How to repost in VC

Many beginners think, how to make a repost in the VC.Personal page on the popular social network VKontakte have virtually everyone, but seeing some recording, photo, video, community, or other, not everyone can add them to your wall.the social network developers have tried to make all of the functions as simple as possible, so copying a note to your wall by one click.

What repost VKontakte

term "repost" is divided into two parts - the "D" and "post."In this "post" simply means any version of content: articles, news, notes and other information.It can contain text, picture, music or video.Together with the "D" word takes on a different meaning: making repost, you copy the information with a link leading to the source.An analogue of this term is the census - an expression which, as "brother", is hosting the information on the page is laid out in a group or another.Both terms have the same meaning and can be used absolutely equivalent.

How to repost

Through census information quickly

spread on social networks, and some entries become incredibly popular.The more people share a post, the more famous he becomes.Repost it easy to share with friends or the community subscribers useful information, interesting videos and favorite songs.

Note that simply clicking on the heart, you mark a record as a favorite, but on your wall, it does not appear - up information will not occur.Make it easy to repost by clicking "Share with Friends."After this point, you will automatically be displayed among those who praised the record.Although not all of the latest "laykayut" note, maybe they just did repost.

on your page

Add to your page has interested recording easier than some people think the Cubs.There are two ways how to do a census in the VC.The first involves a few simple steps:

  1. selecting the post to his liking, move the cursor to a heart symbol, which is located right at the bottom with respect to the recording.
  2. In the resulting small window, click the mouse on the inscription "Share with Friends", which means to share this post in contact.
  3. Open your page and admire the result - all your friends will know what position you like.

repost to a group of public or

How else do repost in the VC?There are basic (Like and tell your friends), and the second way in which it is possible to choose who to share with.Thanks to the developers VKontakte is done with two clicks of the mouse.To do this, place the cursor over an icon with a speaker icon.It is there, at the bottom right of the entry.This will bring up a new window displaying already those who shared a post, and not just Like.Click on the megaphone, to move to the next step.A window will appear showing who you want to send information.

Choice is represented by three positions:

  1. choose "Friends and subscribers", you go by the first method and send notes on your personal page.It will be able to add comments, and repost other users of the social network.
  2. option "Subscribers" suggests the census records in one of the groups where you are assigned by the administrator.
  3. The item "Send private message" you can throw off the post to someone from friends, by sending him a note message or by mail.

repost is not limited to copying the full record.Share permitted to separate a picture of note.How to repost photos in the VC?To do this, open the album or group wall where the picture, point the icon with a heart and boldly klikayte "Share with Friends."If you want to add a personal text copied photos, go to his page and click on the phrase "Edit" under the photo.In the window that opens, describe any thoughts and ideas about the picture.Then, by clicking on "Save", admire the resulting note.

Another way to make a repost - is to throw it a link.To do this, click the mouse on the recording time of publication.You'll find it on the left at the bottom of the post.Place open almost the entire screen.Then copy the link from the browser line, which will indicate the way to the office.Her you can distribute to your friends.Opening the link, they will see a post in the same format as you, when pressed for a time under the note.

How to make the census a phone

Modern man is closely related to social networks, not only with a computer.At work or leisure access to it is not at all.For this reason, use the applications developed specifically for electronic gadgets.There are smartphones with "Android" operating system for running on of iOS "iPhones".How to make a repost from the phone in the VC?The technology is not much different from the copy using the full version of VKontakte on the computer.To start, you need to install the application and log in, you have to enter your credentials.

After passing the authentication, open the desired position in the lower right corner, click on the speaker icon.This opens a window where it is possible to select those with whom you want to share the recording.Permission is granted to send a post to your page, tell your friends, or post it on supervised group or send a message to a friend.There is one tricky course, if someone does not want to put the wraps itself Like.Just click on the heart, a record at the same time still remain.Optionally, you can remove a repost.

How screwed repost

question, what is done wrapping repost in contact, has a simple explanation.Some raise the statistics to show off to friends, someone needed the participation in the competition or the development of its own project.There are many sites to increase the number repost that online provide the opportunity to monitor the implementation of the order.Any service work on the conditional cash or currency.The latter is represented by the very "hearts."

addition, developed a program for cheating, for example, VkDuty.Minus the program: at the expense of customers' personal pages are wound too repost, which in large quantities appear on the wall.There is a free way to wind census.With a single account you create multiple groups with different names.Then, each record is copied, which is necessary to increase repost.

Video: how to repost in VC

For beginners, some of the functions of social networks, among which and repost records, even if the steps below are difficult to understand.To facilitate the perception of information created whole blocks of videos on various topics.Useful to view a video about how to copy your notes to personal wall or to the community.Roller, available below, allows you to see all actions to create a Fortress, easy to repeat them.