What contribution to the Savings Bank is better open

In times of economic instability would like to keep their savings.You can do this in many ways: hide money at home, buy them any value, to open an account in Sberbank for an individual.The organization offers a great choice for those who think a contribution to the Savings Bank is better open.By entrusting their spare funds to one of the most reliable banks in our country, you will not only not to lose them, but to increase due to favorable conditions.

How to choose the most profitable contribution to the Savings Bank

say exactly on what contribution will be the most profitable, it is impossible, since any one of them is designed for a specific target audience.In addition, the investor should carefully check the terms: the ability to replenish the account, withdraw the desired amount, the interest rate.Today Sberbank of Russia offers several products with different conditions, among which customers will be able to find for themselves the most favorable.

Kinds of deposits and their interest rate
s in 2016

Customers of this bank in 2016 with the help of the proposals will implement the following objectives:

  • get excellent profits bythat introduced new interest rates on deposits of the Savings Bank;
  • remove interest each month;
  • postpone a certain amount each month for different purposes, because it is given the chance to make savings deposits Savings Bank;
  • keep money in the currency of other countries (the Savings Bank deposits in foreign currency);
  • withdraw their money when the need arises.

to make a deposit in the Savings Bank at interest (or whatever), you need to visit the branch of the organization, having a passport.Then you need to sign a contract drawn up on the proposal, read it carefully (especially those items that are written in small print).The next step will be the introduction of an open account you certain amount of money.

Happy Year

product is to use, how to rubles, so foreign currency (dollars, euros).To open a deposit, you need to make between 150 and 000 rubles.For American and European currency the minimum amount is 3000. According to the terms of the deposit money should be kept on it 9 months (for the ruble), 10-18 months (for currency).Ruble rate up to 10%, the dollar - 3.10%, in euro - 2%.You think what contribution Sberbank preferably open?Given the interest, it should pay attention to the product "happy year".


This kind of deposit applies to traditional bank products.Available product not only in our currency, but also in the other two, on which a course is checked.Terms of the program does not suggest a partial withdrawal or replenishment.View product you can, with only 1000 rubles., $ 100, € 100.Adding 100 000-400 000 rubles.period of 3 years will give you an opportunity to receive 8.44% per annum.Capitalization implies an increase in the size percent to 9.07%.If you put the deposit of foreign currency, interest rate will be 2.22% of the dollar and 1.17% in euros.


Savings deposits in the Savings Bank presented "Recharge" proposal.The product makes it possible not only to preserve the original deposited amount, but periodically replenish it with new tools.The period for which an account is opened, starting from 3 months to 3 years short.For additional rubles size Making - from 1000 rubles.cash.If you want to make deposits via cashless payment, restrictions will not be for you.

account capitalization will allow to acquire up to 8.07% per annum, and if the investor does not want this process, it received funds rate will be credited monthly to the card or account.As for the foreign currency, then you can supplement the contribution of at least $ 100 or € 100.The interest rate in dollars will be 2.01%, while using the euro - 1.07%.The other conditions are the same with the offer "Save".


People who want to be able to withdraw some money from an account or add to it, the product is suitable to "manage".The minimum amount of ruble investments here is 30 000 rubles.The maximum size will be 7.31% rate, provided that the interest is capitalized.If you decide to issue dollar deposit, then have to leave the deposit of $ 1,000, the rate is 1.80%.The proposal for the euro will be available when making from € 1000 with your account will be replenished by 0.86% per annum.

Pension Plus

Lovely deposit, designed specifically for seniors who want to earn an income for retirement.Create such an investment can be for a period of 3 years.As long as your money will be in the bank, you will be able to constantly replenish their accounts, partially withdraw money from it.Take means possible until it will not go 1 rub.The annual interest rate on this proposal under the condition of capitalization is 3.67%.Good for pensioners Deposit, which allows not only to store, to increase their funds but also manage them.


contribution "Multi" is used to open multiple currencies - is its main feature.To open it, you can, using any of them: rubles, euros or US dollars.Interest rates on the proposal are as follows: up to 6.88% in rubles;1.78% in dollars;0.91% using Euro.The period for which the deposit is calculated, can be from 1 to 2 years.The proposal suggests the possibility of replenishment.The minimum amount of cash replenishment is 1,000 rubles., $ 100, € 100.The minimum deposit amount is not large, 5rub, $ 5, € 5..


