The twelfth week of pregnancy

twelfth week of pregnancy - it's the end of the first trimester, when the state of health of pregnant already significantly improved, and there comes a relatively quiet time for mom and the fetus.During this period, the threat of termination of pregnancy is almost passed, toxemia retreated and it's time to replenish their reserves of vitamins, minerals, grow, cherish her barely protruding or until completely invisible tummy.In this period you have to visit the doctor and screening and ultrasound.

What happens to the body at 12 weeks

most basic in this period is the final formation of the brain, which was similar to the adult brain, but very small in size and imperfect Feature.Now, the nervous system of the baby will develop and improve, will be formed more and more new neural connections.There is a strengthening of muscle tissue toddler, making it more active movement, but still chaotic, as the control of the nervous system is very weak.Movement of the child's mother did not feel, even though it m

oves in the amniotic fluid are actively.

occurs passage of the umbilical cord of the bowel, but the kid continues to be powered through the vessels of the umbilical cord and placenta.Starting an active functioning of the liver and biliary system work, which helps the baby to digest fats.In this period the baby already formed the genital area, and an experienced doctor according to ultrasound can determine the sex of the baby.

placenta is almost completely made out and actively growing, it gradually takes over the functions of the production of hormones necessary for there were no complications during pregnancy.Gradually yellow ovarian body functions become extinct due to the growing influence of the placenta, and therefore the fading threat of termination of pregnancy (when the pregnancy was complicated) and the need for maintenance of hormone therapy.

Gradually the level of pregnancy hormone is stabilized, resulting gradual disappearance of signs of toxicity - disappears vomiting and morning sickness, motion sickness, but can be kept small sleepy.The woman has normal mood and decreased emotional, it becomes more active and more fun.

Sensations expectant mother

are increasing size of the uterus, it rises from the pelvic cavity, it can be felt around the bottom of the pubis.She did not have so much pressure on the bladder, it reduces the amount of hormones in the blood plasma, which reduces the number of visits to the toilet in a little.The internal organs are working in emergency mode, the load on them will gradually increase, and now increases the amount of circulating through the blood vessels, which is why a woman may feel that her heart beats faster, and her familiar surroundings become hot, as it increases the basicexchange.

uterus is actively growing, but still it does not affect the size of the stomach, and this term has an interesting position of women is almost negligible.Sometimes women slim build, with repeated pregnancies can occur hint at growing belly in a very tight clothing.The woman can feel the rounded shape in the chest and waist, slightly blurred, which may still not be visible to others.

By increasing the breast skin to stretch it, which may lead to slight itching.This itching can occur in the abdomen and thighs, in places of potential formation of striae (stretch marks).If the propensity to stretch marks, skin care is important to start with the first trimester, when the change in its minimum.Besides stretch marks on the skin can be formed spider veins or pigmentation, it is not dangerous and is caused by the action of hormones after delivery, these phenomena disappear.The pigment can accumulate in the area of ​​the white line of the abdomen - formed a dark band from the pubis to the navel, darken genitals, nipples and areola breast may occur pigment spots on the hands and face, especially strong in the summer.

Due to the uterus out of the pelvic cavity can be facilitated pressure on the bladder, and the woman would be less likely to go to the toilet, urine volume is increased.But, the uterus begins to put pressure on the intestines, due to which there may be constipation or flatulence, bloating and even episodes of heartburn.Usually, heartburn and bloating due to the action on the muscles of the digestive tube of pregnancy hormones, particularly progesterone.This leads to gastric content into the esophagus, as well as the weakening of the intestinal peristalsis.

In a period of 12 weeks worth thinking about changing wardrobe, freer to the waist and chest, as well as the choice of a more comfortable low-heeled shoes with non-slip soles.From that period a woman is actively gaining weight, and clothing should not cause discomfort, pressure in the chest and abdomen.On average, the weight gain can be up to 3.5 kg, and if there was morning sickness, pregnant by that time could even lose 1-2 kg.With this week's weight loss is usually restored.

