How to complete the lactation

Reasons for termination of breastfeeding may be different.In some cases, lactation stop consenting mother and baby when the milk begins to decrease, but the baby is no longer asking for the breast.Unfortunately, this scenario is extremely rare.Many women do not know when and how to stop lactation.According to doctors, psychologists, should stretch the process of weaning from breast milk for a few months to that period was less painful for the baby.

way to end breastfeeding

weaning - a turning point for any young mother.On a subconscious level, she feels that the removal of the child from the breast begins to weaken energy contact with him.At this time, it is important not to break, resuming feeding.Regular failure of breast milk and the return to such a diet will make the child moody and restless, and nervous woman.Soreness in the chest should be the mother's reluctance to take this unpleasant step back.How to stop breastfeeding as easy for the woman and child?

Termination lactation

During the first weeks after giving up breast feeding the child will be restless sleep, often waking up at night.Let baby vodichku tea or a cup.Bottle use is not necessary to suck the baby weaned.If you replace the breast nipple, then the child will have to wean from attachment to it.Feeding at night will continue with a bottle already.

On the second day after the end of breast-feeding women are watching the active flow of milk.Discomfort can be smoothed simple decanting.Doing this is the hands or through a special device, until the breast does not become softer.Be sure to leave a small amount of milk, it will contribute to its early burnout, and lactation is over 5-6 days.Discomfort still remain, but this period is worth to wait.If you express milk completely, the pain go away, but the process of termination of lactation spread over several weeks.

How to get rid of breast milk?Doctors advise mothers to give up hot and liquid food, with the deletion of the menu soups and tea.The liquid should be drunk in minimal amounts, until the milk does not burn.It is easy to determine the size of the chest, which will eventually become soft, without any seals.Over 2 months from the date of the decision to stop lactation have to give up foods that stimulate a surge of milk, including beer or dairy products in large quantities.

mechanical method by dressing Breast

few years ago, it was widely believed that an effective way to stop lactation is a dressing chest with an elastic bandage.Some young mothers still use this method, not knowing about the impending danger.According to reviews, dressing chest is not effective, but also - a negative impact on the health of women.

Any bandage squeezing the chest, pinched blood vessels.The system does not provide breast different nutrients and oxygen.A woman over tighten the chest, blood flow is seriously disturbed.Furthermore, it does not feel much milk produced at this time.The only "achievement" when using this method is the cessation of lactation milk stasis, which can go in lactostasis or even more dangerous disease - mastitis.

Medicines and pills to stop

lactation How to stop lactation process through drugs?Special means to stop milk production are composed of hormones that the pituitary dull work, so lactation is gradually decreasing.From what kind of medication to stop lactation appointed physician acceptance rate varies from 1 to 14 days.Common are the following drugs:

  • Dostinex;
  • Bromkamfora;
  • bromocriptine;
  • Parlodel;
  • mikrofollin;
  • Utrozhestan.

These pills to suppress lactation are composed of different concentrations of hormones.For this reason, the dosage and the time interval of reception may be very different.There are not only tablets of lactation, and injectable solutions.Every woman can choose for themselves the most appropriate option.However, it should take into account the possible side effects.Any hormonal medication to stop lactation may adversely affect the health of young mothers, so start taking means is only after doctor's prescription and under his supervision.

Folk remedies and herbs

«Old Medicine" uses the following tools:

  1. Salvia to stop lactation.Dr. Komarovsky recommends taking herbal infusion to reduce the amount of milk produced.Take a cup of boiling water, add 1 tspmilled dry herb sage and leave to infuse for at least an hour.Take the infusion of a quarter cup before meals 4 times a day.
  2. How quickly stop lactation by cabbage: divide the head into individual leaves.Prick them with a fork or a knife make cuts to juice left.Attach leaves to his chest.Secure the tape.The compress should remain on the body until the cabbage leaves wilt.vegetable juice can not completely eliminate the lactation, but reduces the amount of milk produced.

Why not recommended

Observe rules lactation termination:

  • impossible to wean the baby from the breast dramatically.Wean the baby gradually replacing the first day feeding nutrient mixture.After the baby to adapt to the new conditions as well replace the morning feeding, and then the evening.Each substitution should occur at weekly intervals.The final will be later feeding at night, which refuse to last.
  • not ignore the needs of the baby.For the first time after the cessation of breast-feeding the child will behave restlessly.You can give him chest to calm, but the future is to invent another way to calm the crumbs.
  • Do not leave your child alone during lactation ceases.The situation would be serious for the baby stress.The absence of a number of mothers baby is experiencing extremely difficult.You are with a child as long as possible, until his psychological state is stabilized.
  • impossible to stop lactation during the baby's disease, as well as when he started teething.

Video tips: how to stop breastfeeding

Every mother should independently decide on the end of lactation, based on personal feelings and life situations.During weaning the baby from the breast women have to take care not only about his health, but also about their own.Unpleasant sensations will not escape, but their expression may be reduced.After watching the video, you will learn how to make easier the process of weaning the baby from the breast and as painlessly stop lactation.