How to turn off the melody instead of a dial tone on the MTS

Mobile operators offer a wide range of services, including a replacement for the standard and sound your favorite tunes.Active mobile users are often interested in the removal of some of the options used to, for example, how to turn off the music instead of beep at the MTS.Some customers do not need the extra options packages, and sometimes just do not want to spend money on them in excess of the tariff, therefore looking for an opportunity to give up entertainment.

Function Whistle MTS

service connection involves changing the beep sounds bored.Instead activated entertainment option plays some tunes.This service is available to customers for a fee, sometimes without debiting, but only for a certain period.If you do not disable the service after a specified time, the operator begins to charge for it a set fee.Melody on the horn is divided into two different kinds of payment:

  1. If you do not select a specific song, then you are given the "Music Box" that includes a set of specific tunes
    .The cost of this type of option is 49.9 p.per month.
  2. In case you want to select a particular ringtone, option price will be higher and will amount to an average of 98 p.The board, as in the first case, charged monthly, and the "Music Box" is automatically turned off.

How to disable a service

Often there is a situation where a balance of subscribers who, after months of free forgot about the existence of services of replacement rings, starts periodically charged a fixed amount.Sami customers do not even realize.Only after time they notice suspicious rapid decrease of funds from the mobile phone account.In this regard, many are looking for ways to cancel the service activation.

Previously operator MTS warned of the expiry of the free period for the use of music instead of the usual beeps.Over time, the procedure of extending and further debiting acquired automatic, ie without warning subscribers who began to express on this occasion their discontent.A lot of people the service was imposed.

via SMS

Remove the horn via SMS can citizens who use the services of the operator MTS.To deactivate the service user must do the following:

  • Send a message to 700.
  • The SMS service number must specify the code in the form of the word OFF, which translated to English means "turn off."Please note that letters may not be all lowercase, and caps, and even some customers claim otherwise.

Through personal cabinet

Another way to turn off the melody, installed instead of a dial tone on the MTS is the recourse to the personal account.This will require an Internet connection.Once connected to the network settings in the browser, enter official website of MTS, where you must enter your credentials: a phone number, which is the username and password.The latter is produced by a call to the short number * 111 * 25 #.After entering the password, follow the instructions on the action:

  1. find the menu tab "Tariffs and Services" and then "Service Management".
  2. In the list of all connected to you "Beep" option and press right on the cross to turn off the service.

team trip

This method is the easiest, because I do not need to go to a service center, enter the personal cabinet, or to communicate directly with the operator.To deactivate the service, you need to do the following:

  • to dial a short combination of characters * 111 * 29 #.
  • After pressing the call button, the MTS Service receives your request to turn off the beep replacement options.
  • After removing the phone will receive a message with full information about the operation.

Call operator

Another way to remove the horn, is to direct the call to the call center operators who work around the clock.This method is convenient because it does not have to leave home.All calls are free of charge.If you are wondering how to call the operator directly, your actions are divided into three options:

  1. When you are on the territory of Russia to turn off the service with a mobile phone call at 0890.
  2. short number to call when using a landline phone, use the number 8800250 0890.
  3. If you leave from the Russian Federation, you need to call at +7 (846) 2675000.

Videos about disabling

operator options Before abandon services tone replacement, should familiarize themselves withadditional proposals, which provides the operator to its customers.If we talk about MTS, this company has a program to accumulate bonuses, which are then spent on services or other services.This can be a free package, with the help of which you will not spend money from the account, and a certain number of attached SMS or minutes.

Disclaimer melodies instead of beep

useful to know not only how to turn off the ringtone for MTS, but also how to do this service for free, for example, using the above remuneration system for the use of communication.In addition, you can spend earned points not only to be installed instead of beeps favorite songs, but also for the acquisition of discounts, which are partners of the company MTS.As shown in the video, which is lower for these points is required to activate the service "MTS Bonus" in your account.

How to disable paid services MTS

Sometimes there is no opportunity to use the Internet to access the Members Area or find information, how to call mts.And let's be honest, some just do not dare to talk directly with the operator and the service eats up a good portion of the balance, an urgent need to unsubscribe.Especially for such a situation is created so-called Mobile Assistant.Watch the video below, you observe stepping off any paid service.