How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password

most common cause of blocking the smartphone or tablet is a lot of attempts to enter the wrong PIN-Code.Did you forget the code or other device is given, and he did not know about the features of your phone and accidentally blocked gadget or to devaysa got baby?Be that as it may, the essence is the same - you need to unlock your mobile phone.What you should do?

What should I do if I forget the password on your phone or tablet

If you have forgotten your access code, enter the data from your Google Account - and the smartphone is unlocked.However, the average user of mobile devices in advance do not care about creating an account, so your phone or tablet to introduce a requirement pin catches them by surprise.Forgetting your password, you must do a complete reset of the system (the so-called «hard reset»).Features of the process depends on the model.To know the exact procedure, look at the instructions in the network specifically for your model.Below is a universal procedure to reset the


  • off on your tablet or phone, hold the button for a few seconds the volume up, the central button under the screen (with house drawing), the power key.They need to be clamped at the same time.If your device does not have a key to the house, only to hold the other two.
  • phone or tablet must provibrirovat, then the screen will display the logo image - you can let go of a button.
  • Using the same volume increase button to select the line «Wipe data / factory reset» and determine the selection of the central button with a picture or turn on the house key (different models for different devices).
  • will take you to another menu where you select «Yes - delete all user data».
  • After activating this command the first menu will be displayed.Restart the operating system by clicking on a line «reboot system now» and it is unlocked.

Simple ways to unlock the phone, if the password is unknown

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password or graphics, he was completely unknown?There are many different ways to solve this problem.They are similar to most of the existing models and brands of phones.Thus, the method of unlocking the touch key device based on Android is often suitable for different brands of tablets and smartphones.Let's try to identify the general principles that help to turn the device on.

Restoring using the Internet and programs

problematic and difficult to restore the PIN, known only to a single user.However, if the password is lost or forgotten, there is no reason to panic.Many models of phones and tablets provide the opportunity to connect the device to your computer.Download online the necessary programs and applying them may quickly unlock almost any phone.This flashing device does not affect its functionality in the future.With the help of special software, you can even unlock the smartphone memory card.

phone Unlocking by ADB Run program (for this on the phone should be installed driver):

  • should download and install the program.
  • Turn on the Android device "debugging USB» option.Allow sync your phone with your PC.
  • Run ADB Run, go to the menu (control is possible using the number keys and select button).
  • Press «Unlock Gestere Key».

second option phone unlocking with the program:

  • Press the key combination CTRL + R.
  • Enter in the form that appears click cmd, and then Enter.
  • clearly observing a sequence of lines enter:

cd /

cd adb / progbin

adb shell

cd / data / data / / databases

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value = 0 where name = 'lock_pattern_autolock';

update system set value = 0 where name = 'lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently ';

  • then need to reboot the phone and enter any graphical password.

third way to unlock your phone or tablet:

  • ADB Run Run program.
  • Pinch combination CTRL + R.
  • pop up window, in which is to enter the cmd, and then Enter.
  • Then fill in the following commands in the sequence of lines:

cd /

cd adb / progbin

adb shell

rm / data / system / gesture.key

  • Restart the device by typing any code.With it, you can unlock the gadget in the future.

A dedicated operator service center

If you purchase a mobile phone with pre-installed SIM card specific operator (MTS, Beeline, Megafon, or other), which can not be replaced,you need to call the company's customer support.The controller needs to know whether it is possible to unlock the device using them.In the absence of such a service should look for solution to the problem on the Internet.Search services, which serves to retrieve a forgotten PIN on the phone's IMEI.Chance to unlock the phone increases if the model is popular gadget.

appeal on the official website of the manufacturer

proposed method of unlocking your phone - one of the simplest options to get expert help to solve the problem, if one forgot the password to unlock the device.Depending on what the manufacturer has released a gadget, you can contact the official website Ldzhi companies, Lenovo, Nokia, Samsung and others by writing a letter to tech support.Specialists developers will answer all questions about the device and offers solutions.

instructions again blocking popular phones

  • Samsung (Samsung)

To unlock the mobile phone Samsung, turn off the device by removing the battery for a few seconds.Secure the battery into the slot and hold simultaneously a combination of the volume keys, and the inclusion of the central Home button.The screen will show the company logo should continue to hold the key for 2-3 seconds, then release.

The option appears, select the line «wipe data / factory reset», then «Yes - delete all user data» and «reboot system now».These actions do not involve the use of the sensor, so will have to switch the setting using the volume buttons and the letter keys.There will restart the phone and it is unlocked.This method is suitable for most models of Samsung, including the Galaxy Note, Axe, Pocket, Duos GT-S6102, Mini GT-S5570 and others.

