How to check the rest of the traffic on a megaphone

Internet is so spoiled people that for a moment we can not do without it.Wherever there is a man, it requires obtaining information and communication.A worldwide network has become a drug, without which people can not.To get a "dose", it uses a mobile phone.Mobile Internet services are already in such demand that the question "How do I check on the rest of the traffic megaphone?" becomes very important.After all, free megabytes and money can end up at the most inopportune moment.

way to check how much is left of web traffic on a megaphone

Internet traffic - the amount of information that is transmitted through computers for some time.Each tariff plan, having a sacrificial limit the amount of information being a statistical record of the funds spent.How to watch the traffic on the megaphone?There are many ways for this operation.The company operates in the interests of subscribers.A self-respecting mobile operator creates convenient options for balance checking, offers various tariff plans.In order

to be always connected, you have to follow the residue / m and flow of funds.

Use USSD-request

This method allows you to check the balance of Internet traffic.Alternative determine the balance required to dial a simple combination * 558 # and call key.You will receive an SMS-message, apprised about the remainder.From how Internet use depends on what command to use to learn how to quickly check on the megaphone traffic residue.Details:

  1. Packages «XS», «S», «M», «XL», «L», enter * 380 * 1 # and call.
  2. With the intention of obtaining information on Internet promotions, communications, minutes, use the number * 100 * 1 # call.
  3. balance of connectivity options, packages will let you know the combination * 100 * 3 #.

On the latter number can check the remainder of traffic megaphone, how many MB volume is given a package of services.For example:

  1. XS provides 2.1 GB.
  2. a megaphone S available to get 3 GB.
  3. a megaphone M you have the right to use 6.
  4. L - night traffic divides the service: 10 at night and 10 in the afternoon.The total amount of L offers the user 20 GB.
  5. XL - 40, 20 at night, 20 in the afternoon.

Send an SMS message to a short number

Want to know how easy it is to check on the rest of the traffic and Megafon megabytes?It is possible to control an additional easy way:

  1. Send a special message to the short number 000663 with the word «Ostatok».
  2. operator will send you an SMS with detailed data on the balance sheet.
  3. If the bill is not satisfactory, it is necessary to top up the card and obtain the desired service.Check your account frequently, Have time to notice the negative before the end service.

Seek help from tech support company or an office

If the previous methods too capacious, just do the following:

  1. Dial the toll-free number - 0500 and call the operator.It will report the number of unfinished MB, tell a convenient way to control the balance.
  2. If you can not reach an operator, try during the night, when all the lines are open.Or call a different number - 8 800 333 05 00. Cellular provides each customer with service "all inclusive" so operators are available around the clock.
  3. If the support does not respond, and you do not know how to check traffic on a megaphone, there is another option.You may contact the office with your passport or driver's license, to inquire about your card megabytes.They will get the necessary information immediately.For information on pricing in all regions of Russia, including the Urals specify in the office.

go to the official site and use the system service guide

As viewed on the megaphone traffic remainder via service guide?To optimize performance, the company has created a personal account of each subscriber.Page built conveniently.Procedure Use Service Guide will be as follows:

  • via computer login Service Guide, indicating the phone number and password;
  • get your password, dial * 105 * 00 #, wait for the message to the short code.Its enter in the box "password";
  • if you are using a tablet, install a special application, or click on the link "Internet Account";
  • you will be in his office, where automatically keeps track of consumable megabytes / funds.

Video: how to find the rest of the traffic on the modem Megafon

Trace 4g modem traffic - one of the new mobile service organization.Reliable telephone operator for each subscriber finds the approach and provides convenient features to use the network.Especially because 4g appeared relatively recently, many people have the need to check the rest of megabytes modem.To find the instructions in this procedure, its intricacies, possibilities, you are invited to a short video below.