How to trade in binary options

This method of trading is binary option - a phenomenon in Russia is relatively new.The point of this product lies in foreseeing the direction of price movements on the stock exchange.The main task for the trader - the right choice of the underlying asset and multiplying it, so those who want to learn how to easily make money, you need to know the information, how to trade on binary options.The popularity of this market phenomenon due to the high yield and minimum complexity of learning this business.

Is it possible to make money on the binary options

This question is of interest to many people who want to start trading binary options.The obvious risks in this kind of exchange transactions, as well as in the others, certainly there.However, the chance to multiply their assets is great.It all depends on the trader's ability to anticipate events in the financial world.Unlike conventional exchange trading in binary options trader chooses the amount that he is willing to take the risk and knows what he

will pay in the event of success.

Getting Started novice

To fully learn to trade binary options strategy, the novice must perform some initial actions, for example, to open an account.This procedure is the most important, because all the means by which the trader will appeal in the future, are stored in a special personal virtual cell.Broker portals offer a special service for beginners: to receive training on a demo account.This procedure will help beginners to understand the secret meaning of the scheme and the binary options to learn the basics of the financial market.

After self-acquaintance with the basics of trading on the stock exchange to be a novice broker selection - the agent with whom the transaction will be concluded.The main mechanism of the operation - to evaluate the profitability of an asset for a specific time period, and choose one of two options: increase or decrease in the cost of purchased virtual means.Every successful trader trades bring from 60 to 90% of the invested amount.

If you can not understand yourself, how to trade on profitable binary options, there is a lot of good governance and best practices natorelyh brokers.Important advice of experienced traders: beginners should start with small investment amounts and gradually increase them as the study of the mechanism of the financial work of the auction.

binary options trading strategies

Conditionally all options strategy are divided into three main groups:

  1. Main.
  2. Indicator.
  3. graphic.

The essence of the main strategies - making forecasts on the information is drawn from the global news.This policy statements, financial reports and other large companies.Traders follow the events of the economic world, which affect the state of the markets.Using this information from the news may predict fluctuations in the exchange of assets.

essence of test strategies - use of special markers in the chart, representing a pre-calculated algorithms, signaling a good time to start investments.The complexity of this method of trading in binary options is the accurate determination of the number of indicators that generate revenue.In some cases, you must adjust themselves charts and indicators on their own, so these strategies are the least popular among traders.

Studying charts - a win-win strategy for trading binary options.Even inexperienced and untrained observer, studying charts and economic market scheme will be able to notice the recurring figure.On the graphic templates are displayed certain peaks, which allows you to predict the recurrence of the situation on the financial exchange, whether it is trade in gold, stocks, bonds or other securities.

The best time to trade

time contracts - one of the main factors affecting the profitability of transactions.Properly chosen moment is likely to provide a series of successful operations.Unfortunate timing commit option transactions violate the carefully crafted financial plan previously and cause activity Awakening begins from the east: from 2 am (GMT) and ends at noon.At this time, the Asian session overlaps with the European, who works in the period from 9:00 to 18:00.

In the evening traders try their strength on the American Stock Exchange (18:00 - 22:00 GMT).This session is a significant number of different trades, which largely affects the dynamics of price changes in the world.To summarize, we can conclude that the intersection of the activity of different binary options involves the possibility convenience of Trade.

successful trading rules

There are a few rules for successful trading:

  1. practice.As you know, the experience - an essential element of success, and in order to get it, you must not be afraid to try myself more often in the auction, read the necessary literature, watch the work of experienced traders.
  2. calmness and patience.In any enterprise, connected with financial risks, it is necessary to keep cold-blooded.Lost capital - an integral part of the acquired experience, which in the future will give its fruit.
  3. Start small.Start trading with small amounts is because the principle of "to invest more - more get" on the binary options do not work.With the acquisition of experience rates will only increase.

visual images binary options trading

ability to make money on the stock exchange gives a person a chance to receive considerable material revenue and improve financial condition.However, self-learning, as well as trial and error often cause damage to beginners.In an interesting video review below experienced traders will share useful information on how to trade binary options profitable.

Reviews traders, professionals and beginners

Alex, 32 years old

I have been trading in binary options for several years and earning a lot of money.At first it was difficult to understand the scheme of the exchange, I lost considerable sums.However, having increased experience, I learned to anticipate the financial events of the world and began to receive a steady income.I advise everyone to try his hand at trading binary options.

Andrei, 41 years

I am a newbie, but the first income I got.It turned out, nothing complicated in this case is not the main thing - to understand the scheme of currency transactions taking place in the market.The risks are great, but I'm still working with small amounts, so there was an opportunity to have additional income to my basic earnings.

Olga, 25 years

couple of years ago from a desperate life situation tried her hand at trading binary options.The first six months almost nothing, and I just lost personal funds.The situation changed after I found useful information on the website dedicated to financial transactions.I learned how to conduct successful trading on the different options and get good monetary profit.