How to open without a key intercom

manufacturers access intercoms installed on their device special codes that allow to open the door without a key.Such combinations are used maintenance craftsmen.Strangers secret codes were not disclosed, but in some cases, force majeure is necessary.Knowing how to open without a key intercom, you can save a person in distress, or to prevent the commission of a crime.Having studied the guide below, you will understand how it is done.Use the knowledge acquired with the mind, because the use of codes for the personal benefit of a criminal offense.

way to open the door with intercom without

key Each company that manufactures electronic bollards access doors, using their individual access codes.They work reliably if the installation wizard leaves the factory settings.In all other cases, the door opening process becomes more difficult without a key.To do this, access to the setup menu, which is not so easy to access.Nevertheless, many blockers in our country are set without changing the password, so in

case of emergency, you can open the door with intercom without a key.Let's look at this in more detail.

Cyfral (Tsifral)

Clamps doors of this manufacturer are different number of features.To understand how to open without a key of access intercom Cyfral, use these guidelines:

  1. At the entrance, where there is a flat with a round number (100, 200, etc.)use the following combinations: "code1 call + + + call code2".In this case, "code1" - the number of flats of the entrance, 100 times, and "code2" - code of the device (23 23, 72 72 or 72 73).
  2. Devices marked with the letter «M» open combination "call + 41 + call +14 10".If that does not work, try typing "070 54".
  3. Any model CCD-0294.1M, where the standard settings are set, starting with the introduction sequence "call + 00 00".If the message "the ON", press "2", and the door will open.A «OFF» says that the passwords have been changed, and you can not open the door without a key.
  4. Model CCD-2094 and CCD-40 are opened without the key combination of "00 00 + call."«Cod» message appears after the introduction of this sequence.Next you need to enter a secret password is "123456 + challenge."If that does not work, try "123400 + challenge."In some cases, the device this model can show the message «f0».If you see it, enter "601" numbers.

Keyman (Keyman)

crack the protection of the producer - the real problem.At the moment, it is known two working combination "R + 100 + 789 ... beep ... 123456 + 8" and "K + 170 862 ... beep ... 0".Using them, you can open the door Keyman 3.2 out of ten.If the above methods do not work, break down the door will not be possible without a key or chip.

Marshal (Marshal)

Current models of this brand opened with serious difficulties, as when installed in rooms used houses and flats as the access code."Number of the last apartments increased by one K5555 +": a simple combination works for all the old bollards access doors.In addition, some models Marshal opened without a key password "240361".


learn how to open without a key of access of intercom products, do not have to think long.You will be one of the two standard combinations:

  • «call + 23 23";
  • «call + 72 73".

Metakom (Metakom)

When installing door installation crew had not received the order to change the access code to open the lock of the manufacturer will help one of the three schemes described below:

  1. «Up + number of the first apartments in the stairwell + Up."After that entered the default password from Metacom - "57 02".
  2. «655 35 + call + 12 34 + call + 8".
  3. «12 + 34 + 6 + Up call + 45 68".

Opening METAKO model MK - 20 M / T is carried out otherwise.For it uses one of two sequences:

  • «call + 27 + call + 57 02";
  • «Wake Up + 1 + 45 + 26".


Choose a secret master code Forward the device is not so easy, because in most cases when installing the set combination associated with the address.The components can be number of houses and apartments.In some cases, the encoding includes the phone number of one of the extreme (first or last) in the entrance of the apartments.Nevertheless, there is a standard encoding that will work if the installation wizard does not change the password.Record it for yourself: "24 27 101".


security system of this brand is much like bollards Cyfral access doors.They are widely distributed in St. Petersburg, but local experts can not say for sure how to open the door without a key.A single password exists, but it rarely works, because the installation is almost always introduces a unique code.This is to ensure that residents do not use intercom entrances free.Nevertheless, one can try.Type the following: "00 00 00 +12 34 56".If does not work, try a combination of the "5 + 180 180 + call + 4 + challenge."

How do I know the universal code by intercom

Universal code on all intercoms - is a myth.Each firm programs their devices so that they open a pair of secret combinations.If you are installing the door installers do not deem it necessary to change the code, enter the locked without a key everyone can.The master code known only to employees of the service, but they keep them secret and are not allowed to disclose to anyone.However, there is an alternative solution - a universal key for intercom.It is inexpensive and works almost flawlessly.With it you do not have to memorize long codes, which are triggered by time.

Video: opening codes intercoms

Look at the following video to see how to use the intercom system, if there is no key.There is nothing complicated, just need to enter the correct combination, to listen to the sounds and watch the screen carefully.Follow the instructions from the video and you will understand how to crack the intercom on his porch.This knowledge could be useful if someone from tenants urgently need help.