development of the fetus at the twelfth week: the weight and size of the floor

At week 12 of pregnancy the fetus weighs about 15 grams and is approximately 7-9 cm from the coccyx to the crown.From this period active growth of the fetus and its length will be extremely important for the assessment of its normal development in combination with the weight of the fetus.By this week, the fetus is practically formed, it already has all the organs and systems that work, while continuing to emerge and evolve.On hands and feet visible fingers, which are divided among themselves, marigolds they just laid.Gradually formed a unique fingerprint, there is the renewal of skin cells, there are the beginnings of eyelashes and eyebrows, vellus hair on the lips and face.The fruit can already build grimaces, open and close your mouth, put your fingers in it.Kid can actively move and swing your arms and legs, tumble and float freely in the uterus.

have already formed fetus external genitalia, and now it is possible to pre-determine the gender, although the error is quite possible.

internal organs of the fetus by this time actively involved in the work, but they are developing and improving more actively.Intestine baby takes its proper place, begins to actively reduced, the liver produces bile, the pituitary and thyroid glands work actively secrete hormones, active iodine is consumed.There is formation of bone and muscle, the heart is reduced actively, now it is around 150-160 beats per minute.Fully kidneys work, the nervous system operates.In this period are produced by the bone marrow as red blood cells and white blood cells, the immune system begins to actively form.

discharge from the genital tract

In a period of 12 weeks, normal secretions are scarce clear or whitish discharge uniform consistency and is almost odorless.If there is heavy discharge, purulent, yellowish or mucous, or cheesy kroshkovidnyh malodorous need to worry - it is a sign of vaginal dysbiosis, or developing an infection (bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, thrush).In the presence of these symptoms require immediate treatment to the doctor, as well as the active treatment since infection can lead to the threat of termination of pregnancy or infection of membranes.

Especially dangerous in this period may be spotting any kind - from smearing, brown until dark or red blood, it may be a sign of miscarriage, placental abruption and early miscarriage.In the initial stage of abortion can be prevented by ensuring peace and proper treatment.Especially dangerous is the bleeding with abdominal pain or cramping pulling character, pain in the back and waist.This may be a manifestation of a pathology of pregnancy, pregnancy complications or miscarriage.


In a period of 12 weeks the expectant mother is sent to a doctor for routine ultrasound examination.At this stage of the survey to determine the size of the fetus, the so-called CTE (coccyx-parietal size), specifies the duration of pregnancy in weeks and specified pre-delivery date.During this period, the expectant mother can admire his crumbs and see him all parts of the body, the doctor will tell the head, arms and legs, back, and the beating heart.Experienced doctors ultrasound diagnosis as early as this period can determine the sex of the child, since it is already possible to see his genitals.

In addition, in the course of examination the doctor will determine the condition of the uterus and the tone of its walls, look at the location and thickness of the placenta, determines exactly - one fetus in the womb or more, and as the child develops, everything was in his order.The research results are compared with the standards for the duration of pregnancy and gives an opinion on the pregnancy.Conclusion of the first routine ultrasound in the future will be compared with all subsequent, it is necessary for early detection of abnormalities in the health of the mother or child.Sometimes in the early diagnosis revealed grave defects or suspected fetal chromosomal abnormalities, while US data are required for a special screening, comprehensive screening for abnormalities.

What analyzes to hand

In a period of 12 weeks pregnant visits a doctor and runs a number of surveys, this blood tests for HIV, hepatitis and syphilis, blood group and Rh factor, blood glucose, and blood chemistry, urinalysis.Also in this period the levels of hCG are determined and progesterone in the blood, their definition is needed for screening.

the presence of chronic conditions are assigned additional tests - blood tests for hormone levels, smears on the definition of sexual infections, blood on the definition of latent urogenital infections and common (salivary gland disease, herpes, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, etc.).

Screening at 12 obstetric week

during pregnancy in order to identify women at risk for the development of chromosomal abnormalities and fetal malformations, held a special screening.This study pregnant within a specified time with ultrasonography and analysis cycle, reflecting the low or high risk of developing pathologies.This screening is carried out two or three times, and the first screening is carried out in terms of 11-13 weeks of pregnancy, and called it a "double test".

