How to take credit for a loan

Sooner or later, everyone who is burdened with credit and considers it unfavorable conditions, begins to think about where to get the money to say goodbye to him.However, many complain about the difficult economic situation and did not believe that the banks are so easily now are scattered with precious papers.To experience it is not necessary to start read the information, how to take credit for the loan.After all, there are cases where refinancing is easily done, and sometimes even encouraged to do.

Can I take out a loan to repay the loan

Forget to borrow money from friends.Repayment of the loan onerous possible to produce with the help of loan taken from another bank.Often, the financial institution does not matter why you take the money.Often, the bank does not even ask about the purpose for which you want to get a loan.Cash loan without references and guarantors is fraught with high interest rate, but this is an outlet for those who do not have official income and trusted friends.

, on which the new loan is taken to close the existing in Russian banks are and refinancing program.This is done in order to reduce the payout percentage, but is often used with the aim of re-registration of collateral or increase the maturity of the debt.Money in such cases, the hands are not given, and bank transfer are transferred to another bank.Arrears on credit is unacceptable, and timely payments would increase the chances of getting the loan.


If you have a loan with a bad credit history, arrears, it is best not to try to arrange refinancing.There is a big chance that you are blacklisted and the new loan is unlikely to be granted.How to take credit for the overdue loan?It is necessary to try to get a loan at high interest rates, or provide the bank the reasons for which were overdue.In the case of valid reasons such as illness, late payment, availability of documents confirming these circumstances, the bank will take into account when making their decisions.


often profitable to produce bank mortgage refinancing, the amount is very large and long-terms benefits.Interest on mortgages are always on average, no dumping can not be, as collateral, which is the property, will be issued to the bank to repay the debt.Deciding how this option is beneficial, it is necessary to take into account the difference in loans, which should be in the range of 1.5-2%, and a term of payment - at least 5 years.Otherwise, efforts are meaningless.

It should also take into account the pitfalls.1. When you change the lender, the borrower is subject to certain spending (often charge a commission for examining the application, renewal of the collateral amount, etc.).2. The next assessment of the property and its security procedure: each bank has their partners for these purposes.3. In other financial institution will be other requirements to housing.4. Refinancing a mortgage can be profitable if the payments were made on the annuity scheme, that is,payments were equal parts, it turns out that for the first 5 years, you will give the bank is already 70-80%.

How to apply to another bank

Many questions arise about how to repay the loan.To avoid mistakes, all the proposals should be studied carefully.Other financial institution can offer a few options and you must consider them all, comparing the interest amount and the timing of payments.After all, there is a chance only worsen their situation.In some cases, when the payment of the debt becomes a burden, even half a percentage point reduction rates can have a significant impact on the situation.Choose wisely - the money to repay the loan is better to take in the bank, which will help to save.

for refinancing will have to provide to the financial institution the necessary documents, does the application do not be tempted to withholding information.It is necessary to be honest with the bank and talk about the presence of other loans as a financial institution, in any case, make an inquiry and find out about it, the difference will not play in your favor.So what you will need:

  • contract with a credit institution where there is a loan;
  • statement of the amount of the remaining debt;
  • payment schedule;
  • documents confirming income (PIT-2), a copy of the work book;
  • documents from the tax authorities, VAT;
  • copy of a Russian passport;
  • certificate of education, marriage contract, if available.

on refinancing are almost all banks, but someone on this earns overestimating interest rates (when there is a chance to take the credit without guarantors), and someone offers sparing conditions.Sberbank offers low-interest, realizing refinancing under 17.5 and 14.25% per annum.VTB24 may make debt repayments for the property under the 14.95% per annum.Rosbank rate - from 14.75% per annum for a mortgage loan.

Home Credit Bank

inexpensive and easy to obtain a loan you can provide Home Credit Bank.Applications can be submitted with a permanent source of income adult citizens of Russia to 64 years.Customers can count on 19.9% ​​per annum and a term of one to sixty months.Apply for a loan is possible on site either online or in person at the office.Home Credit Bank does not refinance loans issued by him.

Moscow Credit Bank

Moscow Credit Bank offers refinancing program with attractive terms for customers.The loan amount can be up to 1 million rubles, the repayment term - up to 15 years, and the rate starts at 21 percent.The application shall be considered within 3 days.If approved, the money will be transferred to the account of a non-cash method.The package of documents required standard.

Video tips: how to refinance

bothered to give the bank pay and remain with nothing?This story tell us how to combine all consumer loans into one, reducing the interest rate and change the loan term, thus saving a decent amount.In order to lower your monthly payments up to 70%, need to do three simple steps.What kind of - look in the video.And then things purchased in duty will bring only joy, not regret.