How to come up with a signature

Beautiful flourish in the document needed to be changed if the name or the first time to get a passport.Invent spectacular mural those who marry.The need to create or "autograph" is replaced caught unawares.Since marriage is necessary to create a stylish flourish under a new name.The art of "documentary of Calligraphy" is easy to learn.Creative personality, do autograph original, memorable and inspires.Mural - the card of the author.Try to create a signature line under the proposed free advice.

What is a signature?

Without painting difficult to live a full life in society.Any adult has to deal with the paperwork.With the help of "the author of the stroke," confirmed the contents of documents, consent or denial of information.First official considered the signature in the passport.At the time of receipt of the document it is important to define the goal and stick to it in the future.Learn quick squiggles instead to portray a funny touch, with creative flourishes, additional elements quickly, with a

little effort and effort.

It should take seriously how to come up with a signature.It is important to first decide on the form, and then train the accuracy of transfer of the documents.The painting has a meaning - it refers to a person's character.The experienced graphologist easily determines the sex of the author's hidden character traits, mental and physical condition.Writing in the documents, the person expresses the will.

How to invent a signature for a passport

creating a painting, you need to decide what it will be: simple or complex, short or long.How to come up with a list, based on the feature too cumbersome complicated: need a place where to put it.Simple will be "easy password," which repeats any easily.The correct option would be a simple bar with its own hallmark.Spectacular unusual signature.See photos and match the best option.

signature by surname Examples

No matter what you are going to be: a teacher, a director, an accountant, or a work, it is necessary to learn the skills of exactly transfer signings over and over again.Surname - a key clue how to come up with a signature.Successful barcode is created as:

  1. Take a piece of paper, write the name.
  2. Separate the first three letters - is the best option how to come up with a signature in several ways.
  3. Well, if the name begins with a consonant, with rounded, clear, graphically marks.
  4. Add first letter of the name.
  5. Put your initials ahead.

If you prefer to fix the name, put the first letter of first name and patronymic.Next, use the items for decoration.It is interesting to combine the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets.Try playing with letters, rearranging their positions.Many create funny captions using ancient calligraphy and additional curlicues.Male autograph should be kept, the decor looks ugly.Girls are allowed to add curlicues and flourishes, small drawings.

Examples signature on

names create paintings is not as difficult as it may seem.This is a fascinating and creative activity.It is interesting ways of creating connections letters.Here is a beautiful signature as an example:

  1. VV PutinIt uses a smooth transition elements.
  2. DA MedvedevIt uses the first name and patronymic, smooth combination of elements.
  3. Visual photo: great writer ASPushkin has a long, sweeping signature.The capital letter is based on the name and full name.Painting of horizontal clear, legible.

Autographs of celebrities

People use autographs as a kind of business card.Autographs became a separate branch of the modern collectibles.Creative painting has John Hancock.In signing it uses the font of ancient Latin, which looks spectacular.

Another interesting option is the autograph of Kurt Vonnegut.

He portrays his own profile inside which is "hidden" surname.Jay Leno shows funny proofreading and signature to the name.

What invent itself

If you want to pick up a painting, it is not necessary to draw complex options.Use as a base of their own initials, name.Samples can be found on the photo.An interesting variant on the basis of already get ready.Create a strong curl or modest decor element in the signature.Think how nice to write letters?Please use Latin or ancient Russian alphabet - it will add a unique finishing touches.Try to choose the rare elements.Mix and match the initials, surname, reducing Latin or Russian version.

Video: how to sign beautiful

If you - not an expert graphology, and never addicted to it, follow the advice of experts and connoisseurs.Handwriting and "family flourishes" people learn for a long time.Learn from a simple and clear manner as to come up with an autograph.Tips will provide you with invaluable help in choosing a good option for documents and passports.Learn video sign really beautiful!