How to fix a bad credit history

Every person who took loans from banks, there is a credit history.In the future, when you try to take a loan, the lender will pay attention to it.This information is stored in a special database and freely available to banks.The spots darken the picture and complicate the process of obtaining a new loan, appear in the event of conflict between the lender and the borrower.After such incidents have to take measures to restore confidence in banks.And then there is the issue of how to fix a bad credit history.Read about it in the continuation of the article.

reasons bad credit history

In most cases, the deterioration of the financial rating of the customers themselves to blame.Borrower is converted into a group of "unfair" if it delays a scheduled payment of more than 30 days.Upon such violation, even if the immediate repayment of arrears and penalties, the client for a long time make it impossible to obtain new loans.History of credit discipline, which is actually a financial passport, becomes negati

ve.With these customers, banks flatly refuse to cooperate.

According to the statistical data obtained during the investigation of a credit bureau, the fault of the borrower deteriorates 999 1000 financial stories.This means that one in a thousand Russian citizen suffers from the fault of the bank employees.Financial institutions make mistakes in the transmission of information about repayment of loans to customers in a unified framework, so there are some "lucky" for years listed as malicious defaulters.Misunderstandings arising through the fault of the banks are resolved by special rules, and, ultimately, financial ratings affected are updated.

Dispute CI

Every Russian citizen has the right to challenge the financial rating of the data does not correspond to reality.To do this, you must file a joint bureau CI statement with relevant content.The document must indicate the information that the client does not agree.Also, it does not interfere with the application attached to the receipt of payment, if they survived.Employees of the Bureau will conduct an investigation and, if the inconsistencies will be confirmed, will take measures for immediate correction of the financial rating.

way to fix your credit history

People faced with this problem, think about whether it is possible to correct the credit history of their own efforts.The answer is clear: Yes, this is possible.If the client is to blame for the fact that he has deteriorated financial rating (as is the case in 99.9% of cases), to improve relations with him have to work for the banks.Correcting negative credit history will take time, but sometimes it is simply necessary.The following sections describe in detail the articles common ways to obtain the status of "bona fide borrower."

Get a microloan

This option involves collaboration client, which has a negative financial rating, with microfinance institutions.Algorithm:

  1. man takes a small amount of money and sign a contract according to which it is necessary to return it for a few days.
  2. meet these conditions, people once again appealed for help to the same or to another lender.
  3. procedure "took-handed" is repeated, and after a few months BKI receives positive information, which greatly improve the financial rating.

Similar services are provided by many Internet services.Fix credit history online microloans and is widely practiced, it is worth noting that helps.By choosing this path, you are in a short period of time will improve the situation and will be able to take large loans to major banks on favorable terms.

Mark commodity loan for a small amount

If your financial rating is not all bad, use the following sequence of actions:

  1. Try to take some inexpensive household appliances inloan even if you have the opportunity to pay it immediately.
  2. Use a small loan to fix credit history.
  3. to make timely payments under the contract to a joint Bureau saw your duty.
  4. When the loan is paid off, take another one, in the amount of more.
  5. main thing - not to repeat old mistakes and make monthly payments on time.

in finance and lending specialists provide additional advice to people who are wondering how to quickly fix bad credit history.In order not to have to wait a few years, try to issue loans in several banks.In the financial rating of this will affect the most favorable way.Within a few months, your name removed from the group of unscrupulous borrowers.

Seek Mortgage broker

Large brokerage company can tell you how to correct credit history and Sberbank CIB, but this pleasure will cost a lot of money.The scheme of cooperation with such companies as follows:

  1. unscrupulous borrowers refers to the broker.
  2. broker acting as agent for the borrower finds a suitable bank.
  3. Bank issues a loan.

you find that everything is easy, but actually it's not exactly legal.Broker can not find a bank that will agree to sign a contract, just because he has a connection in the lending departments.Bank officials conclude them, ignoring the rules, but the legal validity of the document because of this is not lost.In addition, the broker increases the interest rate that the client is very, very profitable.However, some people are willing to correct credit history for the money.In time making the monthly payments, they greatly improve their financial rating.

Make a credit card

If you have spoiled my reputation in the bank's eyes and you want to fix it without losing a lot of money, do the following:

  1. Try to take a credit card withsmall limit.
  2. Use it only for incidentals and do not forget the time to repay the debt.
  3. The more transactions that characterize you as a reliable borrower, the better the financial rating.

If some banks will deny you, try other options.Each financial institution considers the customers in their own way, so do not give up until you will bypass all.Be sure to visit the Department of Home Bank.According to many customers, there will almost always give credit cards to customers whose combined Bureau transferred to the group "unfair."

Videos for correcting negative credit history

reading the preceding sections of this article, you got a lot of valuable information on how to manage to fix a bad credit history of unscrupulous borrowers in our country.It's time to get visual examples that will help understand more quickly.Below is the clip that contains valuable advice on the matter.It effective methods are described in detail, thanks to which a lot of people got rid of serious problems.