How to update Yandex browser to the latest version

Virtually all programs need to be updated.This has its advantages, because such software is modified: it removed the old errors and expands the list of functions.Web browsers are not an exception.Want to know how to update Yandex browser to the latest version?The procedure takes a minimum of time and benefit.Those who do not like written instructions, a video is worth a look - it all explained in detail and illustrated.

How to update Yandex browser

This section is dedicated to users who have already installed the software.Update your browser is free of charge, for that is to say thanks to the developers.Search for new version you do not have to, because the steps are carried out directly in a web browser.Duration of treatment depends on the speed of the Internet, but even at low rates will not take a lot of time.

Yandex How quickly update your browser to the latest version?The algorithm is the following:

  1. Start a web browser and then open a blank page.In the top right corner there i
    s a Settings icon, which looks like three horizontal lines.Click on it, select "Advanced", then "About browser Yandex».
  2. How to know the version of the browser?In the window that opens, you will notice this information.The current version and the availability of the data update a web browser in a manual mode will be available.Additionally
  3. download updates for is not necessary, you only need to click of the left button on the "Refresh" (if it exists).Registration is not required.
  4. in the configuration menu is often stated that you are running a current version of the program.Hence, additional action is needed.
  5. return to step 4. After activating the inscription "Refresh" system will automatically find and download the necessary files in a folder (preferably on the C drive in the Program Files).
  6. When the process is complete, restart the program.After this update will take effect.
  7. If you repeat the procedure from point 1, you will find the notification that you have the latest development of a Web browser.

This set of instructions is completed.This method allows you to update your browser Yandex free without registration.You get a simple, but no less progressive than other web browser.Because of its advantages should highlight the presence of a clever line (search carried out without going to a search site), Turbo mode (program compresses pages that accelerates their loading).Pleased with the fact that Microsoft Word files are viewed in Yandex window and control system bookmarks and tabs is very convenient.

How to install the latest version of the browser Yandex

If you decide to change your Web browser, the following information will be useful.Enter a query in the search box "download Yandex browser on a computer."Go to the site of the first issuance - official.You will immediately be offered the current version of the program.On the same page, specify the type of software: for windose or poppy.Click the button "download" and wait for the end of the download.

Next, proceed to the Web browser - run «Yandex file.the exe ", select the folder where to store the installation files, and click on the label" Start to enjoy. "Other actions are intuitive.After installation, you will be offered to import the configuration of the Opera.The procedure takes a few minutes.When the installation is finished, the program will open and is ready for use.

Video: Yandex update your browser to the latest version for free

summarize what is set out above.Short, but capacious movie tells in detail about the intricacies of the process.Once seeing the process from beginning to end, you will no longer refer to additional sources of information.So, how to update Yabrauzer windose 7, 8 and XP - see below and remember.