How to unlock unlock

Almost any device has its own pattern, which is a certain order of sequential combination of points on the display.This procedure specifies the user when activating the protection.Sometimes there are situations when you forget a key lock or accident involves a child.The main thing in this case, do not panic and try to understand how easy it is to unlock unlock.Especially because the options how to unlock the phone with the graphical key, there may be several.

How to unlock your phone if forgot password

graphic universal solution as there is no release, becauseeach manufacturer corrects the operating system under your gadgets.Although there is an easy option, suitable for any brand.For him, you should know your password for your Google Account.If not, then we must start.If you enter the wrong code several times, the smart phone will prompt you for the password Google.After its introduction need to wait a bit, and then your phone is unlocked.It was a way to unlock unlock without data loss.

on Android

owners of mobile devices operating on OS Android, often faced with such password lock problems.There are many options on how to unlock the graphic code on devices with Android.In the case of devices LG and Alcatel:

  1. phone must be switched off and fully charged.
  2. Then reboot into Recovery mode mechanism.If you have no idea how to do this, download a special Adb Run the program, then successively enter into the interface 4-3.Chinese android boot into Recovery.
  3. With the power select action buttons.the volume keys to scroll up or down the menu.
  4. Find menu line «Install zip from SdCard», click it.In the window that opens, select the line « », then it should go to the firmware.
  5. At the end of the firmware, reboot your smartphone and enter any wrong graphic code that unlocks your Android!


For users of Samsung:

  1. first step will have to turn off the phone.
  2. Then find a suitable recoverymenu in combination with your phone model.For example, for the Samsung Galaxy S2, you must first press the sound reduction and do not let a few seconds, then press and release the trigger device.
  3. choose the option «Clear Storage» In detect menu, and then click Enable.
  4. Remember that resetting, you will not only remove the password, but also all the information from your smartphone.


To unlock Sony Iksperiya you must use the following guidelines:

  • before you remove the lock pattern, press the emergency call button;
  • occurred on the keypad to enter the code * # * # 7378423 # * # *;
  • after entering all the characters should display the menu;
  • select the menu line «Service Tests»;
  • get the pop «NFC» list;
  • further look for «NFC Diag Test»;this item triggers a diagnostic testing;
  • wait until the end of the test, then click on the "Home";
  • you should be on your desktop;
  • if the code is not valid, the program will help to unlock - PC Companion.


owners Fly devices may be faced with the problem of how to unlock android unlock if you forgot.And if on a smartphone Fly no significant information, you must reset all the settings.Procedure such:

  1. First, turn off the Fly.
  2. Next simultaneously hold down the trigger and the volume key.This should cause the recovery menu.
  3. Further by reducing the volume go down to Wipe data / factory reset, activate it from the start.
  4. Then a new window opens, get out there Yes-delete all user data and select it.
  5. After all the action, you will find yourself back in rekaveri where you should activate Reboot.
  6. Reloaded Fly realized, only the data will not be saved.


In the case of HTC devices, you will need to:

  1. Turn off your smartphone.
  2. The following pull the battery and insert back into place.
  3. After that, it is necessary to hold down the start button at the same time and volume.On the Android image will appear, then all the buttons must be released.
  4. Scroll keys sound Wipe data / factory reset and press Start.
  5. device restarts.

new models HTC type an incorrect code will offer unlocking the bootloader.But her choice of smartphone is unlocked, but all personal data will disappear.To look for a lock in the factory reset menu.This method of how to crack a graphical password removes code and unlock the device, but the phone will return to the initial functionality and parameters.

How to unlock the tablet, if you forgot to unlock

Members Digma tablets, Lenovo, Megafon and other models may also be faced with a problem when graphics forgot password on the tablet, what to do?The procedure is as follows:

  1. To begin, try to remember the password.
  2. If this fails, enter 5 or 10 times the incorrect code, your device will prompt to unlock the tablet with your Google Account.
  3. If you know your password, no problem - enter it and will reset.
  4. This option is how to unlock the graphic key account is not suitable if you do not know your account at Google.

If you create an account you do not, you will not be able to regain access to Android without losing information.Therefore, if you have no idea how to unlock the tablet without data corruption if you forget your pattern, it is better to consult a specialist.Although the process of the loss of information will not harm your device.You just have to do a hard reset by simultaneous pressing of a few buttons: switching, volume and return.Then activate Wipe data / factory reset.

Video: options unlock

Pattern Lock When difficulties arose, and no options for what to do if you forgot your password graphic, the preview video below should help.Removing the graphical password, if you have a registered account with Google?Changing the screen code without internet connection with the preservation of information.Sbrosku settings to the factory condition.And also other ways to unlock the device are discussed in detail in the video below.