What monopod

Fashionable device quickly became popular and has been recognized in most countries.You do not know what a monopod and what is it for?Then you expect interesting and useful information.Perhaps you've noticed how single-amateurs and the entire company taking pictures with your phone, securing it on a stick?This device helps to cope with the shooting process.It is important that the distortion is much less than if you were photographed at arm's length.Learn how to use the selfie stick, after making the right choice.

What selfie stick

telescopic stick, which is a prototype of a tripod for the camera, helping to make the right selfie.This is a very handy tool when you need to take a picture of yourself by on a beautiful background.Monopod selfie helps capture the unforgettable moments of the mass event, to make a major subject of the plan, who is taller than a man.What is a monopod?It is, in fact, a camera (mobile phone), mounted on a tripod with remote control.It is remotely controlled an

d helps to take pictures of different angles.How does Selfie stick, read on.

How to choose a monopod for selfie

No matter how similar to each other monopods, should pay attention to some differences between the different types.To avoid mistakes when buying, you need to know the basic principles of how to choose Selfie stick and receive high-quality natural pictures.Accessories for photo and video is divided into several major categories, based on the ranking of sales:

  • Bluetooth button is located on the handle.It is considered the most convenient, but because the monopod is more common.There is no need the presence of additional wires and buttons required for controlling all located on the handle, as in Sentar model.If you want to install the camera goPro note the telescopic stick Yunteng.

  • Selfies Stick with remote control, which is separate.Signals are transmitted via Bluetooth.The downside is the inconvenience during shooting, because both hands are busy (one stick to another control).In some models, the console on which there are two buttons (for Android and iPhone), sold separately.
  • significantly different from its predecessors wire model, such as a monopod z07 5 Kjstar, and even more advanced with a mirror for the back camera.The Xiaomi Selfie Stick need to use headphone for your phone, which are connected wires connecting selfie-stick and a telephone.Button, which is located on the handle, facilitates the use of the process.A device with a wire allows you to take pictures without recharging.
  • more bulky and less convenient monopod, on the basis of practices considered to be normal tripod without buttons, which requires mandatory billing timer to do the next photo.If you want to save on the cost - this is the cheaper option.

  • Tripods with reliable mount for cameras such as the Manfrotto, are not cheap, but it is the best option for strength.It is known that such a monopod weighs about two kilograms and height can be pushed up to 200 cm.

How to use selfie stick

After receiving information that such a monopod, and careful selection of a suitable for you on the parameters of the model, you need toto study in detail the instructions that came with the selfipodu.Having dealt with all the nuances in advance, you can easily at the right time (quickly, without errors) to collect, connect, configure advanced device for the convenience of shooting.

How to build

  • Pick fixing of the optimum size.
  • Install this mount on a tripod monopod.
  • phone or camera position on the fixture and carefully secure.

How to configure

  • Turn on the camera and enter its settings.
  • Change feature "loudness" button on the button of the camera.
  • These settings are useful for smartphone for iPhone does not need them, they happen all the settings automatically.

How to connect to the phone monopod

  • Having wired monopod, you need into the headphone jack, which is located on your phone, insert one end of the wire, and the second - in the one that is on the stick.
  • Selfipalka with bluetooth button connects via Bluetooth to your phone, which you can find in the settings.Finding a device (eg, Z07-5), connect it.

How do I charge

Particular attention is how to charge the gadget, you need to pay for a monopod with a button "bluetooth" on the handle.Before the event, photoshoot, make sure that the degree of charging was complete, so the charging process should last at least one hour.The indicator at the time of connection through the USB port should be flashing red.As soon as the light goes out, the charging process is completed.

How to properly selfie

Long gone are the same type and boring photos taken on a gray background, with the same facial expressions.The fast-paced technology industry, the more interesting it becomes snapshots.The era of gadgets offered a new concept, as the Self, when it became a real photo taken on their own, without any help.A few simple tips will help make the right selfie using a monopod:

  • photo taken from above, opens the face and not just a piece of clothing, but also create an interesting overview of the environment.
  • Sincere emotions will be transferred at the time of the shooting, smile decorate any photo.
  • advance to get yourself in front of a mirror and work out some favorable poses for selfie, making you more attractive.
  • Natural light makes the picture more advantageous.
  • Do not miss the beautiful places in nature, which will be an excellent background, animals, and if lucky, and famous public people.

Why does not the selfie stick

frustrating when all the stages of the connection charge made in accordance with the requirements of this model selfie stick, and the historical process of shooting is impossible, because a tripod for selfie is not working.Check the tightness of the connection contacts and fixing parts.It is possible that the button does not work blyutuza due to low battery.Brand could be removed from the desired setting and firmware application or version of a lower level than is necessary.The solution in this situation become a way to make selfie via timer, continuous shooting.

Video: how to make a selfie stick with their hands

Despite the fact that the manufacturers offer a large number of species and monopod model, those who know how to tinkering with his own hands, can make a similar stick for selfie with his own hands, but in a simplified form.Video, which is available all the simple operations and stages are shown, helps to believe that such a monopod easily do yourself.Universal materials at hand to help make convenient device at low cost, so some minuses (non-folding stick and a lack of buttons on the handle) are not so important.

reviews monopod

Oleg, 54 years : In connection with the peculiarities of the profession I need to do to report a large number of photographs.I decided to buy a monopod for Self, to themselves and to leave a souvenir shots where I visited.Long I chose what is better focused on Momax model at an affordable price.I am very happy with my purchase, the Bluetooth button on the remote easy to operate, and obtained excellent photos.

Elena, 38 years : Our family until recently, there was a question what to give his son to adulthood: a tablet or Selfie stick, which he raves about a year.We stopped on the monopod.Quickly understand how to build, how to turn on.Birthday was a success, and thanks to the gift of the events of that day will remain in the photo shoot.

Valery, 32 years : Family traditions have taught us every holiday all together to go to some new place.Impressions longer persist if there is a photo or video.Camera monopod acquired this season has shown all its advantages.Filming was done easily, with different interesting perspectives on the background of favorite places.And most importantly, what we can be in the frame with the whole family at once.