate the "whole world" will help the message sent to the number 0500978.
  • Dial 0500942 if you want to connect the "Internet in Russia."
  • 0,500,993 is needed to activate the tariff "Internet abroad."
  • to connect the "Holidays Online" to submit to the SMS number 0500960.

your phone with a special service team

  • «All Russia" is activated on your phoneif you type a sequence of numbers * 548 * 1 # and a call button.
  • option "Travel without worries" can be connected by dialing the code * 186 * 1 # and pressing the call button.
  • If you want to connect to the roaming tariff plan "Internet in Russia", dial * 574 * # and press the call button.
  • To manually activate the roaming option "All The World", dial * 131 * 1 # and press the call button.
  • tariff "Internet abroad" is connected with a combination of numbers: * 136 #, plus the call.
  • Do you want to activate the "Vacation-Online"?Simply dial * 501 # and press the call do not forget.If you need to use this tariff package in the Volga region, dial * 105 * 0060 * 1 #, plus the call.

Use Service Guide on the operator's website

Service Guide - your personal account on the official site of Megafon.Here, going to the Internet, you can quickly configure any service for more information.To connect using the roaming service Guide, use the following instructions:

  1. Go to the browser on your phone, for example, and click the
  2. top right locate the button "My Account", click on it.
  3. Here you need to enter your login (individual phone number), password.If you forget it - send a message with the text "00" to 000105 or use the command * 105 * 00 #.
  4. After logging, open from the side menu "Opie, services, tariff", there click on the line entitled "Change of tariff options."
  5. Then find the tab "Categories" and choose "Discounts for roaming."
  6. In the next step you need to select an option in roaming "section of the Group."Here before you pop up the catalog "Group Tools", where you will place a check mark on the required service.
  7. Scroll down the website to find the button "Make changes".Click on it to confirm Realized manipulation.

Call technical support

If suddenly something went wrong and need help living person, please contact the helpdesk Megafon, which operates around the clock.Here, experienced specialists will provide you with technical support by doing any wish regarding Roaming.Check out how this happens in practice:

  1. dials on his mobile 0500 and act according to the answering machine prompts to enter the menu for communication with the operator.
  2. When you contact the person requesting Roaming, you will be asked to answer some questions about your identity and dictate information from the passport.If the phone number is not your (registered as a legal entity, for example), the data will need a power of attorney, which gives you the right to act in the face of the company.
  3. Additionally put in the operator aware of the location of your trip, the consultant was able to recommend the most advantageous for you to rate.
  4. When the conversation is over, the phone will receive a message confirming the connection of the required type of roaming.

How to disable the option

As soon as you get home, do not forget to deactivate the service, not to pay unnecessary fees.To do this, use several methods of decontamination roaming:

  1. Use the service command:
  • * 548 * 0 # to disable the "All Russia".
  • * 186 * 0 # to "Travel without worries."
  • * 131 * 0 #, if you want to disable the "whole world".
  • * 574 * 0 # - to cancel roaming "Internet in Russia."
  • * 136 * 0 # - if the "Internet abroad."
  1. «Holidays Online" - dial * 501 * 0 # (* 105 * 0060 * 0 # in the Volga region).
  2. Use personal account on the site Megaphone.
  3. Refer to the operator with the request to disable roaming.
  4. Send your message with the word «STOP» to the same number that was used for the connection.

Video: how to move on in MegaFon roaming

When you are abroad, roaming - a very important thing.He gives a lot of advantages in the full use of communication, and you feel almost like home, from anywhere in the world.Look at the video below about the benefits of roaming, when you are in different countries.In order to connect said service was not an impossible task for you, use a video clip titled "How to connect the option" All Russia "and" All the world ", which is painted in steps as fast to implement.

How to connect the option "All Russia" and "All the world»

roaming benefits abroad