  • Nokia (Nokia)

To unlock your phone Nokia, you should use MyNokiaTool program.Moreover, the computer must be running Nokia PC Suite special utility, which is on the disk included with your phone.In the absence of such a disc, download the program on the network.Connect your phone to a PC, the system should recognize it.Install and activate MyNokiaTool, then pop up a window where you should choose the item "Connect".When the message appears that the device is connected, select "Read code" - it will help to unlock the device.

above-described method is universal for all models of mobile devices and series DCT3 DCT4, WD2, and some models, in addition to Nokia n8.If you want to enter the forgotten password for this Nokii help only hard reset.This method involves the complete removal of all data from your phone.Turn off the gadget, simultaneously press the camera key, Volume Down, Home.Not moving his fingers so, click on the button to switch on the phone and hold the 4 keys to vibration.Release the switch, and the rest hold for 5 seconds.Phone on and unlocked.

  • Explay (Par)

To unlock Explay Polo, Tornado, Bit, Easy, and other models, you must first turn off the mobile phone.If the phone is "frozen", try for 10 seconds to disconnect the battery, then put it back in place.To open the menu, press and hold the two buttons - on and lower the volume rocker.Select line «wipe data / factory reset», then confirm your choice with «yes», using the power key.Race against the clock for 5 seconds, then restart your phone by pressing the «Reboot».Try not to overload the memory of the smartphone in order to avoid recurrence of the problem.

  • HTC

Unlock model HTC One S, One X, Wildfire S, Desire S is possible by using one of two methods.The first - to enter the phone menu, if left to access it.In the settings you will see the option "Backup & reset", which should be selected.After a reset the device settings and reboot the device.You will also be prompted to delete all of the multimedia files by selecting the appropriate menu item.

The second method is to use a hard reset option.This may be necessary if the phone "freezes" during startup.Hold down the volume key and the power button, the screen will display Android image, then release the button is.Select the line "Restore data" using the volume decrease button and press the power button and the device is unlocked.

  • Fly (Fly)

Turn off your phone, remove the memory card and SIM card.Run the system menu by pressing the volume up key at the same time and on.When the display shows the menu, release the buttons.Using the volume control key, select the «data / factory reset», and it is possible to activate the touch sensitive buttons at the bottom of the screen.Fly On the phone screen will show the following menu, where you should click on «yes - delete all user data».The device will display the menu system, which select the «Reboot System».

system will reboot, the phone is unlocked, having joined with the factory settings.However, the internal memory of the device is completely reset.This method will help resume the blocked any phone Fly models, including Octa Ego Art 2, Quad EVO Chic 3, ERA Nano 6. If difficulties arise in the recovery time of the system, should try a hard reset again - this fail-safe method for mobile equipment manufacturer Fly,as for many other brands: prestige, Highway, Micromax.

  • LG (Ldzhi)

to unlock your phone LG P705 Optimus L7, P990 Optimus 2X, P698, P690, and the other the loss of the password, you should use the method of hard reset.You must power off your phone for a few seconds, remove the battery.At the same time hold down the power key combination, decrease the volume, function button.It is necessary to wait 2-3 seconds and loosen the fingers until the company's logo appears.After that, the phone will display the Android icon and logo Ldzhi again.The mobile device performs a hard reset and unlocked.

  • iPhone (iPhone)

How to unlock iPhone if id forgot your password?A proven method is contacting Apple tech support company.There you will be asked to show your passport and check issued by the store where the phone was purchased (CSN, Messenger, Hello, etc.) It is better to tell the employees of the company that you have forgotten your password.If you argue that the name of the owner does not coincide with your answer that the iPhone purchased in the store, and do not know what was put sellers.Next, you need to photograph the IMEI gadget, all the documents on the phone, send to the specified email address and wait for an answer.

How to unlock iPhone without a computer?Make it possible through the following steps: Log in iCloud program (it is installed on the phone).devaysa select your model and click on the option "Erase" At the top of the menu displayed.To restore the required data from the latest backup, use the helper function on the iPhone.

Unlock iPhone without the password is possible via itunes.However, this method will help only if your gadget has been previously synchronized with your computer.Using the program, you can quickly restore the password the iPhone and unlock it.To do this, connect the gadget to your PC yusb cable, activate the option "Restore iPhone» and follow the assistant's instructions.After resetting a forgotten code, if desired, install a new graphics (in the form of a fingerprint) or a digital pin.

Video: how to unlock unlock on Android

matter, touch or touch-tone telephone, electronic gadgets with Android system is often blocked, delivering a lot of trouble to their owners.On his own stupidity and carelessness or because of a system failure, they can not unlock your own device.However, this problem is completely solved, as there are many ways to unlock the key graphics technology based on Android.With the presented video, you will learn how to quickly possible to restore access to your phone or tablet.