Take a loan without income

Repair car pulls to break the bank, suddenly out of service large appliances or necessary repairs in the apartment after failing to neighbor from upstairs personally replace the pipe in the bathroom?Circumstances because of which the funds will be needed urgently, thousands.The money is needed urgently, but take out a loan without income?Preparation needed for the coveted loan securities takes precious time.How to do without paperwork?

Can I get a loan without certificates of income

Prove incomes afford not to all.Many people get on your hands more than the written documents, others rent property without a contract, students, studying in high school, acquire a stable, but - part-time job, there are those who are taking the path of freelancing.From money problems no one is immune.Production of consumer credit - a popular method of resolving them.Financial institutions provide individuals money profitably.Bank of Moscow, Perm, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg and other cities give a loan witho

ut guarantors, income verification.

known and reverse, the dark side of the coin.The rate, which will appoint a bank for cash loans on the passport without reference, is discouraging: in 2015 it was held at the level of 25-35%.Together with the additional charges (loan service fees for the use of the card), it grows up to 40, 50 or even 60%.Have to overpay for express loans: banks give them for 2-3 hours, but this will result in the efficiency rate is 1.5-2 times higher than normal, which requires the registration of documents and for its consideration takes 2-3 days.

How to get a cash loan without income and guarantors

idea of ​​new housing, a luxury car - a good incentive for the bank loan.For such a purchase will need a lot of money, but they actually get.To start with, carefully review all the offers of financial institutions.Do not rush to sign a contract: an appeal to one or another bank does not mean that you are obliged to contact financial obligations to him.Do not miss important details: additional fees, the probability of penalties for late payment, the possibility to pay in advance.

defined the financial institution and the package, you can approach any of its subsidiary to enter into a contract.The "Citibank", "Home Credit", "East" of the bank you will also need a passport or technical documentation on the car.The term of the verdict - from several hours to 2-3 days.Bank approval means that you get a fast loan on the passport the next day.

How quickly arrange online

credit Almost all large financial institutions use information technologies in order to avoid red tape and make communication with clients as comfortable as possible.Take a consumer loan without income actually filling out the bank's website a special online application form.Enter it all passport data, information about the place of work, shall describe what specifically will spend money and send it for review.The bank will send an e-mail reply (with "plus" or "minus").Check out the documents you will be able to in any of his department.

Special offers from the banks of the Russian Federation

circumstances under which the grant money on credit, every financial institution own.And if the interest rate is actually lower or maintain at the same level with the help of public instruments (when the central bank increases the financial investment in the industry, as it happened in 2015), the size of the loan and the period of his return to the bank the right to determine their own.As well as the manner in which the money will get to you, will be in the hands of cash or on a map.Over the last service the bank will also require you to pay.

Banks lend to them painted the same conditions, and each financial institution they own.Some establish age limits, others ask for confirmation that the applicant means living at his residence.Presented below summary table shows the data the most popular Russian banks in terms of lending.

Bank name

loan size, ths. Rub.

Maturity, months.

interest rate,%

Features issuing


1 - 15



Older than 21of the year;

receiving money on the card;

total length of service - 1 year or more

VTB 24

3 - 10



over 21 years


3 - 50


from 15,5

Older than 20 years

Bank of Moscow

3 - 100



over 21 years;

seniority on the last job - from 3 months

Alfa Bank

2 - 50




wage after tax - 120 thousand rubles..


5 - 4500



Besides a passport, you will need a passport or driving license


3 - 50


from 15,4

Older than 22 years;

permanent registration

Video: Loans and loans without collateral and confirm

revenues How to get a quick loan without an official statement of earnings, says an expert in the video below.A short clip - a storehouse of useful information.It explains what is fraught with lending small amounts of money, how to get a large sum.Expert explains how to verify your income without reference 2-PIT.Printing from the account, which constantly receives money, or internal documents of the bank (where you manually specify the size of their funds) you add weight in the eyes of the lender.