How do I connect the printer to a laptop

Sometimes the computer owner need to print some papers.Often there are situations in which a person does not have a desktop computer.Therefore, the question of how to connect the printer to your laptop Windows 8, given once every owner of this technique.Depending on the brand item: HP, Canon or other, to connect to the laptop you want to drive, USB-cable, or wireless connections bluetooth or WiFi.In addition to the availability of resources the user is useful to know how to carry out the installation properly.

How to install a printer on a laptop

For example, often the question arises how the printer is connected to a laptop running Windows 7, 8, XP.Operating system installation is very convenient, need only USB-cable and included printing equipment.OS starts the process on their own after the device detection, it spent more than a few seconds.Another thing, if the laptop does not see the printer.In this case, the required changes to Windows settings.How to connect a wireless printer to a laptop?R

ead the instructions and follow them precisely because many of today's devices operate in this mode.

special drive may be provided manually to install.The procedure in this case, such a:

  1. user first opens the starter menu.
  2. Locates Printers and Faxes.
  3. walks in the installation (top line on the left side of the screen).
  4. OS looking device and prompts the user to download the correct driver.
  5. further inserted disc.
  6. the menu selected search program on an external drive.
  7. automatically being installed.
  8. After rebooting, the user can start a printout.

Through WiFi

There are several known methods of how to connect the printer to a laptop WiFi:

  • manually;
  • by installing a special program;
  • through WPS.

Before you begin to install the printer via WiFi, should be to find out whether it supports Smart Install (as a rule, it is available to all HP brand devices).To start USB-adapter is required to detect the printing equipment.Later in the setup menu the user chooses to connect via WiFi network, following the recommendations of the System Attendant.After Smart Install automatically finish the process, the cable is disconnected and the operation continues without it.

How to connect the device via the WPS?This is the easiest way, but for carrying out printing equipment and router must support WiFi Protected Setup feature.It runs through the interface of any of the devices, or by pressing the corresponding button.Detailed information, as a rule, is in the accompanying instructions.

manually carry out installation more secure than through WPS.This will require the network name and security password knowledge:

  1. Turn on printing equipment.
  2. Sunset in the device settings.
  3. starts search for available networks.
  4. Choose the right and recorded it.

Through USB

When you purchase you'll find included with the USB-cable.After connecting to a laptop printing equipment using a cable, the operating system will detect it and offer to install the necessary drivers.This function is available for all Windows types, except the oldest, so the problems should arise, and if they appear, the OS will offer a solution.


disc Some are concerned about whether you can connect the printer with no software disc?There are two methods for this:

  1. Windows Update - Installation of basic software for copying and printing.Unfortunately, additional options are available to you.
  2. If you want to not only print, but to work with the color and adjust the design, it is recommended to download the drivers themselves.

Video: Connect the printer to a laptop

Understand the principles of installation of printing equipment, what parts it needs, how to print from your laptop to the printer, it is much easier to see a graphic video instructions below.This will help avoid common mistakes during setup.After viewing there will be no problems for users, and they can get to work.