contribution, which provides funds deposited in foreign currency units: the British, Swiss, Japanese.The proposal does not allow for the possibility of early partial withdrawal.This product is designed for short and multi-year.The minimum amount you can invest the same for francs and pounds sterling, the currency of Switzerland, and is 10,000 yen Adding can be done with a minimum amount of 1,000,000 units of the currency.

provided for each currency has its own interest rate:

  • pounds sterling: 0,70-4,50%;
  • Swiss francs: 0,10-2,65%;
  • Japanese Yen: 0,30-2,65%.

Savings Account

very convenient offer, implying the possibility of daily management - a savings account at the Savings Bank.This storage system shall come into force when a minimum of unlimited amount, then you can fill it and remove any amount of money available on the account.The opening is possible in three currencies: rubles, US dollars and euros.Use these customers can deposit indefinitely.

interest rate for each type of currency:

  • rubles: 1,50-2,30%;
  • Euro: 0,10-0,40%;
  • USD: 0,10-0,40%.

Opening contribution to the Savings Bank online

Choose what contribution Sberbank you better open, and you can online.If you are already a customer of the bank and have repeatedly appealed to its online equivalent, you can immediately proceed to the discovery.If you do not use the services, the bank will have to visit.The department organization identification and declare their wish.Since you will conclude a special agreement, after which you have the right to manage their finances and use the services of the bank via the Internet.

To open the online deposit is necessary to carry out a small number of actions:

  1. If you do not have a map of this financial institution, it is necessary to obtain.Map instant release totally free, does not include payments for services.
  2. With the help of the terminal will receive the necessary login login password.Information will be the receipt by you, which will be listed.Do not share this information, so that nobody can use your money without knowing it.If you estimate that this task is difficult, ask for help from a special person - a consultant.Make it easy with all the mobile phone.To this end, at the conclusion of the contract in advance, connect the service "Mobile Banking", which require small fees for annual maintenance.
  3. Through the computer, mobile device or terminal, log on to the Savings Bank.Then, go to the following links: individuals - Online Services - Online Savings.Following required to enter previously obtained, login, password.
  4. Click on the page "Deposits and Accounts", click on "Opening the deposit" link.
  5. Carefully study the conditions that characterize each type of contract, select a suitable offer for you.To date, such deposits are available, such as: "Top up online", "Manage Online", "Keep online."After selecting the proposals, click the "Continue" by opening the application form, which must be carefully fill correctly.
  6. checking the correctness of the data, click "Open" button, check again.If you did everything correctly, mark a tick on consent conditions.You will see the details of your account, which you can then check the links in "Deposits and balances."

Video: What you need to know about currency deposits

time of crisis, the price increase in the currencies of other countries lead some people to use for storage savings currency of other countries.It is more expensive, in addition, it is constantly growing.Keep foreign currency savings at home - not the best idea, far better to entrust them to the bank at interest.Deposits, which are used to open the currencies of other countries, have their own characteristics, conditions and pitfalls.

customer reviews on deposits in the Savings Bank of Russia

Valentina, 43 years : On the map of the Savings Bank have a lot of free money.I decided to open a deposit account online.Make it was very easy: went to the private office, studied the interest rates on deposits in the Savings Bank, I have found a suitable offer and issued.Service contributions Sberbank online calculator helped me calculate the amount together with interest easily.Account status is always displayed on the site.It is convenient and profitable.

Alex, 54 years old : For a long time all their available funds are held in a savings account Savings Bank.Conditions are good, are allowed to deposit funds, to issue closure and withdraw money at any time.Furthermore, my drip small amount, but interest.I am glad that when I decide to withdraw the entire amount, get a little more than put.

Andrei, 28 years : I trust Russian Sberbank, think it is the most reliable in our country, the organization of this kind.Opened there ruble and dollar deposits, I have always been satisfied with the provisions, increased rate.I noticed that this year the bank offers a very lucrative deposits that people can also insure.I think that once again will make a covenant with them and see what contribution Sberbank better now open.