How to remember a lot of information in a short time

modern world with a huge number of constantly updated information to human memory makes high demands.Before people seeking to succeed, the question arises - how to remember a lot of information in a short time?Above this problem or one year "fighting" the best minds of mankind, who found a way out for these people.According to their opinion, increased amounts of memory can use special techniques.

How much information can a person remember

Scientists have long been trying to find an answer to the question of how much information is able to remember the common man.However, until now the solution satisfying all physiologists found.It was assumed that the human memory is able to store the information volume of ten million bits.But soon, scientists abandoned this theory in connection with the fact that this amount is very small and does not reflect the real state.The human brain contains not only the data that he has to remember, but also those that accompany its existence - nicknames of pe

ts, family characteristics of persons, etc.

According to the American researcher Cooper, each neuron of the brain is able to store up to one hundred thousand pieces of information.Given their total number, a person's memory can hold information of 10 to 17 degree bit.This figure, according to some physiologists, is true.However, some scientists argue that human memory - more capacious concept, and it is able to provide information in 10 degree 23 bits.Based on these data, it is clear that people have not yet learned to use bestowed upon him the nature of the complex mechanisms.

Determining memory type

In everyday life there are individual differences in psychological processes.One such process is the storage of information.Features memorizing characterize personality, becoming its properties, an impact on the activities and behavior.Depending on what prevails in the analyzer memory, to distinguish between four types of it:

  • hearing;
  • eye;
  • motor;
  • mixed.

auditory (sound or auditory) type is characterized by a high degree of storage and playback all kinds of sounds: music, spoken words.It is important for remembering voiced information.Of particular importance, he gets in certain periods of life.Auditory memory provides good performance of pupils and students.It is necessary for a successful career composers, musicians, linguists.

Visual memory - the ability to perceive, retain and reproduce visual images.According to psychologists, people with a strong visual style is well developed imagination.They are able to "see" the images, even after they had disappeared from sight.Of particular importance this type of memory is for designers, engineers, artists, designers.

Motor (motor) memory is characterized by the ability to store and play back the motion.People who have it are able to be stored in memory, not only motor performance, but also their characteristics: amplitude, speed, tempo, rhythm, sequence.From the level of its development depends on the success of the formation of motor skills work, games, sports activities.

Mixed characterized by lack of predominance of a single memory.Its feature is that a mixed memory provides storage material equally good when using different analyzers.People who have it, use multiple types of memory: visual-motor, visual, auditory, motor-hearing.

There are other types of memory, based on the activity of individual analyzers that are not essential to human life.Their options are limited and can be reduced to the satisfaction of the biological needs of the organism.These memory types include: olfactory, tactile and gustatory.To find out which memory prevails you use the psychological method "Determining the type of memory."

For its implementation you will need an assistant who has to read several rows of words.Each of them corresponds to a particular type of memory.After reading aloud the words of the leading group, the test in the allotted time must be written from memory.The data should be checked against the words in rows and identify how much is called correctly.When the counting rate by a special formula, concludes that the prevailing type of memory.

quickly memorize a lot of information in a short time to help cribs

How better to remember the information?Cramming time-consuming and not always effective.A favorite method of student "contraband" - cribs, helps in resolving this issue.According to psychologists, the use of cribs activates the activity of several analyzers, resulting in the process of memorizing attended several types of memory - visual and motor.This approach enables fast memorization.Feature cribs is in the process of storing information.

A large amount of data will not fit on a small piece of paper, so the answer to the question of the ticket is written briefly in the form of schemes.They reflect the key moments or some phrases that reflect the essence of which create a logical chain through conscious processing of information that provides a consistent and memorizing the text.This method has been successfully used not only by students but also by people that operate large amounts of data - managers, teachers.

Connecting auditory, auditory memory

According to physiologists, auditory memory type - a powerful memorization tool.Psychologists believe that auditory memory is developing lighter than visual and motor.Using this tool increases the possibility of remembering.To use auditory memory, it is recommended not only to write, but also read the same crib.Repeating the information out loud before the exam increases the chances of a favorable outcome of the case.

main method of using auditory memory - record information on tape and listening to it.For example, you can record lectures of the teacher or self-read material recorded on tape.Regular listening to information provides a strong memorization.At one time there was a theory that if you listen to the information in the dream, it is well to remember, however, scientists have questioned the use of this method.

techniques visual memory

The share visual memory accounts for most of us perceived information.In educational institutions focus upon edition of educational material is placed on visual perception, so much of the data is located on the chalkboard.To increase the capacity of this memory type is used several methods of visual memory:

  • illustrative material.In the study of the theoretical question material is supported by bright illustrations.
  • Reading.This activity also connects to the process of memorizing the visual analyzer to capture the necessary information in the brain.
  • notes.The material is intended for storing, outlines using colored pencils or markers.
  • tables Schulte.This "simulator" is used for training speed reading skills.In the course of employment connected peripheral vision, providing storage of more information.

techniques memorizing large amounts of data with the help of a motor memory

least frequently used for storing motor memory.However, the connection to the processes responsible for the storage of information, his own body provides a strong memorization.The methods are activated motor memory are: cribs writing, the practical implementation of the action that should be memorized (for, example, the dance element of play).Actively used such techniques in children and in people whose activities are connected with the formation of practical skills - pilots, surgeons, builders, chefs, athletes, dancers.

How to learn in a short time a foreign language: the secrets abilities

The question is how to learn to memorize the information people care about and, if necessary, in a short time to learn a foreign language.The book in this case, carries only background information.Psychologists recommend to increase the amount of media.Watch movies in the selected language, accompanied by Russian subtitles, listen to music, get a companion, know the language, and regularly communicate with him.Will be an excellent assistant computer and social networks.If your city has a club where foreigners gather, visit it and practice pronunciation.

There are lots of computer techniques which require practicing pronunciation, listening to the words, accompanied by a translation.One of the popular techniques used in the study of languages, is a method of "mental repetition."Its essence lies in the periodic mental repetition of information.It is important to follow the schedule of exercises:

  • first repetition after the study is carried out 60 minutes after the initial perception of the data.
  • Second - 3 hours after the first.
  • third - the next day at any time.

number of repetitions, the time intervals between them are governed by their own discretion based on individual abilities.It is allowed to increase the number of repetitions and lengthening the intervals between them.Always make sure that the breaks were not long, otherwise fixed information in time may eventually not be stored in memory.