Most sad movie in the world

Psychologists say that the tears - an excellent method of psychological discharge.Everyone occasionally feels the need to cry stressful period in their lives.Modern cinema allows you to ease the soul with the help of a sad picture.Story films can be absolutely anything: about unrequited love, abandoned children, lost pets, sports injuries.Here are the saddest movie in the world.They will affect everyone, no matter how "tough nut to crack," he was.

List of the saddest movies that make you cry

Movies can cause different feelings in people: surprise, happiness, disgust, fear, grief.The events depicted in the paintings bring the viewer to the original emotional experience, which sometimes appear brighter and bolder than in life.The most touching films - those that involve human imperceptibly into what is happening, making empathize with all the events of the picture.If the viewer identifies with characters and no longer feel the reality, it speaks about the art director.What to watch a movie to cry?

About love

Most girls prefer to watch a movie about love to cry, but the melodrama genre and a lot of fans among the male population.Directed show the real feelings that leave no one indifferent.Below is a selection of the most touching and sad film about relationships, not all of which have a happy ending.

  1. P. S .: I love you (the United States).Heroes of the film Holly (Hilary Swank) and Gerry (Gerard Butler) - a young happy family.About such talk - "soul mates," halves of a whole.They could live a long life together, but in 35 years, Jerry discover a brain tumor and he dies.Holly is one, without a sense of life in a deep depression.Coping with grief and return to his former life heroine help suddenly started coming letters that favorite wife wrote during his lifetime.The sad picture of love deserved recognition of women from different parts of the world.
  2. Sweet November (US).The film's protagonist is a typical workaholic, leaving no time for anything but work.One day, fate brings him and Sarah (the role played by Charlize Theron), who offers the hero to live together one month, promising to completely change his life.Nelson agrees to it after it was fired.Sarah gradually teaches him to enjoy the little things, to see the beauty of life.Nelson, a strong sense of the girl, but it soon becomes clear that she is terminally ill.Will I have this sad film a happy ending?
  3. A Walk to Remember (US).In it no one pays attention, and he - popular guy of the school.They did not bind, and the likelihood that young people will work together to zero.However, by chance, the hero is reviewing its relevance to the current environment and draws attention to the girl who used to ignore.It would be a beautiful love story, but the fate of heroes does not give time to enjoy the feelings.Jamie is sick with leukemia, so do not want attachments that after her death hurt a guy.It puts the young man the condition - not falling in love with her.But is feeling uncontrollable?

About animals

Among the saddest in the world of films are paintings about animals, many of which are based on the book or based on real events.Why such pictures are always interested in the child and adult?Perhaps because in each movement and emotions of our smaller brothers sincere.They do not pretend to please the audience.Most maudlin movie about animals - it is:

  1. White Bim Black Ear (Russia).The writer and war veteran Ivan Ivanovich becomes a puppy born with a defect (black instead of coloring the dog appeared red and white spots).At some point, war hero's wounds are felt and then Ivan Ivanovich is taken to the hospital.Bim again left on the street and is undergoing a series of tests, changing the owners, not all of which have a good heart.Sad old film touches deeply.
  2. Turner and Hooch (US).Police Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) discovers at the scene of abandoned dogs.The hero takes the dog into your home and notices that he is the exact opposite of his judicious, balanced character of temper.Hooch creates confusion not only in the home of the police, but in the life of the protagonist of the film.However, unnoticed changes Scott pet for the better, making to become more open and cheerful.The sad picture make you cry and laugh at the same time.
  3. Marley and Me (USA).Couple (Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson) move to another city.The couple has an ambitious plan: buying a house, having children.First, however, the lovers decide to have a dog.The heroes of the film were not even aware that the dog will be a major challenge in their lives.The picture covers a large period of time: from the first steps until the puppy when he dies.It is recommended to watch this sad movie to cry from the heart.

For teenagers

Movies sad to tears - this picture of teenage love and the problems of adolescence.Such tapes are very popular, so the available domestic and foreign cinema with surprising regularity.As a rule, the directors chosen themes of first love, forever leaving a trace in the memory of the heroes.The best movies for teens looking not only young, but also mature people, recalling his youthful feelings.

