How do I know what my graphics card

If you possess excellent computer - it does not mean that you know the most about their "loyal friend."Not everyone can be safe even to answer the question: "What's your Windows cost?".Regarding the graphics card - the same situation.And if you ever happen to buy an expensive program desperately needed for urgent work, it may be that the graphics card is not drawn and important project in jeopardy.Therefore, it is important to know these things, or at least understand where to find this information.And that's about it, you will learn more.

it possible to determine which graphics card is installed on

computer There are times when people are faced with the problem that their computer or laptop can not play the movie with high quality (or the latest version of the beloved game) - the file just will not open.And all because it is an old model of the video card, which is not designed for such frequency schedule.And then begin to overcome a series of questions: "How to set up", "Where can I find", "Is i

t possible to replace or do anything with it."The answer is unequivocally positive: may only need to know how to do it.

However, before proceeding to study effective ways to determine the model of the card, it is necessary to warn the user that prefers to buy the latest versions of programs or movies with high quality.Before buying acquainted on utility boxes with details about which versions of graphics cards compatible program is of interest to you.If you will always know which model is the graphical device on your computer - never get trapped, wasted paying a rather big amount of money for their favorite game.

Simple ways to complete information about the video card

Depending on which set of necessary tools (for example, drivers, special programs) you have, there are several wayscheck the model of your graphics card.In some cases the assistance of certain programs, while in others - lack of what is already installed on a computer with the operating system.Read all possible ways how to get information about the graphics capabilities of your laptop or computer, you can more detail next.

internal means of Windows: For Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP

Interior of the Windows different generation operating system designed to simplify the user's connection to the embedded devaysain computer.Finding information about the video card here also applies.Check out a few ways to do this:

  • You will Device Manager, if you use a hot team «Win + R» (Win - is a button with a picture window at the bottom of the keyboard, which is close to the space).It pops up a window with italics, which need to enter the following: «devmgmt.msc », and then press« Enter »or« OK ».In the list of programs, look for the tab called "Video cards" - and here you will find all the information about the model of video card.
  • If the previous council due to various reasons did not help, use the DirectX Diagnostic tool.Similarly apply hotkey «Win + R», only this time in the resulting window enter «dxdiag», and then «OK».The download will start, after which the screen will appear a new window - here, select "Screen" (if you have Windows 7) or "Display" (in Windows XP operating system).Look in the upper part of the window - this is the model of your video card.

Using the software AIDA 64 or Speccy

Another way to find the information you need about the video card - is the use of free software.To do this, you need to upload via the internet on your computer is one of the software, and then install it.This option takes a certain amount of time, but significantly helps where simple way to information about the graphical resolution will not reach.So:

  • AIDA 64 - analogue of the well-known Everest programs among programmers.This is a more professional way to find what you need.Upload the trial version (duration of free use - about a month) of the software from the Internet to your computer, install and execute the launch.In the window that opens, locate the item entitled "Device / Windows devices" and look for the right "Display Adapters."By clicking on this tab, you will find information about the graphics device model number, driver name, and the date of its creation.
  • Alternative previous - program or Speccy Speccy Free.Its interface is entirely in Russian, so you will be much easier to work with it.This program can also download and install on your computer.Once will start automatically (will have to wait a few minutes), on the screen of your PC will pop up a window with detailed statements about the video card and the rest of the software.

Use program GPU-Z

There is another GPU-Z utility that will let you know not only the model of video card on your PC - with the help of this program you will getfull information about the graphics processor capabilities, a concrete resolution is output, and more.GPU-Z will be able to help as much as possible for advanced users, which aims to squeeze everything 220% of the existing graphics card.This is possible thanks to additional advanced options offered this simple example program.

Here's a rough list of data that you will be able to read and operate on, uploading and installing the GPU-Z on your computer.After reading it, you will understand how it is a good thing.

  • Complete data on the graphics card on the name, type, model, the video memory.
  • standard and the current frequency.
  • Driver Model.
  • current map temperature.
  • fan speeds.
  • Vedomosti about the CPU: release date, details of the transistors, the amount of memory.
  • information about the bus.
  • Information about discrete processing video signals.
  • Displays whether the system supports DirectX.
  • Shows how much information can pass the memory, and more.. Etc.

How do I know which graphics card, if there are no drivers

In more complex cases, it happens that you do not have installed relies the video card driver - which is whydistorted the true data on the graphics device.But for those who are looking for - there are no unsolvable problems, and it is really to find the necessary information in other ways.It has required the extreme methods that you can learn more on.

  • Start with the easiest way - perhaps you still have the box from under the installed video card.It contains all the information that you need.
  • When all the methods tried out - use a screwdriver: disassemble the system cover, find the video card through the eyes and try to read the data directly on the device or adapter serial number.
  • Another trouble-free option to find out what is a map - find information on the Internet using the device ID.To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Enter the Device Manager by «Win + R» and open the "Display Adapters" by clicking the right button.When
  2. properties open, click the insert with the name "Data".
  3. In the window that appears you will see the title "Properties", the list of which is found "hardware ID" line.
  4. Here you will need the first line of the list under the name "Value".Note the values ​​with previous inscription: «VEN_», «DEV_».
  5. Open your browser and look for the site «, "where you will find two fields under the« Vendor name ", as well as the« Device ».Enter the appropriate values ​​from your computer with the above-mentioned inscriptions (value preceded by the words «VEN_» enter in the «Vendor», and «DEV_» - in «Device»), and then select Search.
  6. Then you will be interested in the data: the value of a «Vendor» hidden name of the manufacturer, and the «Device» - video card model number.

Video: How to determine which graphics card on a laptop online

If you do not have time to deal with programs, a long and tedious search for something in the computer's operating system - you can always determine the model of graphics card via the internet online.So you greatly simplify your life and will save nerezinovuyu laptop memory from other utilities.To learn how to do it - view the video material below.Just follow the clear instructions that are described there.