How to disable a megaphone credibility

As a client mobile operator, you can get some free options, and serves as a shining example of a confidence credit.If for any reason a subscriber service deems irrelevant, it is easy to give up on.Are you interested in ways how to disable Megafon credibility when the need arose?Just about this will be discussed in the manual that is located below.

way to disable the service "credit of trust»

operators providing cellular services, always offer their customers a variety of ways, allowing you to connect or cancel interesting option.There are several ways to disable and Megafon promised payment, when in any area.This is done free of charge as a means of mobile communication, and self-service through the operator's official website.To learn how to disable client on a megaphone credibility, examine the sequence of actions for the implementation of each method.

Seek help in Megafon

office in each region have branded salons mobile operator, the addresses of which are listed on the company

's website.There are phone numbers to communicate with advisors.You should apply directly to the office or contact by phone to adjust the credit limit and then disconnecting from the trust payment options.The service trip is free of charge, as well as the connection, if there is a desire to restore the option in the future.


operator of cellular communication may solve the problem in a simpler way, without leaving the confines of the apartment.It is necessary to dial 0505 to contact the company as a consultant and explain its request.The employee will make sure that you do not need at this time the service has been disabled.At the same time will have the opportunity to talk about other issues of interest, the features of your service plan, for example.

Disable using USSD-code

use this method of payment trust deactivation feature, you can in your area.To turn off unnecessary options follows:

  • the keypad of your mobile device combination * 138 * 2 #;
  • press call for the administration of the designated code;
  • get information about how to disable option via SMS messages.

Connect, and then do the 'Credibility' inactive possible unlimited number of times.The only condition for this is the presence of the positive balance of the customer's account at the time of switching activity services.Renew loans you can trust at any time, and the available amount is increased along with the subscriber experience.

Send an SMS message to a short number

Another convenient way to disable credibility is to send a text message.To do this, type "2" and send to the short number 5138. This option is turned off automatically after the reconciliation information required.With the data that the function is disabled, the subscriber receives a reply SMS message immediately after the fact deactivate the trustee payment.

Use personal account on the official website of the company

conveniently control the activation / deactivation of the required options by means of a self-service system at the regional site of the company Megafon.To do this, go to the page "Service Guide" and get authorization to enter the private office where he canceled an unnecessary option.Make:

  1. introduced into the upper window of your phone number in any format.
  2. Enter from your mobile device * 105 * 00 # and press the call key.
  3. on a mobile phone will receive a message with the code to be inserted into the lower window web page and press "Enter".
  4. go in the "Payments" section.
  5. Find "management credibility" and follow the prompts to disable the trusted payment.

Calculation preferential tripping threshold of

network In case your mobile phone account balance is below zero, it is possible to continue to use cellular communication with almost no restrictions (does not applyroaming).Provide operator services only stops when it reaches the threshold of grace.This limit is calculated for each user individually and depends on such parameters:

  • duration of use of the mobile network;
  • amount of client expenses for mobile communication;
  • good faith the obligations prescribed in the subscriber contract.

to know your grace threshold should contact the counselor nearest regional office of MegaFon.To do this, you need to dial USSD-code * 138 * 3 # and press the call button.Company staff told calculated taking into account the required performance threshold of grace, from which you can expect in this period.To repay the debt before the 25th of next month.

Video: how to disable the limit provided in the Megaphone

Before the customer to disable the megaphone credibility for free, you should carefully consider all the nuances.It may be that the confidence limits on the use of mobile phones will need in the most unexpected moment.Taking the final and the only right decision, look at a video, where all the important features of your question is concerned are set out in detail.Expert opinion to help determine how to disable trust payment to Megafon.