Check MTPL policy on the authenticity of the PCA

third party liability, insurance documents confirmed - an integral part of the mandatory "document" law-abiding car owner.Buying a fake, as well as invalid documents entail financial losses, moral discomfort, and in some cases - liability.To avoid unfortunate consequences may check if the MTPL policy of the authenticity of the PCA.On that note, buying auto insurance?

What is the test of the policy CTP

Scope of purchase and sale of services related to the movement of finance and often attracts fraudsters.Credulous people ready to take advantage of the availability and simplicity of this "earnings."In metropolitan areas and rush in the design document, in attempting to do "everything quickly," many become victims of scams "on the insurance."Invalid (for various reasons) documents confirming car owner's commitment to civic responsibility, have no legal force.

In the insurance case the burden of financial costs for damages, regardless of your "role" in the accident, fall on your shoulders

and purse.In order to avoid such a development should be timely acquired CTP check for authenticity using the available services of the official site of the Russian Union of Insurers (RSA).

If conscious buying a fake policy potential "policyholder" faces criminal responsibility for participation in the fraud.Please note that self-correction made to a document, corrections and blots making it invalid.Check the insurance policy CTP authenticity PCA will help everyone.Make it stands as before filling and payment services, and after the purchase.

How to check the insurance policy CTP authenticity

Verify the authenticity of the document prior to the conclusion of the transaction, to get the most information about the person representing the insurance company.Use an online service of the Russian Union of Insurers, who will check on the CTP-based PCA.In some cases, the actions of insurance companies or private intermediaries in the purchase of "avtograzhdanki" may arouse suspicion:

  1. If employees of the insurance company refused to provide information about the license, the data on non-issued policies or costservices.
  2. If a private mediator, a representative of the insurer refuses to submit a power of attorney from the insurer.
  3. Doubts about the authenticity can occur if you are offered to buy insurance at a price different from that indicated in the contract.
  4. Check the authenticity of the purchased insurance on the basis of the PCA is necessary, if you see any discrepancies in the information entered in the documents.

Many insurance companies who value their reputation, offer immediately after the conclusion of the transaction and the payment of the cost of auto insurance to check the entry in the PCA framework, confirming the authenticity of the document.Remember, this service is free.MTPL insurance system does not provide for the compulsory acquisition of other types of insurance policies - Hull, MLA.


insurer powers right to engage in insurance activities is called a license and is issued by the state.Check the authenticity of the private office of the insurer or representative of the insurance company for the issue of MTPL you can by asking:

  1. submit documents confirming introduction of the company in RGA registry.
  2. Show license, giving permission to carry out security functions.At the same time pay attention to the expiration date of the permit.
  3. provide a power of attorney from the insurer in the case of an official representative of the company with an indication of the passport data.

According to visual signs

Before the conclusion of motor third party liability insurance contract of insurance with a blank check.Check the insurance policy CTP authenticity PCA possible outside (visual) features:

  1. Height document - 305 (307) mm, which is 1 cm longer than an A4 sheet.
  2. used for the manufacture of thick paper with splashes of red thread and water marks PCA.
  3. helps protect the authenticity of two-millimeter metal strip on the reverse side of the form, "sewn" in the list.
  4. Across the square face of the policy applied to the safety net of greenish-blue hue.
  5. Rooms insurance MTPL ten-digit, applied by "punching".On the front side they have a recess, and the back - a good feeling to the touch.

-line checking on the form number using base PCA

Website with data on insurers is open to the public.Checking online MTPL insurance policy for authenticity is carried out within the service provided by the PCA.The base helps to check the insurance policy CTP line.To do this, enter the 10-digit number unique to your insurance without the series.After a few seconds of processing, you will see on-screen data:

  1. Closing Date.
  2. information, which is easy to check the validity of MTPL policy according to the PCA.
  3. Accessory car insurance specific insurance company.

can be checked on the car insurance policy CTP number using the online SAR service, which will provide information on the current contract.According to the results of the entered data the system will display information about the status of "avtograzhdanki", the timing of actions.For current information on the status of the insurance you must enter:

  • VIN number of cars;
  • last two digits of the serial number (to specify the region);
  • current date.

What if found fake

not find data in the PCA, to accept the idea that you "gave" their own money to the fraudsters, and when the insured event the costs would have to pay their own expense.Write a statement to the police on fraud and get real insurance, checking before and after the conclusion of the contract authenticity of the document.

Run this procedure you can, without leaving the house, using the interactive services of the leading insurance companies in Russia.Services offered and companies such as Rosgosstrakh, RESO and others.When online registration experienced drivers with no offenses, proposed five-percent discount for each year of accident-free driving, taking into account the coefficient of MSC.

Video: how to distinguish the real from the fake policy

Turning to the insurance company known for obtaining CTP, you "insure" their own money, the transaction itself.False representatives of companies and scam artists with bogus forms, not asleep.Bring the insurer may be the high cost of service, remote location.This causes the acquisition of CTP from strangers or little-known insurers.How to protect their interests, to check the authenticity of the document on the basis of the PCA, you'll learn by watching video.