How to take credit for Beeline

Money - is "evil".You come into the store - "evil" is not enough!As you know, the money ends always at the most inopportune moment.Do not have time to make a call, open the page on the Internet - have failed.Beeline operator helps its clients to deal with setbacks.Instead difficulties it offers the option of take credit for Beeline.This article will examine how to borrow money on the Beeline, and how to return the payments.

How to take confidence payment Beeline

What is this such an interesting service "trust payment", by means of which will take a little credibility and to save the situation?cell phone bill will receive the saving amount, if the subscriber pays per month for at least 50 rubles prepaid communication services.How to use and connect the service "payment-helpers", discussed below.

On the phone

How to take credit for the confidence Beeline for phone calls?By following the simple instructions, you will easily connect this service:

  1. Recruit mobile command * 141 #.In t
    he event that your costs for the three-month period of using mobile phones have reached the amount of more than 3 thousand rubles, your account will replenish 300 rubles.The condition for receiving this amount is the balance of no more than 90 rubles.
  2. If your expenses fluctuated 1500 - 3000 rubles a month, the amount of trust payment will be set at 150 rubles at the account balance is not more than 60 rubles.
  3. When mobile spending in the month becomes 100 - 1500 rubles, the customer will receive 90 rubles, the balance does not exceed 60 rubles.
  4. When spending less than $ 100, the subscriber's account replenished 30th rubles for not exceeding the same amount.
  5. service Valid for three days.After the expiration of this period, the amount will be deducted.
  6. If the subscriber is roaming internationally, while the service will last up to seven days.
  7. members «Hi-Light Club» receive additional privileges will at some point, which he will be able to learn through the official website of the company or the representatives.
  8. repeatedly borrow will be possible one day after writing off the amount received earlier.

On the internet

Write-off subscription fee is about to happen, and it is impossible to pay?The service is confidential payment on the internet as well and active use of communication services will continue.The fee for the service to connect fully covered in the accrual date of debiting.An additional service is to add the missing amount to change the tariff.How to borrow money for the Internet?Apply in the Personal Area.You do if:

  • tariff plan of your Internet unlimited.
  • amounts on the balance sheet is insufficient for payment in the amount of monthly payment.
  • Prior to completion of the calculation period is not more than a week.
  • After the estimated time has passed no more than 30 days.

How do I know the credit limit and the debt

To find out how much Beeline will give you the confidence of payment after connection, dial the combination * 141 * 7 #.Then, select the item from the proposed "Internet Assistant" service will send a request and get a message on the amount of received funds.Remember that the connection service is paid and is 15 rubles.

How to disable trusted payment

service from Beeline - is your initiative, so disabling services are not required.You do not want - do not order.There is an option -Call barring service number 0611 and the installation of the ban.The reverse connection is possible only with a passport from the operator.Control all the movements of your services spend through the site - it will simplify the process of obtaining the necessary information.

How to get a credit card Beeline

Many residents of our vast country need to obtain credit.How profitable to take a loan for the Beeline?It is more convenient to get a loan without the overpayment to bank card online.Loan terms will explain how to get the desired loan.The credit limit on the card is issued beeline Alfa-Bank from 11 to 150 thousand rubles.Sources of credit reduce the interest rate of between 27.99% per annum, if the client at registration provide a certificate of salary.The grace period lasts 2 months.

Reviews Credit card

Irina, 27 years

By credit card, you get bonus points.Spend them in spite of the widely painted broshurku, the subscriber is able to only mobile communications and the Internet.Itself a credit card - a convenient and useful thing to me in good stead, sparing conditions.

Vladimir, 35 years

Credit card is not too convenient, because I could recharge it only operator in the office, and I live far away from it.I did not like that realize the bonuses almost nowhere, often heard similar complaints from friends and cardholders.

Karina, 24 years

Getting cards and its service - free of charge, the interest accrual is not great, I'm comfortable.I look forward to the card in shops and stores if necessary, non-cash payments are absolutely no problems.Received a card quickly, use of happy, I recommend.