What is the best printer - scanner - copier for home

technique, which used to be exclusively office, has long settled in our homes.The need to have on hand a printer or scanner is dictated by modern lifestyle.Children and teenagers need it for homework, writing essays, and adults - to work.Before you go shopping for appliances, the question arises - what is the best printer-scanner-copier for the house?Respond to him perhaps only understood in the characteristics and benefits of different devices.

How to choose a printer-scanner-copier for home

existing diversity of models and technology firms confusing.It is difficult to choose the best option based only on price or assurances sellers.In order to decide which printer best for home (or a scanner, copier), decide the selection criteria:

  • Determine what features you need (the presence of color printing, the device speed, image quality).
  • price.Dear devices justify themselves in the production of, and suitable for home use, and low-end models.
  • type - whether it is a laser or inkjet print

color laser MFP

devaysa Principle of operation: on the heated sheet is applied to a colorant, as if sealing it.For this reason, the image is not afraid of water and high humidity.Picture may get wet, but not smeared by ingestion of small amounts of liquid.This option is ideal if you plan to print photos.The price of color laser MFPs, "bite", because the purchase is justified under heavy load, Advantages:

  • High speed.
  • Good quality printing and scanning.
  • ability to print on different types of paper.

color inkjet MFP

The operating principle is simple - in special tanks sprayed paint streaks on the paper.The cartridge consists of 3 or 4 colors.Four-color version will be more economical if you plan to print a lot of black-and-white documents.The main advantage - low price of the device.Among the shortcomings - slow work, expensive supplies, but if you answer the question, what photo printer is best, then this is definitely the color inkjet MFP.The device is designed for printing on photo paper.

printer-scanner-copier black and white

best scanner for the house, if there is no need for color printing.They also are inkjet and laser.The principle of black-and-white printing is easier and more economical, and the device has only one tank with black paint.In the case of a laser printer printing is as follows:

  • creates a spatial image.
  • On the drum laser creates a charge.On
  • charged drum toner is supplied.
  • sheet is rolled on a drum and the image is printed on it.
  • Next image sealed by heating.

Which is better: laser or inkjet MFP

this a moot point, because it all depends on how you use the device for any purpose.Options to select MFP:

  • price.Here the leadership of the jet.They are much cheaper, but the service leaves much.
  • print quality, resolution.This figure is higher in the laser.Good for photographers, but there is no need for this when printing normal documents.
  • printing speed.It is higher in the laser, although some models of inkjet nimble.

Review best MFP for home 2016

abundance of models and constant replenishment assortment able to get confused any buyer without any special knowledge.It is difficult to determine the MFP what firm is better, but there are some favorites.All models without a fax, since in most cases it is necessary only in the office.Best MFP Housing:

  • Epson L355.Good print speed, quality is quite decent scanner for home use.CISS system.Wi-Fi.
  • HP Laser Pro.Cartridge lasts for printing 1600 pages of the disadvantages - high resolution.Great scans and prints.
  • PIKSMA MR280.Prints of photos in high quality, high speed.The ability to print a frame from the video.

How to buy a printer-scanner-copier for

houses dismantled in the parameters and minimum requirements for the device, will be faced with another problem.Choosing the printer 3 in 1, what better company to choose?Manufacturers are constantly war for customers, equipping their devices with new capabilities, but for additional chips and high quality will have to pay the price.Home is no point in buying an expensive machine.


On the production price of the device pays for itself quickly.If you plan to only occasionally print documents, then this option will not be justified.That budget options MFP:

  • Canon PIKSMA MZH4240.Interesting design, executed in black and burgundy tones.Good quality machine.Wi-Fi eliminates the need to use the cord.Two-sided printing.
  • PIKSMA Canon MF-3540.Possibility of refilling the cartridge.Two-sided printing.The presence of Wi-Fi.Of the minuses - the low-speed printing and high noise levels.
  • HP Deskdzhet Inc. Edvantedzh 3525. High resolution printing.Wi-Fi.Value for money.


Home are important dimensions of the device.Anything in the massive MFP unprofitable and impractical.The following "kids" are functional and have a good performance:

  • Ricoh SP 1111SU.The best black and white laser MFP for the home.Affordable price.All the features you need to copy, scan, print.
  • Sharp AL-1035.Small size.Select the paper size for printing.Crawling on his own memory device or a USB flash drive.
  • Panasonic KX-LB 1500. Small size.Not noisy.Quality MFP known firm.

Video: What is better for the MFP home

ask a question, what is the best printer-scanner-copier for home video look.Important moments and selection criteria contained therein, will help determine the choice.A clear illustration of the ability of different types of MFPs allow you to see the difference in print quality and other features of the work.View does not take much time, but will be very useful for those who are in search of the ideal MFP.


Olga, 29 years : What better printer-scanner-copier for home, pondered for a long time.In the opinion decided at the MFP Panasonic KX-MB.The device is compact, print quality is excellent.Starter cartridge ends quickly.But!MFP automatically calculates the number of pages printed, and after a certain numbers of toner blocking, though the paint in it still is.There is a secret - reset the counter (by simultaneously pressing the start button, stop and reset).

Vladimir, 30 years : a hurry to buy a printer on the principle of hurry and cheaper.I print a lot of photos, and in this parameter the device is quite comfortable with me.Not found in the kit usb-cord.I read the instructions and understand that it does not exist.Good thing I had the old UPS.Prints well, but a little slow, if many pages should be processed.it's not scary for me.Scanner height - very fast.

Julia, 32 years : Bought HP printer Deskdzhet Inc. for the house, because sometimes you have to print out documents from work.We were pleased with the price and the positive reviews.An unpleasant surprise was the price of a new cartridge and fill the old proved unsafe.About silent operation, too, can not dream of.Print quality, as promised, is excellent, but the global minus the cartridge covers all the positive moments.