How to make email

Using the mailbox on the Internet is convenient to transfer information.Everyone who has a computer and wants to keep up with the times, has the e-mail.When it is available, you can easily log on to any websites and forums, to make purchases on the Internet, subscribe to interesting news, exchange letters.But how to make email easy and without any problems?Let's see how to create a resource box at the top of the Internet.


Without e-mail on the Web can not be carried out many operations: create accounts in social networks, make purchases through foreign or domestic sites.Yet it is a quick and cheap way to communicate with loved ones living in other cities and countries.mail Registration is carried out by this instruction:

  1. open a browser, enter the link to the resource in the address bar, where you want to make your mailbox (for example, Google, Yandex,, rambler).
  2. Go to the selected site.On the page look for the column with the entrance in e-mail and click "Register".Lear
    n more about where they are located on different sites, it will be discussed below.
  3. In the questionnaire you will be prompted to enter the mailbox name.On it you need to think in advance.For better use of the real-name with the name of or reduction, personal box can be referred to as your heart desires.However, many popular names can be busy, so it is advisable to develop several options.If this account already exists, you are prompted to add numbers to the address, or come up with another.
  4. then need to enter the password.Choose one where the letters will attend the ordinary and capital, numbers.This e-mail protection against fraud.For the same purpose is served by a screening question to which only you know the answer.For example, the name of the first pet or mother's maiden name.
  5. Then you need to enter personal information - age, name, phone number.As a rule, the phone number entry is considered optional.
  6. Then you can use your mail - send emails, shop, subscribe to interesting mailing and more.

Register your email address

Register your e-mail for free you can on many popular sites.Considered the most reliable sites Yandex, Google, the resource that you likable, where like the interface and appearance.Some information about every free web site, through which can be carried out sending letters, as well as how to create an e-mail, see below.

On Mail ru

This vintage online resource.Its creators were actually pioneers in providing services free mailbox.For a long time on this website have forgotten, there were younger and qualitative counterparts, but conducted work on the bugs by making better protect your account, and the interface itself has now become easier, faster and more efficiently than ever before.To make it postal address:

  1. Go to the website of an Internet resource.Link - the left, closer to the upper right corner, you will see a graph where the offer to enter the e-mail.Below is a button "Register a new mailbox."Click on it.
  2. Then you have to fill in the three blocks.The first - a full name, city of residence, gender.These fields are considered to be mandatory, except the place of residence.
  3. second step - the creation of the name of the mailing address where you will receive letters.There you need to enter a password, which will protect the account from hacking.
  4. Resource prompts you to enter your mobile phone if you forget your password.
  5. click on the "Register" After the introduction of numbers.On the mobile comes the confirmation code to be entered in the column appeared.
  6. If you do not want to specify a number under this field there is a button "I do not have a mobile phone."Then offer to protect e-mail using the security question, the answer is you need to know only.At the end click "Register".Done!

On Yandex

popular, interesting and fast web resource - Yandex.Sophisticated electronic mail interface has excellent functionality, speed and ease of use.You can customize the box to use the system was most convenient.The safety record of this service also at a high level.How to make a post on Yandex:

  1. Click the link logged in, in the upper right corner you will see a button "Sign in the mail."Click on it.
  2. authorization opens a window where you will be a button "Start the mail" in the middle.
  3. You will need to enter invented e-mail login.If this already exists, the system will ask you to come up with another, or will give their versions, supplemented with, for example, figures.The following graphs fill his real name, last name, create a password.
  4. box appears with the secret question that you have to choose from the existing or to come up with it yourself.
  5. Another graph available - the mobile phone.Introducing his is optional, but it will help better protect your account from hackers.
  6. enter Russian letters in the image, read the rules of the agreement and, if you agree, check the box.Click on the "Start the mail."Done!

If you are interested in the question of how to create a second mailbox on Yandex, see details below.For convenience, you can use a different browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, etc.).To make Internet mail, repeat the same procedure that you did to create the first e-mail.This procedure may be useful to those who gets one post to work, and the other - for personal use.

on Gmail com

young life, quickly gained popularity among Internet users - wide spread is due to its beautiful, user-friendly interface, high-quality, functional, a good level of security and pleasant innovations, pleasing the owners of boxes.How to make Google-mail step by step:

  • Click the the right, in the upper right corner you will see the button "Create Account".Click on it.
  • you will open a page where there is a registration form with a lot of fields to fill.
  • First, enter a name to name.
  • Under the column "Make up a user name" enter the desired login.The system will warn you if such e-mail name already exists.
  • below, enter the password, which will serve as the main account protection.
  • you are prompted to enter your date of birth, indicate the floor, mobile, alternate email address.
  • After filling in all graph write the letters and numbers from the image, select your country of residence.
  • Read the terms of the agreement, tick on consent with them, click "Next".
  • page opens, which will be asked to set your profile photo.You can not install it.Click "Next".

system will congratulate you with what you have done Google e-mail.Bottom left is a button "Go to the Gmail service."After clicking it, you can use e-mail.You will have several letters from google, where you will learn about the features of the box, how to send and how to get an email.Examine them carefully and start to use this convenient service correspondence.

Disadvantages email

  • Possibility of hacking (originally put a strong password).
  • spam, unwanted mailings, advertisements.Reading all this sort (perhaps something important got into this folder) and delete takes a long time.
  • Inability to hold in their hands a letter from the loved ones, as is the case with paper mail.
  • answer does not always come right away, because the source can not go as often (1 time per day / week / month) in your mail.

How to make email

As you may have figured out, the creation of e-mail - fast and not too time-consuming process.All you need to do - the presence of the Internet and a browser (for example, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex Browser, Internet Explorer, etc.), With the help of which you will find some paid or free web resource.Let us consider how to make Internet Mail on different devices.


computer Many people are concerned about how to set up email on your computer, because most of the correspondence occurs on a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux.To make a mailbox, you only need a browser.Open it, please go to the web resource of interest and begin the creation of e-mail.Use the instructions above.

on laptop

Make emails on a laptop or a netbook, too, it is not difficult, the principle of action is similar to what would have taken to create an Internet mailbox on your computer.It is likely that the browser is already installed, so connect the Internet, open the program and click the link to the desired site where you can create an e-mail.Next, follow all the steps detailed above.

on phone

Each smartphone, which has a connection to the Internet, mobile browser installed by default, through which you can create an e-mail.There are a simplified system, thanks to the specially designed applications.Select any one of them (to create an e-mail to, or Gmail. Com), create a mailbox, follow the prompts in these programs applications.

on tablet

working on the tablet, you can create e-mail, and then send and receive e-mails, if use the link on the web resource through a browser (for example, Yandex. Browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, InternetExplorer, etc.).You may find it convenient to set the fastest mobile applications on Yandex, Google, to interact with the mailbox was even easier.