How to disable Sberbank avtoplatezh

Debit is very convenient.She was not allowed to stay at the right time and with no connection to worry about unpaid bills, but there are those who eventually wish to abandon provided once option.To do this, you need to know how to disable avtoplatezh Sberbank.The popular feature can be removed a few simple ways.

How to disable a service avtoplatezh Sberbank

Automatic payment - easy method not only put money in the balance, and pay bills for utilities.Transactions are carried out without participation of the client.He only need to pre-set parameters and thresholds, the option will be activated and will be written off from the account of the funds.Not all are satisfied with the action option, so start looking for ways to disable a service avtoplatezh Sberbank.

A phone

The easiest way - is to disable avtoplatezha Sberbank via SMS.To this must be connected mobile banking, when you receive notification about account transactions.If your phone number is tied such an option, then follow

the instructions on how to disable avtoplatezh from Sberbank through the phone.Send a message to 900, in order to point to the following data:

  1. phrase "AVTOPLATEZH-" without the quotes.A hyphen should be mandatory, and instead of the word may be "AVTOTEL", "AUTO», «AVTO», «AUTO».
  2. 10 digits, which is connected Autorecharge.
  3. last 4 digits of the card number, which are made automatic payments.In the case where the phone is attached to only one "plastic", the figures is optional.

Look the message will be as follows: "Avtoplatezh- 8888888888 (XXXX)".Instead eights need to provide your number, instead of XXXX - the last digits of the card.As soon as the bank will receive from you request the removal of the option, it will send a reply SMS confirming the operation.Sending SMS to 900 made from any mobile operator, in addition to "Megaphone".Clients of the company need to send a message to other contact numbers: 8 (926) 200-09-00 or 8 (916) 572-39-00.

Savings Through Online

Through online banking to edit or cancel Autorecharge easy.To do this, follow a few steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Sberbank online.
  2. With the username and password login to your personal account.
  3. Find the item "Avtoplatezhi" menu.In the list, select the section you are interested in and click on it.
  4. From the opened list of actions, click "Disable".Autorecharge Delete function permanently.Or select the "Pause" option, then it is time to cease to operate, but preserve all its parameters.

Through ATM

If you are in the vicinity of the ATM, use the method as cancel avtoplatezh with Sberbank card.That statement, in which you can do this:

  1. Insert the card in a special receiver.
  2. Enter PIN.
  3. Click on the item "Mobile Banking" or "Information and Services", there, choose the same name with the name of the deleted function.
  4. A list of mobile companies:. "MTS", "Megafon", "Beeline", "Tele2", etc. Select your operator, the system showed a avtoplatezh you activated.
  5. Press the desired action and follow the guidance system.

Video: how to cancel avtoplatezh with Sberbank card

The modern world is full of technical innovations that facilitate the life of a man, but not in all.Some difficult to understand, even with how to withdraw money from an ATM, to say nothing of adding / removing various functions that the bank provides a wide range.To be sure of the correctness of the workflow, worth seeing the video.It contains useful information to users on a phased removal of automatic payments.