How do I find Sberbank card account number

Plastic cards are so necessary for people that almost everyone has.However, as they are used often have questions.One of the most common - to the account number.The payment means it can not print, and sometimes it greatly complicates the life of customers.How do I find Sberbank card account number, if it is opened simultaneously with the issuance of the card and do not always voiced people?On it are awarded all the money: wages, stipends, pensions, contributions and transfers.What methods to use?

What is a personal account

This accounting system, which reflects the financial relationship between the individual and the bank: deposits, accrued interest expenses.The information is strictly confidential - according to the law it is only granted regulatory authorities at their request.Personal account - is 20 digits, which are not similar to the numbering on the map.The latter changes with every re-release, but the score is always the same.

There are certain rules of the Central Bank.Accor

ding to these accounts of individuals begin with some numbers, for example, with the "40820", "42601", "40817".Follow them 2 numbers indicate the currency code, 9th represents the bank itself, with 10 to 13 digits indicate the division of the financial institution, and 7 are an individual customer number.

What is the difference between the calculated and personal account

The main difference between them - the front is a bank account of a natural person (the taxpayer), and settlement - legal.Current is not used for saving or for passive income.He needed legal entities for quick and secure access to their finances via the Internet or a personal visit.Customers can make any amount and pull their money on demand.One person can open multiple accounts.

Another type of bank account - correspondent.His BIC and sometimes you need to know for the transfer of the organization money.Correspondent account is needed for the bank's internal operations and direct accounts with other financial institutions.Individuals not used.This account consists of 20 digits, with the same for all start - 301, and the last 3 digits duplicate 7-9 Bika.

way to check the card's account number Sberbank

How to check the personal account?This props - the main, which is needed for making payments and various transfers.The fact that such credit card details, is worth reading in detail.As mentioned above, do not get to know them just by looking at a map.However, there are several available methods of obtaining the desired information.We describe how to find out the account number of plastic cards Sberbank more.

the envelope with PIN-code

Often a bank card issued in conjunction with a special paper envelopes.Inside it is and pin.On the front of the printed account number.Issue envelope black and white, impersonal - without logo and organization name.Because of this kind of unremarkable it is very easy to lose or throw away.We are interested in a room is easily recognizable - it is long, has at least 20 digits.If you saved a paper envelope, there should be no question as to find out the current account.


bank branch in a bank branch address not only for the design of banking products, credit, statements, contracts, recharge or change the payment card.Their visit and for more consultation.If you can not find the account number otherwise, should refer to the bank's employees for help.It is necessary to take your passport.You print out all the details, including the number.The only drawback of this method - you need to spend time on the road.

The questionnaire or contract

When placing the cards in Russian customers always sign a contract on opening and servicing accounts.One copy remains in the financial institution, the other - from an individual.In this document, always specify the 20-digit account number.Just he and the need for cash transactions.Sometimes the score is put on the form the loan recipient, for example, or in the application for the issuance of cards.

By phone or e-mail

One of the fastest ways to learn any information - call the help desk.For information should be prepared in advance passport and remember the code word.If the customer forgot the control response, the hotline staff will not help, because account information is private.However, they can get information, how to know debit card account number of the Savings Bank in other ways, like to see the card details at the Savings Bank online.

The official site contains a feedback form, which you should use, too.For a rapid response is necessary to describe in detail the problem, indicate your region and formulate the theme correctly.After clicking the button "Next" you need to make sure that the application is submitted.It then remains to wait for an answer.

over the Internet using the online service

How to find Sberbank card details over the Internet?Registered users "Sberbank Online" have the ability to perform many operations on their own: order detail, make transfers, admission control, to recognize the official exchange rates, receive the necessary information on a plastic card.To use the service you need to create an account.Next steps:

  • go into the program, using the username and password;
  • enter one-time password, sent a message on the phone;
  • go to the "Maps" section and click on the desired option (if multiple cards);
  • find the tab "Information" and find their number in the "General Information".

Online service allows you to perform operations round the clock independently by day of week and date.Bank customers do not have to go somewhere, sit in a queue or communicate with outsiders.Operations are carried out almost instantly.Most importantly - services are free.If you experience any difficulties, be sure to watch the video on how to learn through the Savings Bank on the map.

ATM or terminal

If you know what the card details from time to time using a remote self-service channels and have an idea what they look like, you will approach this process.It is convenient to use abroad, where there are no bank branches.To find out the bank details you need:

  • insert the card into a device;
  • dial your PIN;
  • in your account to find a window "Information", then "Tools";
  • press the button "Screenshot" to receive complete data (they appear on the screen).

Video: how to get your card information Sberbank

The video details how to figure out your details and the SWIFT code in the "Sberbank Online".The first information required for internal transfers, the second - for international.Prior to the implementation of remittances speaker urges to clarify in a bank, whether they accept them.Small units can not do so.