How do I check on the authenticity of the iPhone

Expensive branded equipment is often subjected to forgery.The owners of expensive gadgets interesting to know how to verify the authenticity iPhone.The device is popular because of the beautiful design, brand hipness and trouble-free operation of the device.A few ways to distinguish the original gadget from Chinese fakes or unlocked gadget produced in Russia.How to do it, it will become clear from the submitted review.

How to check the authenticity of the iPhone on Apple's website

Technique from this manufacturer is considered to be of high quality and top-end.But everyone would like to purchase the authentic device, because a lot of fakes.An easy way to check your iPhone serial number through the official website of the company.Distinguish true product even without opening the box, to the purchase.To check the model number on the iPhone, get on the packaging of a combination of numbers and letters (12 characters).

The serial number

The latest models of serial code applied to the

packaging.The serial number stored earlier on the back of the device.Yet it will learn from the iTunes app in the gadget settings or look in the paper tray for the SIM card.And is the same in all cases the number.Check the serial number online on the official website of Apple.To do this, go to "Support" section, choose the appropriate section.
algorithm action, how to check the originality of the iPhone:

  • Find the number on the package (in the settings).
  • View on the official site.
  • Find support section.
  • A test panel to enter the number.
  • If the original gadget, you'll see information about its sale, warranty terms and other data.

By imei

Another way to distinguish between the original iPhone - check out bear the code.This unique identifier is assigned to each device at issue.IMEI printed on the back cover of the phone, in the slot for a SIM card, indicated on the barcode of the box or in the gadget settings.Use this code to track the device or lock.Check bear iPhone just like a serial number.If the equipment has been activated, the code looks through the program "Ai Tunes" or in the settings.

iPhone How to check for authenticity by imei:

  • Find bear the code (on the packaging or in the device settings).
  • Login to the site of the international mobile equipment identifier.
  • Insert the appropriate date number.
  • see all the information about the phone.


How do I check on the authenticity of the new iPhone by their appearance:

  1. Company logo in the form of an apple must have only nibbled on the right side.
  2. model name should be original.
  3. back cover of the gadget on the original can not be removed.
  4. Integrated antenna, stylus or non-original body colors except white, black, gold indicate that the smartphone fake.

How to distinguish the Chinese from the original iPhone

Almost everyone has heard about this gadget, but not all have seen his or her hands.On this count unscrupulous sellers, realizing fake gadgets.Purchasing for themselves the products of this brand, should carefully examine its external and internal data.How to distinguish a Chinese iPhone 5s from the original necessarily important to know not to overpay for forgery.The set includes headphones, cable and charger high quality and carefully packed in a transparent solid film.

How to check whether or not the Chinese iPhone:

  • original gadget has no built-in stylus.
  • Not included in the complexion genuine device slot for the second SIM card.
  • Home button at the original concave inside.
  • original gadget to respond quickly to user commands.
  • Antenna TV - a sign of the Chinese fakes.

Hieroglyphics on the box or label "Made in China" suggests that the smartphone after market.Apple company has assembly plants technology in the country, in addition, the product can be made for the implementation in Asian countries, but the marking is applied exclusively in Latin.The gadget does not require activation necessarily fake.The seller himself could set it up for sale to save time.

iPhone 5

What is different from the original Chinese iPhone 5s?It's very simple:

  1. Inspect the packaging, name, logo, mark.
  2. On the back of the smartphone is the serial number for that authenticates through the site.
  3. number on the box and on the housing must be identical.
  4. company service provides all the necessary information about the product code on the bear, if on your smartphone no data, it is a fake.
  5. If you open App store application opens "Google Play Store", the smartphone is a fake.
  6. connected to a computer through the "Ai Tunes" it is defined only as the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6

Chinese smartphones may look like the original, but it is possible to calculate almost always fake.With the Internet there is important to determine the authenticity through the official website.If there is no access to the network, you should refer to the operating system.The Chinese have never set "Jos".The menus, the interface may differ, especially produces fake low-quality translation.

iPhone 4

forgery considered absolutely all the gadgets that are not produced in the Apple shops.Due to the expensive materials, this gadget does not completely replicate, so the original is very simple to calculate.The fourth model has a metal casing and buttons.You can not remove the battery of the smartphone or disassemble it.How else to check on the authenticity of the iPhone?Please note that the original SIM card is inserted from the outside and does not provide flash drive.The screen is a genuine "Retina" smartphone can be easily distinguished from the Chinese TFT.

How to check when buying an iPhone with

arms manufacturer does not skimp on the package, additional attributes and other details.Even a used gadget will appreciate the flawless execution and a quick response to your inquiries.Box made of cardboard, which feels like plastic.The bottom of the packaging label marked with the data on the device.The earphones and charger using a soft, slightly rubberized.

Analyze the market price, the value of the selected gadget should not be lower than usual.Ask the seller where the smartphone brought and how long ago bought (all data is easy to check on the official website).The envelope with the instructions that came with your purchase, includes a color insert with two labels in the form of a company logo.Monolithic housing, the back cover is not removable.

Video: how to check whether the present

iPhone only genuine product manufacturer will feel and appreciate the benefits of the model.Unreal smartphone - a waste of money.How to determine the original iPhone is useful to know anyone who has set his sights on buying.It is distinguished by the external characteristics, interface, operating system, and so on.More information in the video: