Poker rules for beginners

Poker - widespread card game.She addicted to gambling entertainment enthusiasts worldwide.Learn the rules of poker for beginners, you will remember the basic principles of the game and understand the sequence of moves.Then in front of you will be the main task - to learn to surpass rivals to take their chips themselves.To cross the beginner level and learn how to play poker professionally, will have to find the fine line between mathematical calculation and intuitive thinking.It takes a lot of time, but the pleasure of the game is worth it!

Games Aim

Each participant, sitting down at the poker table, chips seeking rivals.To do this you need to collect the highest combination, using no more than 5 cards, or to force the other players to give up further participation.The classic version of the game is being partially closed cards.They are used to produce combinations.Each participant is dealt a pair of cards, which are called "hand."Participants have incomplete information about the position of the

enemy, so eventually the opposition is reduced to the ability to "read" an opponent and go accordingly.

Options for action at the table

players first thing you have to remember, learning the rules of poker for beginners: move - a bet, or lack thereof.Number of chips, add members to the bank, giving opponents the opportunity to build some guesses about what lies on the "hand".In all forms of poker there are five courses of action available to every player on his course:

1) Check - transfer participant travel, next to the left of you.Rate - 0 of chips, but you stay in the game.Typically, the choice of this variant indicates that the player is confident in his "hand."

2) Bet - a bet.This option is available on each betting round, yet no one is to open a bank.The minimum bet amount is equal to the big blind (big blind called "blind" bet, which necessarily makes the party to the left of the dealer's second in a row).

3) Fold - fold.This option is available in any situation.By choosing to fold, you discard a "hand" and refuse further participation in the game until the next hand.Chips that you have set before, remain in the bank.

4) Call - call a bet.You can choose this option if the party to the left, made a bid.Call involves adding chips to the amount that it has been declared.

5) Raise - increase the bet.In the course of his party raises more than anyone before him.The most aggressive version of the course, indicating that the player has a good "hand", which is combined with the cards on the board.

winning combination of classic poker

Each poker hand may be winning, ate the rest "hand" players will be weaker.Bank, including the rate of all those who participated in the hand, goes to the holder of the highest combination.Players use a "hand" and cards lying on the board.Before the last round of betting, the total number of cards up to seven.Each participant may only use five.As a rule, the full balance of poker gives you plenty of opportunities to produce strong combination, but for this we have to put a lot of chips.Make a note of the possible combinations:

  • Royal Flush is considered the strongest and, at the same time, the rarest hand in poker.It is a set of cards of the same suit from ten to ace.Collect it almost impossible.Even if you have to "hand", there are two suited cards, a chance to get a Royal Flush - no more than 1%.
  • Straight Flush - another difficult poker hand, which is a set of cards of the same suit, following in ascending order.Example: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 tambourine.Learn the rules of the game of poker for beginners gradually.Do not focus on the straight flush.Remember it, but do not wait for happiness to collect this combination in the game.Chance to get a straight flush at the most favorable scenario - 2%.
  • quads - the third advantage hand in poker.It contains four cards of the same rank, but to collect it as hard as a straight flush.
  • Full House.Strong combination to beat that is very, very difficult.It consists of a triplet of the same rank and a pair of another rank.Example: 9, 9, 9 + 5, 5. The Nines, supplemented by fives.If the game few players manage to collect a full house, seniority is determined by the dignity of the triplet.Example: The combination of 7, 7, 7 + 4.4 is higher than 6, 6, 6 + 10, 10.
  • Flash.High combination that brings the player is guaranteed to win, if the table does not have a card, indicating the possibility of a full house, four of a kind or a straight flush.It is a set of cards of the same suit.Rank has a value only if the showdown at the table will have two players, flush.Seniority is determined by the contents of the "hands".Example: on the table 2, 4, B, R spades.One player on a hand 3 peak, and the second - 9 peak.The Bank takes the second player with nine.
  • Straight - Five cards coming in ascending order.Color does not matter.The strong combination, which is not so easy to collect.If two players collect Street, distribution winner determines the highest card.
  • Troika, set or triplet.Three cards of the same rank.Seth is more common than all of the above, but with it is not always possible to win the pot.To win, you need to properly assess the situation of the opponents.The advantage of the triplet is that it can always improve to a full house or quads.
  • Two pairs.A common combination consisting of two pairs of cards of a different rank.Continue to play with it makes sense only if the top pair is strong.The turn / river two pair can improve to a full house.
  • Couple.The weakest of all poker hands.It is a pair of cards of the same rank.High vapor can bring the pot.With the lowest rank expect to win is not worth it.The situation can change on the turn / river if the pair strengthened to triplets.

Training Video games in Texas Hold'em for beginners

Rollers listed below are simple video tutorial poker game that even a child would understand.In a few minutes they will devote a new player to the basics of Texas Hold'em.Watch this cycle, a novice can understand how to play poker.Simple training can help to avoid common mistakes.Following the rules of poker for beginners, drawn from the video course, you will understand how to bluff and learn to manage your stack.

Video: how to play poker with your computer online

most convenient way to consolidate the newly learned poker rules for beginners is to participate in online tournaments.Many online resources offer the opportunity for free.Check out the poker rules for beginners, and then check out this video.It will help you download and install the application.Video shows how to play Hold'em, Omaha and other variations of poker.The simple interface of the program will tell you how to select the Russian language and to enter the game for the money.Get registered, as shown in the video and start to explore the best of card games in the world!