Can I return after loan repayment insurance

More recently, people with money in the bank loan registration does not insure his life, property and health.That changed when the country has increased the number of loans received.Since financial institutions are faced with the problems of non-repayment of money due to all sorts of difficulties.Can I return the insurance after the loan repayment?Today the situation has changed significantly.Application for the grant money may be declared invalid if not to pay insurance contributions.

How to return the insurance money for early repayment

return the money for insurance on the loan will be able not to each organization.Your chance to get their money increases if to refund insurance in case of early repayment of the loan.Previously, banks for the premature repayment of the loan an additional charge.Now the situation has changed.Although banking institutions also have an interest that borrowers have long used their money.For this transaction commission is not charged, but special conditions are deter

mined.For example, a large amount of the contribution.At the same time it is not back in each bank:

  • «AvtoKreditBank" and "Sberbank" comfortable with the issue of a refund.
  • «VTB» on the basis of the personal application of the borrower makes out a refund.
  • Bank "Absolute" and "BIN" believe that a small amount of payments, so money is not returned.
  • In "Sovcombank" will give you only the amount paid by the company during the use of the loan.
  • With the rapid repayment of debt, "Russian Standard" returns only part of the money in proportion to the period during which the insurance program operated.

On the issue of the return of premium on the loan should contact their insurers, but not to the financial institution.This will increase your chance of a productive outcome.For example, if you need to return the money Home Credit Bank, please contact the company "Renaissance", which is its partner.In the latter institution terminated your loan agreement.Further, the bank by law, 10 days is obliged to give an answer of its decision.


  • Early repayment of the loan in the Savings Bank allows you to return the insurance premium.
  • should go to the police station, where a contract for to return the money.
  • Then you fill out an application for the return of the funds.Write it on the model that you would like to terminate the contract and return part of the insurance contribution.
  • Bring a passport, contract copies.
  • should be given to the bank (or the insurer), a certificate of cessation of all debt obligations.
  • Bank is entitled to consider the statement of one month.
  • After approval, all funds transferred to the account, which will be specified in the statement.

application for a refund of insurance

Many experts advise to take into account that according to the law, it is obligatory insurance of collateral on the mortgage and car loan registration.All other loans do not have a mandatory insurance program, so you will always be able to issue the rejection of the award after receiving the loan and cancel the forced contract, returned with the amount already paid in full.

application for a refund as follows:

statement.I ask you to terminate the contract of insurance number _______, concluded between (specify bank branch) and its name.
about all the measures taken, please indicate to my email address: (specify the address).Below the date and signature.It is better to come in person with two copies of the filled becauseone of them will put a mark on the receipt.

video about the return of insurance payments in

bank about how to return the insurance after payment of the loan described in detail in the video.Expert explains whether you can return the insurance after the early repayment of the loan.In addition, the expert demonstrates the real-world examples, how moral compensation received by the client with an insurance company or from the bank due to failure of acceptance of the application for the return of the insurance premium.