The complex surveys for screening at the 12th week include fetal ultrasound to determine the thickness of the neck area of ​​the fetus (the distance between the soft tissue and skin, where the liquid is accumulated).This method of investigation may preclude gross birth defects, developmental abnormalities incompatible with life.But this index and its change does not apply to permanent pathology parameters.The rate of this distance varies with changes in the duration of pregnancy, and it is important to study in the decreed period of time.In addition, these studies should be interpreted experienced specialist, otherwise strong doubts may arise in the diagnosis.

parallel with the ultrasound screening is carried out to determine the level of certain substances in the blood plasma of the pregnant woman.This so-called markers, which increase above normal may indicate an increased risk of various pathologies.Determined by the free beta subunit of hCG levels and a special protein A plasma, which is associated with pregnancy (PAPP-A).Raising or lowering rates in combination with ultrasound data allows suspected defects in the nervous system, chromosomal abnormalities according to the type of Down syndrome or Edwards, and allows you to send pregnant women to the geneticists and additional research (invasive) in order to confirm or refute the diagnosis.It is worth remembering - screening data is a 100% probability of disease, but only increase the risks they may be wrong.

pain in the abdomen and lower back

taking place in the stomach of a pregnant processes can not pass unnoticed by the body, and there may be some new sensations due to the thickening and stretching of the uterus ligaments.But they should not be painful, it is recurrent episodes of stress or mild severity of the lower abdomen.It is also permissible light soreness and discomfort in the back due to the relaxing effect of progesterone on the ligaments and intervertebral discs.But these feelings are light and fickle.

Pain in the abdomen of pregnant women are always dangerous, they can be signs of an infection of the bladder or kidneys, symptoms of urogenital infections or genital.In these manifestations require immediate consultation and expert review, analysis and determination of treatment.

especially dangerous appearance this term pain in the abdomen pulling character, or persistent pain in the abdomen and lower back, not passing for two hours or more.These may be signs of increased uterine tone, threatening abortion.Especially dangerous is such a situation in the presence of smearing, or brown spotting on underwear.This may be a sign of incipient detachment of the placenta and fetal membranes, threatening miscarriage.With timely treatment to the doctor and the adoption of urgent measures to prevent miscarriage is quite possible.However, it is usually necessary to go to the hospital to save.

colds and runny nose

At 12 weeks of pregnancy colds development or the common cold is not so dangerous as in earlier periods, are already actively functioning placenta, and there was a tab of all organs and systems, the impact of viruses is not so critical, and a list ofapproved drugs for pregnant women is wider in these terms.But even a slight cold during the first trimester of pregnancy is not very favorable, as nasal congestion leads to fetal hypoxia, violation of health, general malaise.Cough during pregnancy increases intra-abdominal pressure and may cause increase uterine tone and intoxication due to the vital activity of microbes or viruses can lead to impaired fetal growth, although not as critical as before.

Additionally, extremely cold treatment is not recommended to use drugs in order to minimize their negative impact on the fetus.Therefore, the list of drugs is sharply limited, leaving the women mainly methods are drug therapy and traditional medicine, which is also used with caution.Any treatment would need to discuss in detail with your doctor, not using without permission even nasal sprays.

used in the treatment of bed rest and drink plenty of liquids, milk and honey, especially when coughing.If the cold does not pass in this period of a few days, it is necessary to see a doctor, there can be complications.Immediately need to call the doctor when the temperature rises above 38.0 degrees, violation of health and severe malaise.Shoot down the temperature during pregnancy is possible only paracetamol, aspirin and combination agents in powders banned.Remember - the highest temperature in the first trimester is dangerous for pregnant women, it is impossible to carry on their feet!Fever can cause abortion.

power mode This term is an active process of constructing the child's body, and it needs a lot of nutrients.Feeding mothers in this period should be varied, complete and at the same time easy, because the abdominal organs are already working with the load, as well as a period of increased weight gain.Especially useful in the diet of pregnant women milk products, protein foods - meat, fish, vegetables and fruits as well as nuts, cereals and cereal garnishes.This pregnancy is baked or boiled foods, cook them steamed or stew - fried, fatty, spicy and marinated for pregnant will not be useful.It is important to consume a lot of foods with fiber to prevent constipation.

now need to consume food at least four times a day, be sure to eat breakfast in the main meals to eat hot meals for lunch and the first in the snacks you can eat fresh fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese.

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