  1. Fault in Our Stars (USA).The heroine Shayleen Uidli - ill cancer 16-year-old girl, attending a support group for people with cancer.Hazel met at these meetings with Gus, because cancer has lost half feet.The heroes of the film fall in love, but she worries that growing feelings will bring a lot of pain to the one who will survive.Filled with drama isolation sad film makes the audience holding my breath until the last frame.
  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (United States).The film - a novel by Stephen Chbosky speaking director of the film.The main character is represented by a shy and emotional teenager, students in high school.At the beginning of the film Charlie meets his half-brother wasps Patrick and sister Sam, who are part of the coolest party of the institution.Soon a movie hero falls in love with Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick realizes his homosexuality.Sad teenage film touches on many issues and raises questions over the relationship with their peers and parents.
  3. You can not dream (Russia).Katya and Roma - students, in love with each other.the heroine's mother is happy with her second husband, and, inspired by love, is well aware of her daughter.Roma supports the father, who has long unrequited love mom Kathy.The film, released in the 80s of the last century, an amazing way to affect the current issues of the day.Skillfully chosen to picture the music penetrates to the depths of the soul.

Top most sad and moving films to tears in the world

  1. Hachiko.When the on-screen characters die - it makes many people cry, but if the animal suffers, the viewer is experiencing more intense emotions.Based on a true story the story of faithful dog Hachiko touched the hearts of millions of viewers from around the world.Sad film tells the story of a professor, and he picked up from the street dog.Every day the dog escorts and meets the man at the train station, continuing to come to the station at the appointed hour, even after the death of the owner.
  2. Requiem for a Dream.The film exposes the truth about the life of drug dependent people.Critics include a picture of one of those masterpieces that do not want to review again.This is a sad ending, which many call the most depressed and depressing in the history of cinema.The film "Requiem for a Dream" is still left nobody indifferent.
  3. Gone with the Wind.A screen adaptation of the famous novel by Margaret Mitchell tells the story of Scarlett O'Hara, southerners, which passes the ordeal of fate.The heroine is forced to fight for his life, suffering many hardships, rethinking ideals to the end to find love.Sad movie inspires be resistant to the various tests and appreciate what we have.
  4. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.The tragic film tells the story of a little boy named Bruno.The father of the hero - a high-ranking Nazi war, which put his son in charge of the duty of a concentration camp.Here, boy meets Shmuel prisoners, which is as old as the hero of the film.One day Bruno decided to help a friend escape and disguised in the clothes of the prisoner.The ending is a sad film about friendship of children makes the hearts of audiences shrink, and her eyes filled with tears.
  5. Notebook.This sad movie - about love, which is the story of a man reading a patient nursing homes.The tape tells the story about the relationship between a girl and a boy from South Carolina, belonging to different social strata.Lovers heroes spend a few happy months together, after which they are separated parents, and then the Second World War erupted.

Very sad movies 2015-2016 year

Psychologists say that sad picture cause viewers to rethink their relationship with the native people.As a result, the movie makes them happy.Thus, the films from which the cry, have a positive effect, because thanks to them we pay attention and change for the better the different aspects of their lives.Among the saddest movies released in 2015-2016 in the world are considered:

  • Stephen Hawking's Universe (US);
  • Battle for Sevastopol (Russia);
  • The Imitation Game (USA);
  • Wild (US);
  • Everest (US);
  • Scar (United States);
  • Dawns Here Are Quiet (Russia);
  • Kid (Mexico, USA);
  • In the Heart of the Sea (United States);
  • Crossing 2 (China, South Korea).

Videos about movies from which you want to cry

film should look at reality and learn something new - so consider outstanding masters of cinema.As a rule, a good picture focuses attention on the eternal values: friendship, family, love, devotion.There are moments when I want to see the moving film.In such cases come to the aid ratings of the saddest pictures that can be viewed online.Watch a video of these reel of film below.